OCTOBER 2016 FLYING STARS (October 8-November 6)

What to Expect

Each month the Stars ‘fly’ from sector to sector within a property.  Knowledge is power so use these monthly forecasts to benefit from the highs and avoid some of the pitfalls.

Earth Dog (Wu Xu) in Autumngolden-retriever-1349045_1920

Winter edges ever closer and as we enter the final month of Autumn the energies are changing all the time.  Although we are still in a Fire year, the element of Fire at this time of the year has lost its lustre, it is trapped by the strong Metal.  The sun is getting lower in the sky and days are shortening quickly.  The Earth element of the month is now weak however what strength it does have left will serve to make Metal, the element of Autumn, even stronger.  Metal is a strong element in 2016 and at least for this final month of Autumn will be the dominant energy with Water following close behind.

The Yin Fire Rooster (Ding You) month of September will now make way for the Yang Earth Dog (Wu Xu) month of October.  The Dog (NW1) is an Earth animal in its own right and is known as a ‘graveyard’ or ‘storage’ animal.  This indicates a transition time from one season to another, in this case it is the transition month between Autumn and Winter.  The Wu Xu (Yang Earth Dog) month runs from October 8-November 6).  In the 24 Seasons of the Solar Calendar October 8-October23  is known ‘Cold Dew’ emphasising the changing of the seasons and October 24-November 6 is known as ‘Frosting’.

So how are the energies likely to behave in each sector during October?

A quick précis shows that the most auspicious sectors in October are the East (9 Annual/1 Monthly) and the Southwest (8 Annual/9 Monthly).  The most inauspicious sectors will be the South (6 Annual/7 Monthly) and the West (4 Annual/5 Monthly).  Northwest (3 Annual/4 Monthly), North (7 Annual/8 Monthly) and  Northeast (5 Annual/6 Monthly) should have slightly better months whereas the Southeast (1 Annual/2 Monthly) will see a dip in fortunes.

NORTH-Annual 7/Monthly 8: Resident Qi 1:                       October sees the 8 White Star join the annual 7 Red Star of Violence.  The Earth element of the 8 Star is now weak however the 8 Star is currently at its most prosperous and powerful wherever it goes.  The resident Qi of Water, a strong element in Autumn, will help weaken the Metal.  Earth and Water have a conflicting relationship however as Earth gets harder illness is unlikely to be a factor for residents of the North.  There will be opportunities for wealth and success  for business owners or employees especially if your office is located in the North.  However there will be competition so any benefits will be hard earned.  While the 7 Star remains and the Metal element is strong remember to take care of your safety both in and out of the house.  Those of you with a main door in the North should ensure it is kept securely locked at all times when you are away from your property.

SOUTH-Annual 6/Monthly 7: Resident Qi 9:                        Joining the 6 White Star in the South in October is the 7 Red Star of Violence.  Fire is trapped within the Metal season of Autumn making it unable to exert its usual effective control over the dominant element.  If your main door is in the south pay special attention to its security.  The combination of 6 White Star and 7 Red Star will introduce an element of danger with the chance of incidents occurring with Metal objects.  It could also indicate robbery and violence so remain vigilant.  This is probably an area  to avoid if at all possible.

WEST-Annual 4/Monthly 5: Resident Qi 7:                           The annual 4 Green Literary Wood Star is joined by the 5 Yellow Earth Star in October.  Wood is the controlling element for Earth under normal circumstances however Wood is dead in Autumn.  Earth is weak yet it will still serve to further strengthen the resident Metal element.  On the positive side Metal is so strong this month it will exert some element of control over the 5 Yellow which brings with it misfortune such as loss, illness and injury.  Anyone residing  here should take heed.  Students will find it more difficult to focus on their studies this month if their desk is in the West making it vital to at least face one of your positive directions (based on Gua) if moving out of the area is not possible.

EAST-Annual 9/Monthly 1: Resident Qi 3:                            The 9 Purple Magnifying Star of the year is joined by the 1 White Star of Distant Prosperity making what is called the ‘Sum of Ten, an auspicious combination.  The Water element of the 1 White Star is strong at this time of the year.  This should benefit the career-minded among  you and could prove particularly beneficial if you have an office in the East.  Business owners and ambitious career-minded individuals could do worse than spend time here in October. Residents of the East should make the most of this auspicious location.

NORTHWEST-Annual 3/Monthly 4: Resident Qi 6:            Things take a turn for the worst in 2016 with the arrival of the 3 Jade Star generally associated with disagreements and conflict.  October improves things slightly with the arrival of the 4 Green Star.  This is good for individuals deep in study or working in the literary field.  There could be some stress due to relationship issues or disagreements within the family.  Awareness is the first step towards ensuring nothing major comes to pass.

NORTHEAST-Annual 5/Monthly 6: Resident Qi 8:             The 5 Yellow in 2016 indicates the need to be aware at all times.  If you are familiar with the salt water remedy it can help absorb much of the negative energy surrounding this Star.  It is not too late in the year to create this.  Failing that place a large Metal object here to help suppress the worst it has to offer.  Things improve slightly in the Northeast in October with the arrival of the 6 White Star.  This Metal Star will bring positive opportunities for those residing here with the chance of speculative luck or windfall.  Stress could manifest due to the 5 Yellow/6 White Star combination so there could be a trade-off for residents of the area.

SOUTHEAST-Annual 1/Monthly 2: Resident Qi 4:              The 1 White Star of Distant Prosperity in 2016 will have the 2 Red Earth Star for company in October.  These conflicting elements can bring illness as the combination of Water and Earth indicates stomach or liver problems.  Career aspirations will take a step backwards this month so if you have your office here this is probably not the best time to make a play for advancement.  If you are in a steady relationship and your master bedroom is located in the Southeast you may find discord raising its head so be aware and nurture each other.

SOUTHWEST-Annual 8/Monthly 9: Resident Qi 2:            The Southwest is the main wealth sector in 2016 with the 8 White Star of Current Prosperity.  October sees the 9 Purple Star of Future Prosperity moving in making this the best location of the month.  Prosperity, happy events, the possibility of financial gains and excellent business luck are all the by-products of this combination.  Make the most of this auspicious area whatever your Gua number by ensuring you face one of your positive directions when spending time here.  For example Gua 3 can face their Sheng  Qi direction of South.

CENTRE-Annual 2/Monthly 3: Resident Qi 5:                       In 2016 the centre of a property sees the number 2 Black Star of Illness rear its head.  Being joined by the 3 Jade Star in October means residents in open plan properties could be negatively affected by this inauspicious and conflicting combination.

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