Annual Indications for ‘Growth’ Animals

As we enter 2017 the Year of the Yin Fire Rooster what is in store for the Growth Animals of the Chinese  Zodiac?

Of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals (also known as the Earthly Branches in BaZi or Four Pillars of Destiny) four are known as ‘Growth’ animals.

These are the Monkey, Snake, Tiger and Pig (Boar).  The Monkey and Snake have an harmonious relationship and combine to create Water. The Tiger and Pig combine to create Wood.

As Growth Animals they are associated with travel, movement and change.  Exciting, active and loving to travel they are the go-getters of the Earthly Branches.


In 2017 Monkey SW3 (232.5-247.5) sees Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) moving on.  This unfortunately does not mean that all will be plain sailing for Monkeys.  The 7 Red Star moves into the Southwest this year making it a challenging one.  Health and personal relationships  will be the main focus, both of which will have their share of difficulties.  There is also the chance of legal issues that could prove difficult to overcome.  It is going to be vital to take care of your personal wellbeing in 2017, eating healthily and sleeping well.  This will not be the best year to take a giant step in your working life.

Earlier MONKEYS:

1452-Leonardo da Vinci 1884-Harry S Truman 1908-Ian Fleming

1920       Walter Matthau

1932       Elizabeth Taylor, Donald Rumsfeld

1944       George Lucas, Michael Douglas

1956       Tom Hanks

1968       Will Smith

1980       Venus Williams

1992       Nick Jonas

Who will be the next celebrity Monkeys?


The Snake can expect obstacles and blockages to show themselves in 2017 and it will be up to you to take extra care.  This will minimise the negative effects and allow you to maintain balance in your life.  Preparation is the key to success this year.  You will however not be able to exert control over everything and it will be vital to accept what you cannot change.  Patience and the strength to stand firm will prove invaluable in carrying you through the worst the year has to offer.  Doing this will see you through the hard times in a positive and encouraging way.

Earlier SNAKES:

1882-Virginia Woolf (Author-born January 1883, lunar year 1882) 1905-Greta Garbo 1917-John F Kennedy

1929       Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn

1941       Martha Stewart

1953       Oprah Winfrey (born January 1954, lunar year 1953)

1965       Robert Downey Jr

1977       Liv Tyler

1989       Hayden Panettiere

Who will be the next celebrity Snakes?


Tiger NE3 (37.5-52.5) will find that to move through 2017 positively preparation is the key to success.  Opportunities will present themselves however they may be disguised in ‘work clothes’.  It will be up to you to be observant and ready to move when chances open up.  There will be helpful people around however it will be necessary to distinguish the ones willing to assist with no strings as opposed to those who have their own best interests at heart rather than yours.

Earlier TIGERS:

1770-Ludwig Van Beethoven 1866-H G Wells 1890-Agatha Christie

1914       Sir Alec Guinness

1926       Queen Elizabeth II

1938       Kofi Annan

1950       Sir Richard Branson

1962       Wesley Snipes, Jim Carrey

1974       Victoria Beckham

1986       Rafael Nadal, Usain Bolt

Who will be the next celebrity Tigers?

Pig (Boar)

The Pig NW3 (337.5-352.5) will have the 2 Black Illness Star to contend with in 2017.  In addition accidents and monetary loss may manifest.  Preparation will be vital in order to come through the year in a positive manner.  Do not become blinkered in your outlook as there will be opportunities you can turn to your advantage but only if you are well prepared to receive them.  Stay focused and do not let every little thing drag you down.  Keep faith and belief in yourself and your abilities.  There will be good times so remember not to let the opinions of others affect you in a negative way.

Earlier BOARS:

1899-Ernest Hemingway, Humphrey Bogart, Alfred Hitchcock 1911-Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers

1923       Richard Attenborough

1935       14th Dalai Lama (born Lhamo Dondrub)

1947       Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elton John

1959       Magic Johnson

1971       Ewan McGregor

1983       Arjen Robben (dutch footballer-born January 1984, lunar 1983)

1995       Nicola Peltz

Who will be the next celebrity Boars!?


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