Year of  Yin Fire (Ding) Rooster 

In 2016 Chinese New Year occurred on February 8.   In 2017 Chinese New Year based on the lunar calendar falls on January 28, six days before the solar calendar change on February 3.

February 3 will bring the change of energy from the flamboyant and mischievous Yang Fire Monkey year to the persistent and thorough Yin Fire Rooster.

Rooster is the tenth of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals and its location around the compass is 262.6-277.5.

This is W2, one of the directions of the 24 Mountains.

History:                                2017 in the Chinese lunarsolar calendar will be year 4714.  It is a leap year making it a 13-month year.  The sixth month of the year (Ding Wei) will therefore encompass a two-month period which includes the 24-month season of ‘Coming of Autumn’ commencing August 7.

BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny)

The BaZi (Four Pillars) Chart for 2017 has all five elements present however Earth only appears as sub-qi in the month pillar making its influence extremely weak and insignificant.  Metal will prevail as the strongest of the five elements.  Water is also strong followed by Fire, Wood and Earth.  Fire appears in the Heavenly Stem of the year pillar and is rooted in the sub-qi of the month pillar.   Its effects will however be obvious to all.  Wood appears in the Earthly Branch of the month pillar making its effects less apparent.  The element of the Rooster is Yin Metal therefore it will feel the effects of Yin Fire in the year Heavenly Stem pillar.  Fire controls Metal.  Rooster also appears in the Earthly Branch of the day pillar strengthened by the Yin Metal Day Master and rooted in the day.

Rooster represents the middle of Autumn, part of the season of Metal.  Along with Rat (Water), Rabbit (Wood) and Horse (Fire) it is one of the Cardinal, also known as  Peach Blossom animals.  They signify the middle of each of the four seasons.  These are the animals that relate among other things to likeability and relationships. So if you want to improve your interpersonal relationships or if you are looking for that special someone to share your life these are the animals you should focus on.    The astrological animals who have the Rooster as their Peach Blossom Star are the Dragon (SE1), Rat (N2) and Monkey (SW3).

The 2017 BaZi Chart Heavenly Stems are Yin Fire (Ding) Year Pillar, Yang Water (Ren) Month Pillar, Yin Metal (Xin) Day Pillar (Day Master) and Yang Metal (Geng) Hour Pillar.  These are the prevailing and obvious flows of Qi there for all to see, transient in nature.  What you see is what you get (WYSISYG) with the Heavenly Stems.

Earthly Branches of the 2017 BaZi Chart are Yin Metal (Rooster-You) Year Pillar, Yang Wood (Tiger-Yin) Month Pillar, Yin Metal (Rooster-You) Day Pillar and Yang Water (Rat-Zi) Hour Pillar.  Earthly Branches are the roots, the foundation and represent hidden more powerful Qi, longer lasting in its effects, both good and bad.

In the Year Pillar Fire (HS) is above, and controlling, Metal (EB).

Yang and Yin are balanced in this BaZi Chart.  The Year and Day pillars are Yin, the Month and Hour pillars are Yang.  The conflicting energies of the Year Pillar however indicate that there will be a continuing element of instability, uncertainty and once again the chances of explosions occurring.

The main element for 2017 is Metal.  Water (Output) and Fire (Influence) are secondary.   Wood (Wealth) and Earth (Resource) are minor elements for the year.

To the Yin Metal Day Master Wood represents wealth.  Because of the limited presence of Wood in the 2017 chart it indicates scarcity and lack.   It will be necessary to seek out opportunities and work hard at self-improvement to make the best of what the Rooster year has to offer.

Metal industries such as financial institutions and automotive industries will likely grow in 2017.

The Day Master of the year is Yin Metal.  Being ‘born’ out of season should make it weak however it is supported by the Earthly Branch of the Day and is also rooted in the Day.  In addition it appears in the Heavenly Stem of the Hour and the Earthly Branch of the Year making it a strong element for the year.

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