nfbfiouIn 2015 Chinese New Year occurred on February 19.   In 2016 Chinese New Year based on the lunar calendar falls on February 8, four days after the change of the solar calendar on February 4.  February 4 sees the energy change from the gentle Yin Wood Goat (Yi Wei) year to the flamboyant and mischievous Yang Fire Monkey year.  The Monkey is the ninth of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals and its location around the compass is 232.6-247.5 which is SW3, one of the directions of the 24 Mountains.

BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny)

The BaZi (Four Pillars) Chart for 2016 shows all the five elements are present however Water is hidden so its influence will be weak.  The dominant elements are Fire and Metal with Wood appearing in the monthly Earthly Branch and Earth appearing in the daily Earthly Branch.  The element of the Monkey is Yang Metal therefore it will feel the effects of Yang Fire in the yearly Heavenly Stem pillar.  Fire controls Metal and Metal represents Wealth.  2016 sees Indirect Wealth in the Heavenly Stem of the Month pillar.  This is wealth related to windfalls, gambling or unexpected income.  In general 2016 is a year when you would do well to accumulate cash and spend it on something of value.  You can invest in Fire or Metal element companies, in property or real estate or you can utilise the cash to invest in yourself.  Fire represents self-help and self-improvement and if you are looking to better your circumstances or improve your business potential then this is the year to do it.  Learning a new skill will help you realise your desires.

The Monkey represents the start of the Autumn season, part of the season of Metal.  Along with the Tiger (Wood), Snake (Fire) and Boar/Pig (Water) they belong to the Growth or Travelling Stars.  These Stars represent the beginning of each of the four seasons.  They are generally known as land based animals who are always active and on the move.  They can also signify go-getters who are happy to travel to the far ends of the earth to ensure their message is heard or their product is seen.

In the 2016 BaZi Chart the Heavenly Stems are Yang Fire (Bing) in the Year Pillar, Yang Metal (Geng) in the Month Pillar, Yang Fire (Bing) in the Day Pillar and Yin Fire (Ding) in the Day Pillar.  These are the prevailing and obvious flows of Qi, transient in nature.  What you see is what you get (WYSISYG) with the Heavenly Stems.

The Earthly Branches of the 2016 BaZi Chart are Yang Metal (Monkey-Shen) in the Year Pillar, Yang Wood (Tiger-Yin) in the Month Pillar, Yang Earth (Dragon-Chen) in the Day Pillar and Yin Metal (Rooster-You) in the Hour Pillar.  The Earthly Branches are the roots, the foundation and the hidden more powerful Qi, longer lasting in its effects, both good and bad.

There is more Yang than Yin in this BaZi Chart meaning lack of balance and more instability.  Change and volatility could well be the order of the year in many areas of the world.  The structure of the Chart indicates however that any disputes that may flare up can be easily resolved through negotiation.

The Day Master for 2016 is Yang Fire (Bing).  At the beginning of the year Fire is strong as it awakens from its winter sleep.  This means it will ‘hit the floor running’ and make an impact from day one of the new year.  February  could be challenging with the presence of the Year Breaker (Tiger) and Year Punishment Stars among others.

The three important elements in 2016 are Fire, followed by Metal and finally Wood.  These are the elements that will have the greatest influence over the fortunes of the year.  Wood is an important element, however because of the strength of Fire and the conflicting relationship Wood has with Metal it will have its challenges.

Fire industries will thrive in 2016.  Metaphysics, Computers, Fire and related fields as well as the Restaurant business will be strong.

Metal industries include Jewellery, Auto, Finance and mechanical equipment.

The Day Master of the year is Bing Fire.  It is a strong Day Master that is not dependent on the other Fire elements for support – in fact it would prefer less intrusion from the Fire surrounding it.

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