Annual Indications For The ‘Storage’ Animals


As we enter the Year of the Monkey let us now look at the fortunes of the final four animals for 2016.

Of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals (also known as the Earthly Branches in BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny) four are known as ‘Storage’ or ‘Graveyard’ animals.

These are the Ox (Chou) residing in NE1; Dragon (Chen) residing in SE1; Goat (Wei) residing in SW1 and the Dog (Xu) residing in NW1.  These four are called the storage or graveyard animals and they each ‘store’ one of the remaining four elements.  Ox stores metal; Dragon stores water; Goat stores wood and the Dog stores fire.   Graveyard tends to signify something negative however what it means here is simply that these Animals represent the final phase of each season.  They have an input into each of the four seasons.

Being of the Earth element these animals signify stability and support.  Having more than one element indicates that they represent multi-levelled personalities with many depths.  They can be loners because they have a difficult time communicating with others.  One the reverse side they tend to have many hidden abilities.


The Dog is located in NW3 (292.5-307.5).  In 2016 you will have to rely on your own abilities to get through the year.  It will be too easy for you to find yourself under pressure and emotionally challenged however staying strong and believing in your talents and determination can keep you on the straight and narrow through the difficult times.  To further exacerbate the situation your immune system is not as strong as it could be.  It will be up to you to keep yourself fit and healthy and take any necessary precautions to avoid falling foul of illness.  Being forewarned allows you the knowledge to plan your year carefully.   Stay focused and aware of everything you are doing from taking care of your health to budgeting and financial planning.  This may be a challenging year for you but with foresight you can prepare and reduce the risk of major issues bringing you down.

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The Ox can look forward to a mainly favourable 2016.  NE1 (22.5-37.5) has some positive elements that indicate increase and change.  You will be blessed with the ability to overcome difficult situations and turn them to your advantage so when something happens that you perceive as negative take a step back and think again.  This could occur in your working life. Ox who are currently in a stable relationship might decide that this is the year to tie the knot.  Single oxen could well meet the love of their life, possibly when travelling.  There are indicators of increased assets through income or other means.  This increase in wealth could come at a cost as you may be tempted to spend some of your money on frivolous trinkets or items that have no asset value.  Illness may rear its head so take care of your health, be aware of your eating habits and take vitamins or supplements as necessary.  Be careful not to spend too much time in places that may harbour germs to avoid falling foul of sickness.

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The Dragon is located in SE1 (112.5-127.5) and in 2016  Dragons in the artistic field will have a great year.  If you are seeking to expand your knowledge base, undertake a new period of learning or study or you would like to master a new skill this will be a good year to begin.  There is somethng of a price to pay for your efforts in that you could experience loneliness and periods of isolation.  This could ultimately benefit you however as your alone time could help you rediscover your sense of who you are and re-ignite your self-confidence.  Those Dragons in relationships may find that things do not run as smoothly as they would like.  If you are the outdoor active type you will do well to take more care than usual this year as injury to the body is indicated.  Focus on your intentions for the year but do not forget the everyday things otherwise you may lose important documentation or suffer financial loss.

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Goat (Sheep or Boar)

After experiencing a year with the Grand Duke the Goat can look forward to better things in 2016. Located in SW1 (202.5-217.5) things will improve for the Goat especially with regard to personal relationships.  Single Goats could well meet someone with whom they can develop a close and meaningful bond.  You will also benefit from the help and support of those in your network and social circle.  They will come to your side when negative obstacles rear their head.  This will allow you to be open to discovering new opportunities coming your way.  Whilst there may be occasions when you feel under pressure and overwhelmed by everything going on around you take a step back and focus firmly on your ultimate objective.  Your health and immune system is not as strong as you would like.  Stomach and digestive issues may arise however if you take steps to maintain your health you can avoid anything diverting you from your ultimate purpose for the year.

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