Eight Mansions House and Personal

Eight Mansions – House:

In Feng Shui Eight Mansions-House there are, as the name suggests, eight different types of house.  Unlike Eight Mansions-Personal which refers to direction this system relies on location; one each of four positive and four negative sectors (excluding the central palace). When you know which of the house type your property falls into you can ensure you are not focusing so much on annual and monthly flying stars that you find yourself located in a negative sector.

Eight Mansions – Personal:

To make full use of your positive and avoid your negative directions it is important to know your personal Gua Number together with its positive and negative directions.

While it is always better to be in a good location and face a good direction Eight Mansions will help you utilise good locations particularly when you are seeking the benefits each positive sector has to offer.  Remember to know exactly what it is you want and you will be able to gain greater benefit from Feng Shui.

You will still be able to make use of positive annual and monthly stars even if they are in one of your bad directions.  Just remember to face one of your good directions within each location however not at the risk of facing Grand Duke Jupiter (NW1 292.5-307.4) head on.

Chinese Astrological Animal:

Do you know your Chinese Astrological Animal based on your year of birth?

Do you know where it is located around the compass?

Both these pieces of information will help you better understand any good or bad luck you may experience during the course of a year.   It will also allow you to avoid, enhance or take precautions to maximise good and minimise bad that will visit the location of your Animal Sign as the year moves on.  As well as annual flying stars present for the entire year, monthly flying stars may throw a spanner into an otherwise positive location or vice versa.

Compass Reading:

Use a good-quality standard Scouts compass (or equivalent) to identify:

  • Facing direction of your property (from the inside looking out)
  • Location and direction of your main door
  • Location of your bedroom and the direction of your bedroom door (from the inside looking out)
  • Location of your kitchen and the direction of your kitchen door (from the inside looking out)
  • Location and direction of your stove

From this information you will know which locations and directions are good for you and your home based on the annual and monthly flying stars.

You will also be able to identify the direction of any external negative structures affecting your main door and any internal negative structures affecting your main door, bedroom door or kitchen door.  Negative structures will counter positive Qi and neutralise any beneficial aspects of the Flying Star Chart.

If any of the sectors of your property do not have a window or door the effects (both negative and positive) will be weakened.

How to Activate:

If you want to activate any of the annual positive Auxiliary Stars

(avoid activating North in 2018 as the presence of the 5 Yellow and 3 Killings may likely create serious consequences)

  1. a) to benefit from their influence
  2. b) because you have disturbed a negative area

how can you do this?

  • You can knock a nail in the wall and hang a picture in the location of the positive star/s……not an option?
  • Move furniture around in the area
  • Play music or move your TV into the area
  • Spend time in the area……not quiet time
  • Place a water* feature in the area. This can be a large vase of water, an aquarium or even a tank of water.  Leave it in place for 2-4 weeks then remove.

* Water is not something that should be considered as a ‘cure-all’ for everything in Feng Shui.  There are specific areas where water should not be placed permanently.  Short term placement for activation purposes is fine, permanent placement requires more work and greater knowledge of each personal circumstance.

Remember to be precise when locating the compass sector in which positive stars fall otherwise you might find yourself inadvertently causing  further difficulties.

Salt Water Solution to 5 Yellow Star:

What Is It Used For?

It is used when the Sha Qi Flying Star known as 5 Yellow Star visits a location which can result in the area being severely afflicted by its negative energy especially if it is inadvertently activated.

A salt water solution is known to be useful in suppressing this negative energy.  In this case prevention is better than cure.

The size of the salt water container depends on the size of an area being affected by the 5 Yellow.  For a single room within a house 5kg salt is enough.  For larger areas (usually office or industrial buildings) up to 200kg salt may be necessary.


Small:                   Open-top container approximately 8ins (20cm) diameter : 5kg salt : 6 brass or copper coins : one silver coin.

Medium:             Open-top container approximately 16ins (40cm) diameter : 10-12kg salt : small brass door knobs, hinges or any similar sized brass or copper : one silver coin.

Large:                    100kg salt : barrel with 1 kg x 6 iron pieces (dumb bells or gym weights) : one silver coin.

How Is It Assembled?

The salt water remedy can be easily and economically prepared at home.  Firstly place a suitably sized container in the correct location for the year just before the energies change and begin to take effect*.

*In 2018 this will be prior to February 4 (start of Year of Yang Earth Dog).

(The container can be anything of a suitable size including a plastic bucket-it does have to be disposed of at the end of the year so avoid using something of value to you).

  • Fill your container to the brim with kitchen salt.
  • Insert 6 copper or brass coins and one silver coin (press coins into the salt so they are just covered). The coins are purely symbolic.
  • Add water slowly until it covers the salt and sits on the top. (You may notice that in the process the salt settles down).

What Happens Next?

During the first week, you will notice some activity in the container, even though it has not been touched or moved. You may see splattering, hardening of the salt to a rock-like state, the salt or water disappearing.

Whatever happens do what it takes to get it back to its original state by replenishing the salt and/or water.

The salt water cure will end up looking something like this, after a few days a bit of crusting can take place.  All you have to do is wipe the edges and replace as much salt as necessary to refill it to the top without moving or disturbing it.

Where Do I Place It?

Wherever the 5 Yellow Star visits each year.  The Chinese Year starts on February 4 2018 and ends on February 3 2019. The 5 Yellow Star visits a different location* each year.

*In 2018 the 5 Yellow will reside in the North location (N/2/3).

As an alternative to the Salt Water Remedy heavy Metal objects can be placed in the North.   Metal weakens Earth* in the exhausting cycle of the five elements.

*In 2018 Metal would also serve to weaken some of the likely effects of the 5 Yellow as Metal ‘exhausts’ Earth in the reducing cycle of the Five Elements.


  1. I began Feng Shui practice in 1994 and have not kept up with it
    much lately for past 10 years. I am happy to have this


  2. I began Feng Shui practice in 1994 and have not kept up with it
    much lately for past 10 years. I am happy to have this


    1. I am happy to have found your site


      1. Hi Janice,

        Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you will find plenty of information you can use. If I can be of help with anything specific please let me know.

        Kind regards


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