To continue on from the BaZi forecast let us now explore how Feng Shui looks for 2018 Year of Earth Dog.

In 2018 four of the eight palaces have He Tu (Early Heaven) combinations created by the resident element and visiting annual star.  Together they signify a perfect balance of Yin and Yang.  In general their appearance is positive however their influence will be dependent on other visitors to a given sector such as the Grand Duke Jupiter.

Northwest has 1-6 which creates Water; West has 2-7 creating Fire; Northeast has 3-8 creating Wood and South has 4-9 creating Metal.

All the combinations are out of their ideal sector however 2-7 in the West is a positive combination as the productive cycle of the Five Elements shows (Earth-2 creates Metal-7).  The West will therefore benefit from having the support of a mountain or large building behind.


Feng Shui Positive Flying Stars 2018 – THE GOOD…

8 White Earth Star of Current Prosperity – Southeast – Xun (Gua 4):  Still the Star everyone wants to see during Period 8. Southeast welcomes the 8 White Star making this the main wealth sector of the year.  Career, wealth and recognition in your chosen field could all be positive effects of the 8 Star so make use of the Southeast as much as possible to ensure you do not miss out.  With the exception of 15 degrees of the Dragon (SE1) this location can be activated with movement or a yang Water feature to bring out the best this Star has to offer.

4 Green Wood Star of Literary Pursuits – South – Li (Gua 9):  Much better news for the South and Gua 9 this year.  The 5 Yellow Star has moved on and 4 Wood Star pays an annual visit.  Students, writers, artists or anyone in creative fields could benefit from working in this area during 2018.  One thing to remember is not to sit North and face South as you may then find yourself subject to the negative aspects of the 3 Killings resident in the North this year.  Relationships can be enhanced when you make use of this sector as can the prospect of travel, especially when your main door is here.

6 White Metal Star – Southwest – Kun (Gua 2):  Things improve for the Southwest in 2018 with the arrival of the 6 White Star.  Reputation, recognition in your career and having your voice heard are some of the positive benefits to be felt.  If your main door is here then make use of it often to activate the positivity; if not then put the Southwest on your list of ‘go to’ areas for the year.  6 Star also indicates the presence of mentors in the picture so if this is something you seek then be on the lookout.  Ensure there are no negative features to avoid the likelihood of unexpected health issues or career changes.

1 Water Star of Distant Prosperity – Northwest – Qian (Gua 6):  This positive Star moves to a Metal location in 2018.  1-6 are both White Stars making the Northwest one of the best sectors of the year.  As long as the 15 degrees where the Grand Duke will reside ((292.5-307.4) is not activated career, wealth and travel opportunities could well come your way all thanks to the 1 White Star.  You can live and work in this location.  You can even enlist the help of the Grand Duke by sitting with your back towards him to provide you with support.  It is better to do this if you are an East Group person (Gua 1, 3, 4 or 9) as you will be facing Southeast, one of your positive directions. West Group people (Gua 2, 6, 7 or 8) can still spend time here facing one of their best directions.

9 Purple Magnifying Star of Future Prosperity – Centre:  Only of possible use if you live or work in an open plan environment.

Feng Shui Positive Auxiliary Stars 2018 – THE GOOD…

There are four positive Auxiliary Stars we look for each year.  They move and reside with one of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals of the 24 Mountains.  They are each suitable for a particular issue and to utilise their positive effects all you have to do is activate them….How?  Open and close doors in the sector/move furniture – its that simple.

If you have inadvertently triggered the negative effects of the 3 Killings or the 5 Yellow for example it is possible to activate all four Auxiliary Stars at the same time to help offset negative results.  This does however require a good date and time to carry out.

Sun Star – Northwest (NW3 / 322.5-337.4) – Pig-Hai:  The Sun Star will be present in the same 15 degree sector as Robbery Sha in 2018.  This Yang Star tends to be more effective for males.  It can make you the centre of attention.    It is useful to activate if you have inadvertently triggered one of the Annual Afflictions.

If you choose to activate this Star remember the Robbery Sha.  Take precautions to ensure you do not fall victim to over-spending, a common side effect of Robbery Sha.

Moon Star – North (NE1 / 22.5-37.4) – Ox-Chou:  This Yin Star benefits females more than males and can be used when you have difficulty communicating your message.  It is not an overly aggressive Star and prefers to stay in the background rather than being the centre of attention.  As a Yin Star it can affect moods and emotions, tending to bring out their more sombre and dark side.

Dragon Virtue Star – Southeast (SE3 / 142.5-157.4) – Snake-Si :  The Dragon Virtue Star benefits those looking for a more satisfying life. It can help clear or ease an obstruction caused by difficult people and give a boost to your wealth or career.

Fortune Virtue Star – Southwest (SW1 / 202.5-217.4) – Goat-Wei:  Health, wealth and happiness can all be improved by activating the Fortune Virtue Star.  Fortune Virtue Star is related more to date selection therefore time plays an important role when using this star for positive outcomes.

Feng Shui Negative Flying Stars 2018 – THE BAD…

2 Black Earth Star of Illness – West – Dui (Gua 7):  The 2 Earth Star visits a Metal element sector again in 2018.  Moving from Northwest (6) to West (7) this Star of Illness will weaken the immune system of anyone unfortunate enough to activate its negative side.  2 Star relates to stomach illness to a large degree so any pregnant females will do well to avoid the area to eliminate risk to their unborn child.  Anyone suffering from ill-health should also give the West a wide berth.  Suppress the negativity here by placing heavy metallic objects in the area.  Any Metal such as bronze or copper will help reduce the strength and potency of the black star (Metal exhausts Earth in the reducing or counter-productive cycle of the Five Elements.

