Annual Indications for ‘Storage’ Animals

As we enter the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster let us consider the fortunes of the four Storage Animals for 2017.

Of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals (also known as the Earthly Branches in BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny) these are known as ‘Storage’ or ‘Graveyard’ animals.

They are the Ox (Chou) residing in NE1; Dragon (Chen) SE1; Goat (Wei) SW1 and Dog (Xu) NW1.  Called the storage or graveyard animals because they each ‘store’ one of four elements.  Ox stores Metal; Dragon stores Water; Goat stores Wood and the Dog stores Fire.   You may notice that each of these animals store the element that precedes it around the compass.  Graveyard tends to signify something negative and final however in this instance it simply means that these animals represent the final phase of each season.  They also have an input and influence in each of the four seasons.

Being Earth element animals they signify stability and support.  Holding more than one element indicates they represent multi-levelled personalities hiding much below the surface.  They can be loners having a difficult time communicating with others.  On the reverse side they tend to have many hidden abilities which can benefit them when brought to the fore.


The Dog NW3 (292.5-307.5) in 2017 will find many opportunities ready and waiting.  Located in NW you can be assured that helpful people will come to your aid at the right time.  Whether you work for yourself or in the corporate field you could find opportunities opening up.  It will be to your benefit to look into any business options carefully before jumping in and saying ‘yes’ too quickly.  Be wary of making financial commitments outside your comfort zone this year.  Any good fortune coming your way will not be lost on those around you so be careful who you trust to avoid having your plans thwarted through the ill-will of others.

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Famous people born in the Year of the Dog include…

Earlier DOGS:

1874-Winston Churchill, Herbert Hoover 1898-George Gershwin 1910-David Niven, Mother Teresa

1934       Shirley Maclaine

1946       Bill Clinton, Donald Trump

1958       Madonna, Gary Oldman

1970       Mariah Carey

1982       Prince William

1994       Justin Beiber

Who will be the next celebrity Dogs?


Ox NE1 (22.5-37.5) can look forward to mainly favourable opportunities in 2017.   You could however find yourself stressing over the small stuff and letting it take on a mind of its own.  This in turn will disturb your peace of mind and prevent you from seeing the bigger picture.  There will be people ready and willing to come to your assistance if you open yourself up to them.  A positive mindset will be crucial for you if you are to identify opportunities as they present themselves.  Remember to check everything carefully before making any commitments to avoid legal difficulties and maintain the status quo.

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Famous people born in the Year of the Ox include…

Earlier OX:

1865-Rudyard Kipling 1889-Charlie Chaplin 1901-Walt Disney

1925       Richard Burton, Margaret Thatcher

1937       Jane Fonda, Anthony Hopkins

1949       Richard Gere, Meryl Streep

1961       Barack Obama, George Clooney

1973       Greg Rusedski

1985       Keira Knightley

1997       Leo Howard

Who will be the next celebrity Oxen?


The Dragon SE1 (112.5-127.5) will find 2017 bringing opportunities and helpful people into your life.  It does not mean that all will be plain sailing however the year should be relatively smooth running for you.  You will easily overcome any obstacles with the right mindset.  This could well be the year to move forward with plans you have had on hold until now.  What is your passion?  Use it to move forward in a direction close to your heart.  Do what you love and love what you do.

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Famous people born in the Year of the Dragon include…

Earlier DRAGONS:

1820-Florence Nightingale 1856-Sigmund Freud 1893-Mae West

1904       Salvador Dali

1916       Kirk Douglas, Roald Dahl

1928       Shirley Temple, James Garner

1940       Bruce Lee, Raquel Welch

1952       Liam Neeson

1964       Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves

1976       Orlando Bloom (born January 1977-lunar year 1976)

1988       Rhianna

2000       Willow Smith

Who will be the next celebrity Dragons?

Goat (Sheep)

Located in SW1 (202.5-217.5) things will prove challenging for the Goat n 2017.  Having the 7 Red Star in the Southwest could bring financial and personal difficulties to bear on the Goat making you feel alone and isolated.  This is in line with your Earth element.  There will be others ready and willing to come to your assistance but you will have to know the right time to approach them for help.  Awareness will be the key to 2017.  Be alert and diligent at all times to prevent situations getting out of hand.

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Famous people born in the Year of the Goat include…

Earlier SHEEP:

1835-Mark Twain 1871-Orville Wright 1895-Rudolph Valentino 1919-Sir Edmund Hillary

1931       Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner

1943       Mick Jagger, Robert de Niro

1955       Bruce Willis, Bill Gates, Chow Yun-Fat

1967       Julia Roberts, Boris Becker (Wimbledon Tennis Champion)

1979       Valentino Rossi (Affectionately known as GOAT–Greatest of All Time-9 times World Champion in all MotoGP categories), Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jensen Button (F1)

1991       Shailene Woodley

Who will be the next celebrity Sheep?

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