November 2017 Flying Stars (November 7-December 6)

What to Expect

Each month Stars ‘fly’ from sector to sector within a property.  Knowledge is power so use these monthly forecasts to benefit from the highs and avoid some of the pitfalls.  Do always remember though that a month is at most 31 days so a bad month in an annual good sector is not the end of the world.

Yin Metal Pig (Xin Hai) in Winter

Winter beckons as the Water element takes centre stage from Metal.  Water will be strongest feeding Wood which will begin to regain its potency after being weakened by Fire during the summer months and controlled by Metal during the autumnal months.  Not everyone rejoices at the darker and shorter days of winter with Yin having more influence than Yang however there is much to look forward to.  Bonfire Night in the United Kingdom, Thanksgiving in Canada and the USA, the Christmas and New Year period bring loads of welcome Yang elements to play.   Excitement created by you as you enjoy the celebrations is another form of Yang energy sure to brighten even the dullest winter day.

Yin Metal Pig will be weakened by the Water element so its effects will be less challenging than during the Metal season of autumn.  Yin Metal represents the beauty of fine jewellery.  It also represents small sharp metallic objects such as knives and scissors.  Enjoy displaying your finest jewellery yet at the same time take care when using small Metal objects to avoid the risk of injury.

Metal strengthens Water so Xin Hai will support the new winter season.  The Pig (Boar) is located in NW3 (322.5-337.4).  Pig represents the hours between 21.00-22.59 in the 12 x 2 hours of the Chinese Zodiac.  These are the start of the night time hours.  Darkness and Yin is almost at its peak.

In the 24 mountains Pig has a clash relationship with Snake in SE3 (52.6-67.5) and combines with Tiger in NE3 (52.5-67.4).  Part of the Wood frame along with Rabbit (Mao) in E2 and Goat (Wei) in SW1 it is known as one of the travelling or growth animals.  This Metal Pig signifies the beginning of the winter season; travel, movement, action.  Excitement and change.  There is usually plenty of all of this during the winter holiday season to come.

Do you have Pig somewhere  in your BaZi chart?   Depending on its location (year, month, day, hour)  it will have a specific meaning for you.

If you do not know your Chinese animal year sign please contact us and we will be happy to send you the information including the influence the Pig will have.

Yin Metal Pig month begins on November 7 and ends on December 6.  In the 24 Seasons of the Solar Calendar November 7-November 22 is Coming of Winter.  November 23-Decembere 6 is known as Lesser Snow.

In November there are Sum of Ten combinations in the North (Annual 6/Monthly 4) , Northeast (Resident 8/Monthly 2) and West (Resident 7/Annual 3),

The dominant and timely energies of Period 8 (8, 9 and 1 stars) are located in East (8), Southeast (9) and Centre (1) for the year.

What can we expect for each of the nine sectors of the Luo Shu Grid during November?

NORTH-Annual 6/Monthly 7: Resident Qi 1:                       All is good for the North in November as well as for those of you who are Gua 1.  If you are looking for love or looking to improve your relationships with others this is the month to focus on it.  Make an effort when you are in a group to get yourself noticed (in a positive way).  The resident 1 White Water Star combines with 4 monthly star to invite positive relationships into your life.  Additionally be on the lookout for opportunities so that you can grasp them at this auspicious time.  The 6 Annual/4 Monthly combination of ten is always a good omen bringing the possibility of increase into your life.

SOUTH-Annual 5/Monthly 3: Resident Qi 9:                        This is not the most welcoming sector in 2016 with the Annual 5 Yellow in permanent residence.  November sees the entry of 3 Jade Star, known as the Star of Disagreements.  This is an area to stay away from as much as possible this month as the 3 and 5 do not combine well (3 Wood controls 5 Yellow).  The resident 9 will also have its say although during this most Yin of seasons its influence will not be as powerful as it would be during spring or summer.

WEST-Annual 3/Monthly 1: Resident Qi 7:                           There is a sum of ten combination in the West thanks to the resident 7 and annual 3.  Visiting 1 monthly White Star will bring a positive career boost for anyone spending time here.  Be on the lookout for opportunities however also be on the lookout for those who may be out to present you in a bad light by spreading gossip.  The 3 Star is likely to bring out those people who are envious of you and will therefore do their best to create conflict.

EAST-Annual 8/Monthly 9: Resident Qi 3:                            If you are running your own business your opportunities in the East are many this month.  Spend time here, while still remembering not to activate (water, excess noise, renovations) the area.  With two White Stars here (8/6) things are looking good however you could find your personal relationships are not quite so exciting.  Remember to keep work and play separate and spend time with your partner to keep the flame of love burning.

NORTHWEST-Annual 2/Monthly 9: Resident Qi 6:            The head of the household or an organisation could be hit by ill health because of the combination of stars here in November.   Take care of your health if you spend time in the Northwest during this month.  Avoid excesses in food or drink.   As the Northwest is a Metal area illness connected to the lungs or head could be likely.  The 9 Star will strengthen whatever it comes into contact with and the 2 Black Star of Illness is high on its list.

NORTHEAST-Annual 4/Monthly 2: Resident Qi 8:             This remains a good area for students or those connected to the literary field.  Illness could strike and the females of the household are the likely recipients.  Remember that if you keep things low key there should be no issues.  It is only when these stars are activated that negative results could strike.  Wood (4) and Earth (2) do not get on well together with Wood (now strengthening thanks to the Water element) taking top spot.  Remember however that during the winter season Earth hardens making it difficult for Wood to take hold so keep a sense of proportion and all will be well.

SOUTHEAST-Annual 9/Monthly 7: Resident Qi 4:              This is not the best location in November yet despite the negative 7 Red Star it is not the worst.  Put into perspective 7 relates to sparkle and the glitter of fine jewellery which will be enhanced by the brightness of the 9 Star.  Take care when using small Metal objects however as this could translate to injury caused by the 9/7 combination.  In general things will not be great in the Southeast yet at the same time they will not be dire.

SOUTHWEST-Annual 7/Monthly 5: Resident Qi 2:            Plenty of Earth element thanks to 2/5 with Metal thrown into the mix makes the Southwest one of the less attractive areas for November.  Having your main door here means you should take care and ensure safety first.  If you can avoid spending much time in this area during the month it will be to your advantage.  Injury and self-harm are possible with illness to the stomach also indicated.

CENTRE-Annual 1/Monthly 8: Resident Qi 5:                       Two of the auspicious White Stars are in the Centre during November.

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