Remember that although Metal will weaken Earth it is a weak and ineffective element until late Summer and Autumn so its usefulness will be based on the time of year. 

3 Jade Star of Disagreements – Northeast – Gen (Gua 8):  This Wood Star has a controlling relationship with Northeast Earth making the energies here strained at best.  Put into perspective 3 Wood refers to large trees with their roots burrowing into the ground to provide a secure base for them to grow and thrive.  Northeast Earth is large boulders, mountainous regions, places where trees would have a hard time penetrating to gain a hold.  To say this could be stressful is an understatement.  The 3 Jade Star can result in arguments and disagreements erupting for no apparent reason.  It can also mean the chance of legal complications occurring resulting in loss of some kind.  A red lamp here can help offset the worst.  However better to ensure the area is not activated and there are no negative features in the environment to trigger the bad side of the Star of Disagreements.

5 Yellow Earth Star – North – Kan (Gua 1):  In addition to the information below this location must be kept quiet.  No groundbreaking or decorating, banging or renovation should be carried out to avoid awakening the negative effects.  If you have your main door in the North are there any negative external features that might inadvertently activate the 5 Yellow?  Negative features include but are not limited to single trees or pillars directly facing the door; the edge of a building; a narrow gap opposite; a pylon, the edge of a roofline.  Under these circumstances using an alternative entrance/exit for the year would be beneficial if possible.

As Metal exhausts Earth consider placing some heavy Metal pieces in the North which should go some way to alleviating the effects of this inauspicious star.

7 Red Metal Star of Robbery and Violence – East – Zhen (Gua 3):  The fortunes of the East are turned on their heads in 2018 with the arrival of the 7 Red Star.  Conflict is the main order of the year where this Star is concerned .  If your main door is located here you will have to take extra care to ensure you do not fall victim to robbery both in and away from the home or office.  Having your master bedroom in the East means you could find marital bliss is anything but blissful.  Disagreements at home are possible when this star is activated.  In the workplace conflict caused by back-biting and competition is a possibility when your office is located here.  To make matters worse Metal is the controlling element to Wood  and while this will more likely cause an issue later on in the year forewarned is forearmed.  If you can, change bedrooms for the year and prevent issues before they arise to maintain family harmony and a loving relationship.

Feng Shui Annual Afflictions 2018 – THE UGLY!

The annual Star afflictions are Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), Year Breaker (Sui Po), 3 Killings (Annual, Calamity and Robbery Sha) and the 5 Yellow Earth Star. 

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) – Northwest 1 (292.5-307.4) – Dog-Xu:  Always residing in the home palace of the animal of the year 2018 sees the Grand Duke occupy the 15 degree sector of the Dog (292.5-307.4).  He should never be confronted or disturbed so whether at home or work avoid upsetting him by direct confrontation or banging/renovation/excessive movement.  You can however garner his support by sitting with your back to him.  Avoid activating this area during the year to help prevent possible misfortune befalling you..

Grand Duke Jupiter is said to be the deity who occupies the space in the heavens directly opposite the planet Jupiter.

History:                                Grand Duke Jupiter for 2018 is Great General Jiang Wu born during the Ming Dynasty in what is now known as Shan Dong Province in the district of Bao De, China. 

Year Breaker (Sui Po) – Southeast 1 (112.5-127.4) – Dragon-Chen:  Always appears directly opposite Grand Duke.   In 2018 this is the sector of the mighty Dragon which occupies 15 degrees of SE1. This area should not be disturbed with digging, banging or activation as it could result in severe repercussions.  As the Dragon is directly confronting the Grand Duke the effects can sometimes be worse than upsetting the Grand Duke himself.

3 Killings (San Sha) – North:  3 Killings only ever appear in one of the cardinal directions and in 2018 this is North (337.5-22.4).

They represent three different types of affliction each affecting 15 degrees; Robbery Sha (337.5-352.4), Calamity Sha (352.5.5-07.4) and Annual Sha (07.5-22.4).  Robbery Sha tends to indicate over-spending rather than loss through actual robbery. Calamity Sha signifies accidents and mishaps.  Annual (or Year) Sha indicates loss of some kind.  All three ultimately result in loss in one form or another.  Unlike Grand Duke Jupiter, the 3 Killings are best confronted; faced head on where necessary.  Sit South, face North.  This is especially effective for East Group Gua for whom both North and South are positive directions.

3 Killings are a little devious – as well as covering an entire location (this year it is North 1/2/3-Rat-Zi) they also spread their wings beyond.  NW3-Pig-Hai (322.5-337.4) has Robbery Sha and NE1-Ox-Chou (22.5-37.4) has Annual/Year Sha.  So from 322.5-37.4 around the compass one of the 3 Killings will be present.

They always reside with one of the 12 Astrological Animals.

5 Yellow Earth Star – North – Kan (Gua 1):  This Earth element affliction represents five different types of misfortune, often serious, and is generally regarded as the most malevolent of them all.  For peace of mind it should not be activated at any cost.  In 2018 it is present in the Water element location of North.  Earth ‘controls’ Water in the controlling cycle of the Five Elements making Earth a formidable foe for the year.  This will be especially true during the Spring and Summer months when Yin Earth particularly can cause illness when combined with Water.  It can also ‘muddy the water’ in relationships both personal and professional.  Generally speaking little good comes from 5 Yellow.

One common solution to 5 Yellow is to install a salt water feature in the area.  This is said to absorb negative energies.  It should be installed before the change of the year (before February 4) and not moved for the entire year (February 4 2018-February 3 2019).  After this period the container plus contents should be disposed of in their entirety.  It can neither be cleaned or re-used.

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