To follow on from the BaZi forecast we can now look at what Feng Shui has in store for 2017.

The year will see four of the eight external palaces having He Tu (Early Heaven) combinations created by the home element and visiting annual star.  Together they signify a perfect balance of Yin and Yang.  Their effectiveness for good or not so good is dependent on timing and location.  North has 1-6 which creates Water; East has 3-8 creating Wood; Southeast has 4-9 creating Metal and Southwest has 2-7 creating Fire.

North and East combos are in the correct sectors.  Southeast has Metal and Southwest has Fire.  

1-6 in the North represents wealth accumulation.  This can be enhanced by a Water feature.

3-8 indicates growth and expansion, good for anyone in the business world.  It is like the new growth of springtime where the natural world awakens from its winter slumber.

What is Good and What is Not?

Feng Shui Annual Afflictions 2017

The annual star afflictions are Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), Year Breaker (Sui Po), 3 Killings (Annual, Calamity and Robbery Sha) and the 5 Yellow.

West:  Grand Duke Jupiter always resides in the home palace of the animal of the year.  In 2017 he occupies the location of Rooster 15 degrees W2 (262.6-277.5).  He should never be confronted or disturbed so whether at home or in a business situation be aware of his location and avoid facing this direction.  Do not activate W2 during the year as this can result in misfortune.

History:                                Grand Duke Jupiter for 2017 is General Tang Jie born during the Tang Dynasty.

East:  Always directly opposite Grand Duke is the Year Breaker (Sui Po).  In 2017 this is the home of Rabbit (Mao) which occupies 15 degrees of E2 (82.6-97.5).  This area should not be disturbed.  No digging, banging or activation should be carried out here to avoid possible severe repercussions.  Being directly opposite the Grand Duke can sometimes be more malevolent than the effect of confronting or disturbing the Grand Duke Jupiter himself.

In addition to the Year Breaker in the East (67.6-112.5) 2017 will also see 3 Killings (San Sha).  3 Killings only ever occupy one of the cardinal directions (North, East, South and West).  They represent three different types of affliction each affecting 15 degrees; Robbery Sha (67.6-82.5), Calamity Sha (82.6-97.5) and Annual Sha (97.6-112.5).  Robbery Sha indicates over-spending rather than loss through actual robbery. Calamity Sha signifies accidents and mishaps.  Annual Sha indicates loss of some kind.  All three ultimately result in loss and are best avoided.  Unlike the Grand Duke Jupiter, 3 Killings can be confronted; faced head on where necessary.  Sit West, face East*.

*This works well in 2017 as you can benefit from support of the Grand Duke while at the same time face the 3 Killings head on.

South – Li (157.6-202.5) is home to 5 Yellow star.  This Earth element affliction represents five different types of misfortune and is generally regarded as the most inauspicious of them all.  It should not be activated at any cost.  In 2017 it is present in the Fire element location of South.  Fire ‘creates’ Earth in the productive cycle of the five elements strengthening 5 Yellow especially during Spring and Summer months.

One common solution to 5 Yellow is to install a salt water feature in the area.  This is said to absorb negative energies.  It should not be moved for the entire year after which the contents are disposed of in their entirety.  It can neither be cleaned nor re-used.

Feng Shui Positive Auxiliary Stars 2017

There are positive Auxiliary Stars to consider each year.  They reside with one of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals of the 24 Mountains.

Northwest:  Located in NW1 (292.6-307.5) (Dog-Xu) is the Sun Star (Tai Yang).  As a Yang Star it tends to be more effective for males.  This is a Star that will make you the centre of attention.   It is useful to activate if you have inadvertently triggered one of the Annual Afflictions.

North:  The Rat-Zi in N2 (352.6-07.5) will have the Moon Star in 2017.   This Yin Star benefits females more than males and can be used when you have difficulty communicating your message.  This is not an overly aggressive Star and prefers to stay in the background rather than being the centre of attention.  Be aware that being a Yin Star it can also affect moods and emotions, tending to bring out their more sombre and dark side.

Southeast:  The Dragon Virtue Star benefits those looking for a more satisfying life in all areas.  For 2017 this is present in SE1 (112.6-127.5) location of Dragon (Chen).  It can help clear or ease an obstruction caused by difficult people and give a boost to your wealth or career.  Being in the same sector as the Year Sha may help offset effects caused by this negative star.

South: The Fortune Virtue Star is in S2 (172.6-187.5) during 2017.  This is the location of Horse (Wu).  Health, wealth and happiness can all be improved by activating* the Fortune Virtue Star.

*The downside to this in 2017 is the presence of 5 Yellow in the same location.  This means activation should be avoided at all costs to prevent serious negative consequences manifesting. 

Fortune Virtue Star is related more to date selection therefore time plays an important part when using this star for positive outcomes.  This is especially important to remember for the duration of this particular year.

Feng Shui Negative Flying Stars 2017

Northwest – Qian:  2 Black Earth Star of Illness is in the Northwest Palace in 2017.  This Metal element sector will help reduce the strength and potency of the black star (Metal exhausts Earth in the reducing or counter-productive cycle of the five elements).  Qian (boss, head of the household or CEO) may feel the effects of this star throughout 2017 so it is important to be aware and take particular care of health and wellbeing.  The 2 Star relates to stomach illness in different forms and to varying degrees.  Pregnant females and anyone already in a weak health state should avoid this sector.

