NOVEMBER 2016 FLYING STARS (November 7-December 6)

What to Expect

Each month the Stars ‘fly’ from sector to sector within a property.  Knowledge is power so use these monthly forecasts to benefit from the highs and avoid somepig-1122183_1280 of the pitfalls.

Earth Pig (Ji Hai) in Winter

As we inevitably move into the Winter season Metal will now take a step back, become weak and give way to the element of the new season, Water.  The Fire of the year is effectively controlled by Water -perhaps
good news as Fire and Metal have given us more than our share of difficulties throughout the year.  Even as the Wood element takes on strength and will be the next seasonal element that is still some time away so it will  not be able to assist Fire in the immediate future.  Short days and long nights are now the order of the season.

The Yang Earth Dog (Wu Xu) month of October will make way for the Yin Earth Pig (Ji Hai) of November .  The Pig, or Boar (NW3) is a Water animal in its own right and is known as one of the Growth or Travelling Stars which represents movement and activity.  It also signifies the start of a new season, in this case Winter.  One of its companion Growth Stars, the Tiger (NE3), is in direct conflict with the Monkey (SW3) in 2016 however Wood is now a strong element and Metal weak so any potential conflict is reduced.  If you do not know your Chinese animal sign please contact us and we will be happy to give you the information.   The Yin Earth Pig (Ji Hai) runs from November 7-December 6.  In the 24 Seasons of the Solar Calendar November 7-November 22 signifies the Coming of Winter with November 23-December 6 being the season of Lesser Snow.

So how are the energies likely to behave in each sector during November?

A quick précis shows us that each sector has the same annual and monthly stars in residence.  So the  auspicious areas will be doubly so and likewise the inauspicious areas will be doubly so.  The most auspicious sectors in November are the Southwest (8 Annual/8 Monthly), East (9 Annual/9 Monthly), Southeast (1 Annual/1 Monthly) and the South (6 Annual/6 Monthly).  The most inauspicious sectors will be the Northwest (3 Annual/3 Monthly), the North (7 Annual/7 Monthly) and worst of all the Northeast (5 Annual/5 Monthly).  The West has a strong Wood element doubling up with the 4 Annual/4 Monthly arriving together.  With 4 representing Yin Wood which is gaining strength it should effectively keep the Metal element of the West (7 Yin Metal) under control.

NORTH-Annual 7/Monthly 7: Resident Qi 1:                       November sees the arrival of the monthly 7 Star which will join the annual 7 Red Star of Violence.  Metal creates Water in the productive cycle of the five elements resulting in the now strong Water weakening the worst this combination has to offer.  However erring on the side of caution the 7 Yin Metal Star represents small sharp objects as well as fine jewellery so take care if you are using knives or scissors in the North this month.  Also if your main door is located here ensure you lock it securely to prevent the chance of robbery or violence.

SOUTH-Annual 6/Monthly : Resident Qi 9:                          The double 6 White Star takes up residence in the South in November.  This Star represents assistance from helpful people or ‘heaven luck’ and the possibility of an increase in wealth thanks to a windfall.  This combination is good for those in business so if your office is located here make the most of it.  Even if your office is not here spending more time in the South will help activate the positive energies of the month.

WEST-Annual 4/Monthly 4: Resident Qi 7:                           The annual 4 Green Literary Wood Star is joined by the 4 Star of the month.  If you are looking for love then this is the place to spend time in November.  This will be enhanced still further if the Rooster is your Peach Blossom animal.  It is also a great location for those of you in education and studying for exams so a study room or desk in the West  will help with concentration and learning.  Writers can also benefit from the presence of these Stars.

EAST-Annual 9/Monthly 9: Resident Qi 3:                            The 9 Purple Magnifying Star of the year is joined by the 9 Star of the month.  If you are seeking fame or recognition in your chosen career the East could be the place to spend time.  You are likely to be noticed if you activate the East and with the combination of these Stars of Future Prosperity the prospects for you can be positive.  All your relationships will also run smoothly this month so an office or bedroom here is going to benefit you depending on the type of relationship you want to nurture.

NORTHWEST-Annual 3/Monthly 3: Resident Qi 6:            Having the annual and monthly 3 Jade Star of Disagreements in the Northwest will generally be regarded as negative.  In addition the combination of Wood in a Metal area is a conflicting one making for a difficult time if you are the head of the house or a business owner.  If you feel yourself becoming over-heated it will be better to focus any aggression in a positive way and not let it be the downfall of relationships both in a personal and business environment.  To be sure it will be better to avoid too much noise here.

NORTHEAST-Annual 5/Monthly 5: Resident Qi 8:             The 5 Yellow in 2016 indicates the need to be aware at all times.  If you are familiar with the salt water remedy it can help absorb much of the negative energy surrounding this Star.  It is not too late in the year to create this.  Failing that place a large Metal non-moving object here to help suppress the worst this Star has to offer.  So how does it become even more challenging here?   Bring the 5 Yellow monthly Star along for the ride!  In one sense this combination creates the ‘sum of ten’ however it is better not to take too many risks with this Star so if you can avoid the area for November it will be better to do so.

SOUTHEAST-Annual 1/Monthly 1: Resident Qi 4:              The 1 White Star of Distant Prosperity in 2016 will have the monthly 1 White Star for company in November.  This Water Star is related to flow and there is the chance of the flow of wealth through career if you frequent the Southeast.  An office here would be positive this month.  Water also has a negative side when there is too much of it so if you are out and about and socialising be careful not to over-indulge if drinking.  The combination of 1 and the resident 4 Star is good for relationships.

SOUTHWEST-Annual 8/Monthly 8: Resident Qi 2:            The Southwest is the main wealth sector in 2016 with the 8 White Star of Current Prosperity.  It becomes a great place to spend time when the 8 Monthly Star moves in.  8 is an Earth Star and being in an Earth area makes this a good time to consider investing in property.  Enhance the area with Water to activate the positive energies here and make as much use of the sector as you can to benefit from this auspicious combination.

CENTRE-Annual 2/Monthly 2: Resident Qi 5:                       In 2016 the centre of a property sees the number 2 Black Star of Illness rear its head.  This is doubled in November so if you have an open plan property there is the chance of illness related to the stomach occurring.

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