Annual Indications For The ‘Growth’ Animals


As we enter the Year of the Monkey we will look at the fortunes of the Monkey born for 2016 together with three other animals in the same group.

Of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals (also known as the Earthly Branches in BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny) four are known as ‘Growth’ animals.

These are the Monkey and Snake; the Tiger and Pig.  The Monkey and Snake combine to create Water. The Tiger and Pig combine to create Wood.

These four animals are associated with travel, movement and change.  Exciting and active they are the go-getters of the Earthly Branches.


In 2016 the Monkey has Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) in its location of SW3 (232.5-247.5).  Having Tai Sui in your location is generally a harbinger of bad luck however this need not be the case. Always seek out the positive aspects, focus on them and that in itself will help minimise any negative outcomes predicted.  2016 will be the year when the Monkey born will be noticed particularly by people in their wider circle.  You will not be able to hide away.  Monkeys in the academic or artistic arena, or those still studying will benefit from the Stars in SW3.  Being high profile brings its challenges and there will be those who seek to bring you down.  This may cause you some distress so ensure you take time out to recharge your batteries and come back stronger.  There are indications of minor health issues as well as the possibility of injury caused by metal.  Balance work and rest and take care when using metal implements to reduce the risk of these incidences occurring.

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The Snake has an affinity to the Monkey and can look forward with confidence to the year ahead.  While nothing comes to those who wait, the Snake who is prepared to put himself in the front line will benefit from the positive energies residing in its SE3 location (127.5-142.5).  One of the significant things in 2016 is the presence of people ready and willing to help you.  Whether it be superiors in the workplace or friends and extended family you will find the right person at the right time to give you a helping hand when needed.   There is also evidence of an increase in assets for the Snake either through career advancement or investment opportunities, possibly presented to you by one of the many helpful people ready to come forward when the time is right.  While indications of disputes are present these are minor and it is likely you will come out on top in each case.  Remember to maintain balance in all your pursuits from work to play to personal life otherwise you may find yourself stressed by being pulled in many different directions at the same time.  Robbery or loss is indicated so take care with your finances and if you are asked to lend money – be kind, but decline.

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The Tiger (37.5-52.5) is in direct  conflict with the Monkey in 2016.  This is known as the Year Breaker (Suo Po) and is generally regarded as one of the negative sectors of any year yet in spite of this the Tiger has a reprieve in 2016.  Yes, of course there will be challenges and issues arising however they will likely be of less significance.  It is a case of being aware of what you can, and cannot do and going with the flow.  As one of the animals associated with travel and movement this is a year when it will definitely benefit the Tiger born.  Whether work related or personal there are indications of a change of location – temporary or permanent and this will be to your advantage.  There are signs of financial instability and overspending so think before you part with your cash.  By all means buy assets or invest (in yourself or in others) but beware of spending for the sake of it.  Minor injuries are indicated.  Be careful especially when out and about and remember to spend quality time with those nearest to you.  You will benefit from their love and support.

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Pig (Boar)

In general the Pig has much to look forward to in 2016.  For those looking to relocate or even renovate either home or office this is the year to do it. If you are the entrepreneurial type you may feel that finally branching out on your own could bring benefits this year and you can attract people who are willing and able to assist you along the way.   With the number 3 Star of Disagreements in NW3 (337.5-352.5) location the Pig could find themselves rising to the bait and saying things they may ultimately regret.  This can have the ongoing effect of causing stress and negative emotions both physical and psychological.  You could feel let down and disappointed by your friends  this year.  You have set high standards and you might find those around you not able to reach the heady heights of your expectations. For your part look after yourself both in mind and body.  This is vital if you are to progress in a positive and productive way.

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