FOUR PILLARS CHART – February 4 2018  Year of  Yang Earth (Wu) Dog



Year of Yang Earth Dog will commence on February 4.  The Dog (NW1) is an Earth animal known as Autumn Earth representing as it does the last month of the Autumn season.

In 2018 Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 16.

History: 2018 in the Chinese lunarsolar calendar will be year 4715.

History: The last Yang Earth Dog (Wu Xu) year was in 1958.  It was the year NASA was formed (July 29 1958 in the month of the Goat (Wei) which is the Summer Storage Animal.

Together with Horse (S2) and Tiger (NE3), Dog (NW1) is part of the Fire Frame.  It forms a combination (friendship) with Rabbit (E2).

Dog is the 11th animal of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals and is located in NW1 (292.5-307.4).

It is known as one of the Storage Animals together with Ox (NE1-Yin Earth), Dragon (SE1-Yang Earth) and Goat (SW1-Yin Earth).  They are called storage animals as they have more than one element associated with them.  Being part of the Autumn season Dog has Metal and Earth elements and ‘stores’ Fire.

As you will note from the Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi) chart above Tiger (Month) and Rabbit (Day and Hour) are both present in the 2018 Chart.  February 4 is also a Ding Fire Rabbit (Mao) day.

Rabbit is known as one of the Peach Blossom Animals and its appearance in both the Day and Hour Pillars,  known as Internal Pillars indicate likeability and the possibility of romance for any of you having Rabbit as your Peach Blossom animal; namely Tiger (Yin), Horse (Wu) and Dog (Xu) – coincidentally the animals of the Fire Frame.

If you are looking for love and you are Tiger, Horse or Dog then you may find March is your best opportunity to find that special someone – why March?  It is the month of the Rabbit.  You may also discover your partner in June when Horse arrives to complete the Fire Frame.

The Horse month of June sees the Fire Frame complete in 2018 with Dog, Horse and Tiger making Fire (already at its pinnacle in June) even stronger.  This could, among other things, equate to heated events caused by mass gatherings as Dog (Year) and Tiger (Month) are in the external part of the BaZi Chart which relates to many people using many platforms (such as social media and protests in the streets) to have their say.

Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi)

2018 Four Pillars of Destiny Chart has all five elements present.  In the Year Pillar Earth sits on Earth with more Earth appearing in the Hidden Stem of the Year.  Safe to say that Earth will have its say and make an impact.  In the Month Pillar Wood sits on Wood with Wood in the Main Qi of the Hidden Stems.  There is also Wood appearing in the Earthly Branch of both Day and Hour as well as the Main Qi in the Hidden Stems of Day and Hour.  Wood therefore takes centre stage as the strongest element in 2018.    Ding Fire Day Master is strengthened by the season of spring and Wood elements appearing in the Chart.  This indicates a strong Day Master.  Water is present in the Hour Pillar Heavenly Stem however this is its only appearance in the Chart so its influence will be weak; it could make a fleeting appearance and then disappear.  Metal is hidden in Sub Qi of the Year Earthly Branch.  Its influence is weak and therefore unlikely to play a role.

For 2018 the elements in order of strength are Wood -> Fire -> Earth -> Water -> Metal.  Water appears before Metal as it is on the Heavenly Stem of the Hour making it visible; Metal is hidden.

The 2018 Heavenly Stems are Yang Earth (Wu) Year Pillar, Yang Wood (Jia) Month Pillar, Yin Fire (Ding) Day Pillar (Day Master) and Yin Water (Gui) Hour Pillar.  These are the prevailing and obvious flows of Qi.  They are there for all to see yet are transient in nature or superficial.  What you see is what you get (WYSISYG) with the Heavenly Stems.

Earthly Branches in 2018 are Yang Earth (Dog-Xu) Year Pillar, Yang Wood (Tiger-Yin) Month Pillar, Yin Wood (Rabbit-Mao) Day Pillar and Yin Wood (Rabbit-Mao) Hour Pillar.  Earthly Branches are the roots, the foundation and represent hidden more powerful Qi, longer lasting in its effects, both good and bad.

The external part of the Four Pillars Chart (Year and Month) are Yang and the internal (Day and Hour) are Yin creating a balance of Yin and Yang.

Day Master

For the Yin Fire (Ding) Day Master Metal represents wealth.  It becomes immediately obvious that as the only presence of Metal is in the Sub-Qi of the Year Pillar the chances for obvious avenues of wealth are missing.

If you are a Ding Fire Day Master with Metal in your Chart you have the wealth element of the year.  Where does it appear in your Chart?  If your Day Master is one of the other elements you can still benefit from the Metal wealth element of the year depending on where it appears in your Chart.

Ding Fire is like a candle in the darkness – it can illuminate even the darkest hour.  What does this mean for you?  You can use this time to work on yourself, improve your knowledge and strategy, learn new things and become self-aware.  YOU are the director of your life and your choices will make the difference between success and failure.

Wood is the Resource Star for Ding Fire, Earth is the Output Star and Water the Influence Star.  The remaining Star is Companion of which there are two hidden in the Sub-Qi of the Year (Ding) and Month (Bing-Yang Fire).

We will follow on with the Feng Shui aspect of 2018, Year of Earth Dog.

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