March 2018 Flying Stars (March 5-April 4)

What to Expect

Each month Stars ‘fly’ from sector to sector within a property.  Reading these monthly forecasts allows you to benefit from the highs and avoid some of the pitfalls.  Always remember that a month is at most 31 days so a bad month in an annual good sector is not the end of the world.

Yin Wood Rabbit (Yi Mao) in Spring

As we move into the month of Yin Wood Rabbit we also move into the second month of spring.  Really?  Yes – it is hard to believe when the weather worldwide is proving unusual and unpredictable to say the least.  However these are the facts as far as the 24 seasons of the Chinese Calendar is concerned.  March 5-March 20 is known as Awakening of Worms, March 21-April 4 brings the Spring Equinox.

This month sees the Rabbit combining with the animal of the year, Earth Dog.  This combination produces Fire.  There are two Rabbits in the BaZi Chart for 2018 in the Day and in the Hour.  Is Rabbit your Peach Blossom Animal?  If you don’t know please  contact us and we will be happy to send you the information.  Peach Blossom is concerned with your likeability; with your ability to appeal to those around you as friends/colleagues/love relationships.

Despite the weather as it is, mother nature knows best, and if you look carefully you can see the natural world beginning to blossom.  Yin Wood in the form of snowdrops/daffodils/crocus and Yang Wood with buds on the trees are there to be seen.

Rabbit resides in E2 (82.5-97.4) around the compass. Always associated with spring and the Easter period the Rabbit represents the hours between 05.00-06.59 in the 12 x 2 hours of the Chinese Zodiac.

Rabbit is a pure bred animal.  It has only Wood qi within it.  It is one of the Cardinal Animals together with the Horse, Rooster and Rat.  These animals signify the middle of a season, in this case spring.

In 24 mountains Rabbit has a clash relationship with Rooster in W2 (262.5-277.4). It is part of the Wood frame along with Goat (Wei) in SW1 and Pig (Hai) in NW3.

If you were born in the Year of the Rabbit what time of day was it?  Do you have Rabbit somewhere  in your BaZi chart?   Depending on its location (year, month, day, hour)  it will have a specific meaning for you.

If you do not know your Chinese animal year sign please contact us and we will be happy to send you the information including the influence the Tiger will have if it appears in your chart.

February shows a Sum of Ten combination in the Northeast (Annual 3/Monthly 7).  This combination usually indicates positive outcomes relating to wealth enhancement when the necessary action is taken at the right time.  There are Early Heaven combinations in the Southeast (Annual 8/Monthly 3) creating Wood, Southwest (Annual 6/Monthly 1) creating Water, East (Annual 7/Monthly 2) creating Fire and Centre (Annual 9/Monthly 4) creating Metal.

The dominant and timely energies of Period 8 (8, 9 and 1 stars) are located in Southeast (8), Centre (9) and Northwest (1) for the year.

So what can we expect for each of the nine sectors of the Luo Shu Grid in March 2018?  Do you know how to superimpose a Luo Shu Grid over the floor plans of your property?  Are you able to identify where your important rooms are located?  If not contact us and we will be happy to assist.

NORTH-Annual 5/Monthly 9: Resident Qi 1:                        Already the no-go sector for 2018 the North sees the arrival of the 9 Star.  Stress levels and heightened negative emotions can manifest so stay away or at least keep the North undisturbed.  Positive in its own right the 9 star is also known as the Magnifying Star and the Star of Future Prosperity. What does all this mean for March?  If the 5 Yellow is activated the 9 Star can serve to magnify the resulting effects.  Remember to avoid the North as much as possible, do not activate the area at any cost and all should be well.  Fire (9 Star) creates Earth so the 5 Yellow is strengthened by this combination.

SOUTH-Annual 4/Monthly 8: Resident Qi 9:                        The South has a conflicting combination (Wood controls Earth) but nonetheless a positive sector with the 4 Green Star and 8 White Star together.  Make use of this sector if you are looking to improve your lot.  Prosperity is good, learning and inspiration is positive and you may find the partner of your dreams if you take full advantage of the stars here in March.  This is the best location of the month so why waste the positive energies at play.  Spend time in this location and take action.

WEST-Annual 2/Monthly 6: Resident Qi 7:                           Things improve for the West in March.  The 6 White Star is visiting and bringing with it the opportunities for unexpected improvements in your bank balance.  This will be especially likely if you have your main door here.  Why waste the positive energies – take action towards attracting a positive outcome.  Nothing comes to you without your contribution so be on the lookout for opportunities. Earth (2 Star) creates Metal (6 Star) and in this inherent Metal area the energies are harmonious in March.

EAST-Annual 7/Monthly 2: Resident Qi 3:                            Even with the Early Heaven combination in the East this is an area to be wary of in March.   Health could present some problems.  You may also find those around you spreading unwarranted gossip.  Rise above their petty niggles and get on with your own life.  You are in control so avoid letting others determine how you feel.  In general the qi is conflicting with Metal (7 Star) controlling the resident Wood of 3 Star.  The Wood Star controls 2 Earth Star and remember Wood is at its optimum in Spring.

NORTHWEST-Annual 1/Monthly 5: Resident Qi 6:     From a positive month in February the Northwest has the 5 Yellow visiting in March.  Health issues could manifest if you spend too much time in this location.  Better to keep the area quiet and undisturbed to avoid activating the negative energies.  If your health is in question avoid sleeping in the Northwest this month.   The 5 Yellow Earth Star controls the 1 White Water Star.

NORTHEAST-Annual 3/Monthly 7: Resident Qi 8:             There is a sum of ten combination in the Northeast in March.  This generally has a positive outcome.  The 3 Wood Star is associated with disagreement and dispute and the 7 Red Star is known to attract violence when activated so if you spend time here keep things calm ordered; keep the area quiet and as undisturbed as possible.  Wood and Metal are conflicting energies however with Wood at its strongest and 3 Star representing tall trees the 7 Star will not have a huge influence.  7 Metal Star indicates small knives and scissors among other things – not known for their tree cutting ability.

SOUTHEAST-Annual 8/Monthly 3: Resident Qi 4:              The Early Heaven combination of 8 and 3 creates Wood.  Disagreements could be rife for those making use of the Southeast in March.  Watch what you say to others to avoid causing unnecessary discord and associated stress.  In this Wood area there is conflict with Big Wood and the Earth of mountains.  The 8 White Star of Wealth will find it hard to prosper in March with the strength of Wood.

SOUTHWEST-Annual 6/Monthly 1: Resident Qi 2:            The combination of 1 and 6 in the Southwest make this a great location to spend time especially for those looking to achieve recognition or promotion in their chose field.  If you are looking for advancement in your workplace use this area when you want to be recognised for your good work.  Students can take advantage of the positive stars here to study.

CENTRE-Annual 9/Monthly 4: Resident Qi 5:       9 Magnifying Star and 4 Green Star are in the centre this month.

Remember if you leave well alone and do not activate a sector Stars cannot be disturbed and will have no effect on your day to day life.  Always check the external environment to ensure there are no negative structures likely to influence the energies of each sector.

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