Annual Indications for ‘Cardinal’ Animals

As we enter the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster how will the Cardinal Animals fare in 2017?

Of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals (also known as the Earthly Branches in BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny) four are known as ‘Cardinal’ animals.

These are the Rat, Rabbit, Horse and Rooster.  Out of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals Cardinals are the only ones containing ‘pure’ Qi.  Rat contains Water and resides in the North, Rabbit contains Wood and resides in the East, Horse contains Fire which is at home in the South, the Rooster contains Metal and lives in the West.

These four are the Peach Blossom animals associated with likeability and attractiveness.  Their purity however can lead to difficult relationships and extreme behaviour patterns on occasions – imagine a pedigree animal – it tends to be highly strung and particular!


In 2017 the indications suggest those born in the Year of the Rat can have a relatively smooth ride if they are alert and aware to the opportunities that present themselves.  N2 (352.5-7.5) is home to the 6 White Star in 2017, which makes a He Tu Early Heaven combination with the resident 1 White Star.  The combination of location and visiting star mean you will find long term benefit from grasping chances when they occur both career wise and personally.  There may be those around who are out to make life difficult for you however awareness gives you power and the chance to take control.  Avoid dragging yourself down to their level and maintain composure to give you the upper hand.

The astrological animals who have Rat as their Peach Blossom animal are Pig (Hai), Rabbit (Mao) and Sheep (Goat-Wei).  To improve your interpersonal or business relationships activate the North with Water.

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Famous people born in the Year of the Rat include…

1564-William Shakespeare   1732-George Washington   1756-Mozart

1924       Doris Day

1936       Burt Reynolds

1948       Prince Charles

1960       Julianne Moore

1972       Ben Affleck

1984       Scarlett Johansson

Who will be the next celebrity Rat?


The Rabbit whose home is E2 (82.5-97.5) will have to remain alert and aware in 2017.  This is not the right time to raise your sights too high.  Preparation will be the order of the year and careful assessment before moving forward with any projects.  You may find yourself slipping up on occasions but remaining strong and not letting it get you down will make you better prepared in the future.  The Rabbit is in direct conflict with the animal of the year, the Rooster which is a contributory factor in any difficulties you may encounter.

The astrological animals who have Rabbit as their Peach Blossom animal are Tiger (Yin), Horse (Wu) and Dog (Xu).  There are two reasons why it is not possible to activate the East in 2017; one being conflict with Rooster and the second is the presence of the 3 Killings.

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Famous people born in the Year of the Rabbit include…

Earlier RABBITS:

1879-Albert Einstein 1903-George Orwell 1904-Cary Grant

1915       Frank Sinatra

1927       Roger Moore

1939       Tina Turner

1951       Jane Seymour

1963       Michael Jordan

1975       David Beckham

1987       Zak Efron

Who will be the next celebrity Rabbits?


2017 will be a challenging one for the Horse born although there are positive stars that will assist and help you turn things round.  The presence of the 5 Yellow Star in the South can bring more than a share of misfortune, especially if the area is inadvertently activated.  Avoid any noise, renovation or activation at all costs to maintain the status quo and prevent stress from taking hold.  You will have the capacity to stay in control, change bad into good and you are fortunate that there will be those around ready and willing to help.  If you are looking for love this could be the year for you.

The astrological animals who have Horse as their Peach Blossom animal are the Snake (Si), Rooster (You) and Ox (Chou).  This is not the year to activate the South for Peach Blossom luck due to the presence of the 5 Yellow.

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Famous people born in the Year of the Horse include…

Earlier HORSES:

1606-Rembrandt 1810-Frederic Chopin 1918-Rita Hayworth

1930       Sean Connery

1942       Harrison Ford

1954       Denzel Washington

1966       Halle Berry

1978       Katie Holmes

1990       Emma Watson

Who will be the next celebrity Horses?


The Rooster born is located in the West palace hosting the Grand Duke Jupiter for 2017.  The year indicates positive opportunities arising in your professional life with helpful people coming to your assistance at just the right time.  You can also look to achieving greater financial success during the year.  Because of the presence of the 3 Jade Star your personal relationships  may be strained on occasions.  It will be up to you to be aware of the potential for disagreements to prevent unnecessary difficulties arising and avoid undue stress.

The astrological animals who have Rooster as their Peach Blossom animal are the Dragon (Chen), Rat (Zi) and Monkey (Shen).  The West cannot be activated in 2017 as doing so would create conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter.

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Famous people born in the Year of the Rooster include…


1873-Somerset Maugham (born January 1874, lunar 1873) 1909-James Mason

1921       Peter Ustinov

1933       Michael Caine, Joan Collins

1945       Eric Clapton, Diane Keaton (born January 1946, lunar 1945)

1957       Daniel Day-Lewis

1969       Matthew McConaughey

1981       Natalie Portman

Who will be the next celebrity Roosters?

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