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In Feng Shui Eight Mansions-House there are, as the name suggests, eight different types of house.  Unlike Eight Mansions-Personal which refers to direction this system relies on location; one each of four positive and four negative sectors (excluding the central palace). When you know which of the house type your property falls into you are can ensure you are not focusing so much on Annual and Monthly Flying Stars that you find yourself located in a negative sector.

Eight Mansions – Personal

To make full use of your positive and avoid your negative directions it is important to know your personal Gua Number together with the positive and negative directions based on your Gua Number.

While it is always better to be in a good location and face a good direction Eight Mansions will help you make use of any good locations particularly when you are seeking the benefits each positive location has to offer.  Remember to know what it is you want and you will be able to make more use of what is on offer in Feng Shui.

You will still be able to make use of positive Annual and Monthly Stars even if they are in one of your bad directions.  Just remember to face one of your good directions within each location.

Chinese Astrological Animal

Do you know your Chinese Astrological Animal based on your year of birth?  Do you know where it is located around the compass?  Both these pieces of information will help you better understand any good or bad luck you may experience during the course of the year.   It will also allow you to avoid, enhance or take precautions to maximise the good and minimise the bad that will visit the location of your Animal Sign throughout the year.  As well as the Annual Flying Stars the Monthly Flying Stars which may throw a spanner into an otherwise positive location or vice versa throughout the course of the year.

Compass Reading

Use a good-quality standard Scouts compass (or equivalent) to identify:

  • The facing direction of your property (from the inside looking out)
  • The location and direction of your main door
  • The location of your bedroom and the direction of your bedroom door (from the inside looking out)
  • The location of your kitchen and the direction of your kitchen door (from the inside looking out)
  • The location and direction of your stove

From this information you will know which locations and directions are good for you and your home based on the Annual and Monthly Flying Stars.

You will also be able to identify the direction of any external negative structures affecting your main door and any internal negative structures affecting your main door, bedroom door or kitchen door.  Negative structures will counter positive Qi and neutralise the beneficial aspects of the Flying Star Chart.

If any of the sectors of your property do not have a window or door the effects (both negative and positive) will be weakened.

How to Activate

If you want to activate any of the Annual Positive Auxiliary Stars

  1. a) to benefit from their influence
  2. b) because you have disturbed a negative area

how can you do this?

  • Well you can knock a nail in the wall and hang a picture in the location of the Positive Star/s……not an option?
  • Move the furniture around in the area
  • Play music or move your TV into the area
  • Spend time in the area……not quiet time
  • Place a water* feature in the area. This can be a large vase of water, an aquarium or even a tank of water.  Leave it in place for 2-4 weeks then remove.

* Water is not something that should be considered as a ‘cure-all’ for all ills in Feng Shui.  There are specific areas where water should not be placed permanently.  Short term placement for activation purposes is fine, permanent placement requires more work and greater knowledge of each personal circumstance.

Remember to be precise when locating the compass sector in which the positive stars fall otherwise you might find yourself causing further difficulties.

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