December 2017 Flying Stars (December 7-January 6 2018)

What to Expect

Each month Stars ‘fly’ from sector to sector within a property.  Knowledge is power so use these monthly forecasts to benefit from the highs and avoid some of the pitfalls.  Do always remember though that a month is at most 31 days so a bad month in an annual good sector is not the end of the world.

Yang Water Rat (Ren Zi) in Winter

As we move into mid Winter the Water element reaches its peak.  Water will be strongest feeding Wood which is beginning to get stronger. Although Wood is awakening it cannot grow because Earth is so hard during the winter season.

This is the season that benefits from the warmth provided by celebrations.  Thanksgiving has passed so it is now time to look forward to the Christmas and New Year season.  Take time out and enjoy the fun.

Yang Water Rat makes December a heavy Water month.  Midwinter is the height of the Water season.  Water represents flow and it can also represent dark thoughts, even depression, so spend time with your nearest and dearest and avoid falling into negativity.  Live in the now and think positively.

Rat is located in N2 (372.5-7.4).  Rat represents the hours between 2300-0059 in the 12 x 2 hours of the Chinese Zodiac.  23..00 to 23.59 is known as Late Rat hour and 00.00-0059 is known as Early Rat Hour.  The height of night time when darkness and Yin reign supreme.

In the 24 mountains Rat has a clash relationship with Horse in S2 (172.5-187.4) and combines with Ox in NE1 (22.5-37.4).  Part of the Water frame along with Dragon (Chen) in SE1 and Monkey (Shen) in SW3 it is known also known as one of the cardinal animals.  Ren Zi is one of the Peach Blossom animals which means relationships are important.

Do you have Rat somewhere  in your BaZi chart?   Depending on its location (year, month, day, hour)  it will have a specific meaning for you.

If you do not know your Chinese animal year sign please contact us and we will be happy to send you the information including the influence the Pig will have.

Yang Water Rat month begins on December 7 and ends on January 4 2018.  In the 24 Seasons of the Solar Calendar December 7-December 21 is Greater Snow.  December 22-January 4 is known as Winter Solstice.

In December there is Sum of Ten combination in the North West (Annual 2/Monthly 8) and South East (Monthly 6/Resident 4).

The dominant and timely energies of Period 8 (8, 9 and 1 stars) are located in East (8), Southeast (9) and Centre (1) for the year.

What can we expect for each of the nine sectors of the Luo Shu Grid during December?

NORTH-Annual 6/Monthly 3: Resident Qi 1:                       1-6 in the North this year represents an Early Heaven Combination creating Water.  Stress could be an issue this month.  During the holiday season keep this area quiet if possible to avoid activating the negative 3 Wood Star.  Spending time in the North you may find yourself becoming short tempered or having disputes with others as the 3 Wood Star represents disagreements.  6 White Star is still in residence and can bring unexpected windfalls as long as peace is maintained.

SOUTH-Annual 5/Monthly 2: Resident Qi 9:                        Already a difficult sector in 2017 the South will see a 5/2 Earth combination during December.  This is not the best combination and health could be one outcome for anyone spending time here.  Avoid the area if possible.  Take care of yourself during this month and be careful of your eating and drinking habits.  If you feel at all unwell a visit to your medical practitioner may catch something in its early stages thereby avoiding possible serious illness.

WEST-Annual 3/Monthly 9: Resident Qi 7:                           Elemental disharmony is the order of the month in the West.  In a Metal area Wood is in residence for the year and Fire moves in during December.  When spending time here ensure you are aware of the energies and take care of your interpersonal relationships so that harmony can be the order of the day rather than disputes.  This is the time of year for joy and happiness not anger and disagreements.

EAST-Annual 8/Monthly 5: Resident Qi 3:                            The positive vibrations of the East take a hit in December with the entry of 5 Yellow.  Always a Star to be wary of it can create havoc if activated.  Avoid activating the Stars – no decorating/banging/digging – hopefully at this time of the year you are more intent on enjoyment than house or office renovation so all should be well.  You can spend time here.

NORTHWEST-Annual 2/Monthly 8: Resident Qi 6:            Sum of Ten (Annual 2/Monthly 8) makes the Northwest a positive sector in December for wealth accumulation.  Take care of your health and avoid activating the 2 Star of Illness.  Be aware when financial opportunities reveal themselves and take action.

NORTHEAST-Annual 4/Monthly 1: Resident Qi 8:             4/1 combination is good for relationships and students making this a positive sector in December.  What is better at this time of the year that a close and loving relationship making the season happy and fulfilled.  Spend time here and activate the area with movement to bring the auspicious Stars to life.

SOUTHEAST-Annual 9/Monthly 6: Resident Qi 4:              Things improve in the South East in December.  There is a Sum of Ten combination with the resident 4 Wood Star and 6 Metal Star so there is the likelihood of unexpected income coming your way or an improvement in your financial standing.  There is illness qi that may affect the liver – watch your alcohol intake to avoid illness striking.

SOUTHWEST-Annual 7/Monthly 4: Resident Qi 2:            Metal/Wood/Earth are all together in the Southwest this month.  They represent controlling qi which in turn can result in illness or errors in paperwork as well as disputes and misunderstandings.  If you work in the Southwest ensure all documents are scrutinised carefully before they are submitted.  Be careful of your food and drink intake to avoid illness and think before you speak to maintain harmony and wellbeing.

CENTRE-Annual 1/Monthly 7: Resident Qi 5:                       1 White Star and 7 Red Star join forces in the centre this month.

Remember that if you leave well alone and do not activate a sector then the Stars cannot be disturbed and will have no effect on your day to day life.

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