Remember that although Metal will weaken Earth it is weak and ineffective until late Summer and Autumn so its useful effect will vary as the year progresses.  To help balance this throughout the year place some heavy Metal objects in the Northwest.

West – Dui:  3 Jade Star of Disagreements is in the West in 2017.  This may affect the youngest females in the family in particular.  With Grand Duke Jupiter also residing here it is a location to pay particular attention to.  There will be some months better than others so be aware of monthly changes in energy as well as annual.  As the West should not be disturbed at all this negative star will not prove too much of an issue if left alone and undisturbed.

From an elemental point of view 3 star is Wood in a Metal area.  Metal controls Wood in the controlling (destructive) cycle of the five elements however in the early year Wood is strong and Metal weak, then ineffective. Later in the year as Metal gains strength and Wood weakens this situation will reverse.

Red decorative items or lamps can help offset the worst this negative star has to offer.

South – Li:  5 Yellow visits South (S1/2/3) in 2017.  In addition to the information mentioned above this location must be kept quiet.  No groundbreaking or decorating, banging or renovation should be carried out to avoid awakening the negative effects.  If you have your main door in the South do you have any negative external features that might inadvertently activate the 5 Yellow?  Negative features include but are not limited to single trees or pillars directly facing the door; the edge of a building; a narrow gap opposite; a pylon, the edge of a roofline.  Under these circumstances using an alternative entrance/exit for the year would be beneficial, if at all possible.

Placing heavy Metal objects in the South will go some way to alleviating the effects of this inauspicious star.

Southwest – Kun:  The Southwest goes from being the most auspicious sector of 2016 to one of the least auspicious in 2017 with the arrival of the 7 Red Metal Star of Robbery and Violence.  Conflict is the main order of the year where the 7 Star is concerned.  If your main door is located here you will have to take extra care to ensure you do not fall victim to robbery both in and away from the home or office.  Disagreements at home are possible when this star is activated.  In the workplace conflict caused by back-biting and competition is a possibility especially if your office is located here.   A further downside this year is that the innate Earth element of the Southwest will serve to strengthen still further this Metal star (Earth creates Metal in the productive cycle of the five elements).  As the year progresses this will only become more of an issue so err on the side of caution and avoid inadvertently activating this malevolent star.

Feng Shui Positive Flying Stars 2017

The 1 Water Star of Distant Prosperity visits the Central Palace in 2017.  The centre is an Earth element sector.  Water and Earth have a conflicting relationship with Earth coming out on top.  During late Spring, Summer and early Autumn this will make the centre of a property vulnerable if it is excessively activated.  In an open plan environment this is something that should be remembered.  When Earth is strong mixing it with Water creates mud, which in turn can lead to ill health and difficult situations.

This is a strong and auspicious star in Period 8 however its full potential will not manifest this year.

Northeast – Gen:  The Northeast goes from being a no-go area in 2016 to seeing its fortunes improve with the arrival of 4 Wood Star of Literary Pursuits.  The 4 Green Star is beneficial for personal relationships.  If travelling is part of your working life you could benefit from this star during the year.  Wood and Earth (the element of Northeast) have a conflicting relationship with Wood prevailing.  During the early part of the year the Wood element is stronger and as the year moves on Earth will exert more control over the positive benefits afforded by this star.  The Northeast will be a good location for students, writers or academics to work and study.

North – Kan: The North (N1/2/3) welcomes the 6 White Metal Star in 2017.  This star will help enhance your reputation in the workplace.  Your efforts will be noticed by all and you can look to an increase in your status and/or salary as a result.  Having your main door or office door here will benefit you in your career and interpersonal relationships making you more popular and sought after.

East – Zhen:  8 White Earth Star of Current Prosperity resides in the East (E1/2/3) in 2017.  This prosperous star is still strong so able to exert maximum benefit for residents. Being in a Wood location that will have its share of difficulties in 2017 the 8 White Star can still be used to your advantage.  Its location means thought will have to go into it first.  Your good and bad directions will be a starting point – sit in the East and face a good direction depending on your requirements (do not face W2 to avoid the wrath of Grand Duke) other than that you have another three directions to take advantage of if you are a West Group person.  If you are an East Group person you have four directions available to you.  Avoid activating the East and you can reap all the benefits this 8 White Star has to offer.

Southeast – Xun:  9 Purple Fire Star, Star of Future Prosperity is in the Southeast (E1/2/3) in 2017.  This makes it the secondary auspicious location of the year.  All career outcomes are likely to be positive with regular use of this area.  The likelihood of advancement, salary increase and progress are all on the cards.  You could also achieve recognition in your chosen field as this Fire Star signifies being seen – shining bright!  While Fire has an exhausting effect on Wood, Yin Wood of the Southeast has an uncanny way of surviving.   It will move under, over or around anything that gets in its way.   Wood also relies on Fire to grow so take advantage of this Palace especially if you are an East Group person.  Always remember your directions, so even as a West Group person you can spend time here and maximise its positive energies.

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