December  2018 Flying Stars (December 7-January 4 2019)

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Each month Stars ‘fly’ from sector to sector within your home or office.  These monthly forecasts allow you to benefit from the highs and avoid some of the pitfalls when these Stars combine.  You do this by avoiding negative and maximising positive sectors.  If you have a bad location which is never used it cannot affect you.  In contrast if you have a good sector you never use – now might be a good time to start!  A month is at most 31 days so a bad month in an annual good sector is not the end of the world.  Just be aware of what you can expect.  Your animal sign, although more to do with BaZi, will be influenced by the Flying Stars.

Yang Wood Rat (Jia Zi) in Winter

Can you guess the balance here?  Yin/Yang…the Yin of Midwinter, the Yang of Christmas.

Rat signifies that we have reached the peak of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  The ultimate Yin season.  Dark mornings/nights, overcast sky, cold, frost and snow.  However, at the same time December brings us much in the way of celebration.  There are those celebrating Hanukkah in early December and many across the globe are already deep into preparations for the  Christmas season.  So while it may be cold outside people in homes across the globe are decorating Christmas trees, lighting up their homes and bringing some much needed brightness to this dark time of year.  Water is by far the strongest element this month and Wood is gaining in intensity by the day.  This is especially so as we are in a Jia Zi (Yang Wood Rat) month.

Rat is one of the four ‘pure bred’ cardinal animals together with Rabbit, Horse and Rooster.  This means it is a Water animal and does not hold any of the other elements.  The cardinals can be difficult to handle at times due to their nature however for the Boar, Rabbit and Sheep amongst you the Rat is known as your Peach Blossom animal.  It can help increase your likeability and attractiveness.  Are you looking for love?  Are you maintaining a positive relationship with your workmates?

We will see the Dog begin to lose some of its annual dominance as we move ever nearer to  the Year of the Pig in 2019.  There is still discord around the world but safe to say not so aggressive as we have seen in previous months.  What will the month of December bring? The He Tu numbers 1-6 (Water) in Southwest, 2-7 (Fire) in East, 3-8 (Wood) in Southeast, 4-9 (Metal) in the Centre are present once again this month.  Always a positive feature.  There is a sum of ten combination in the Northeast so maybe the Ox and Tiger can benefit?

The Ox (NE1) and Tiger (NE3) reside with the 3 Annual and 7 Monthly Flying Stars bringing the sum of ten.  In the workplace or even at home projects you have been working on can reach a successful conclusion so do not waste this opportunity.  You may even find success through networking which could result in monetary gain.  Metal (7) and Wood (3) are not a match made in Heaven but as a combination they can bring you positive benefits. To be on the safe side take care of your personal safety this month when out and about – this is also relevant if you sleep in a Northeast bedroom.

Yin Water Rooster (Gui You) (W2) is the animal of the first day of December (7th).  With 2 Annual and 6 Monthly Stars in the West things could prove challenging.  This Heaven (6) and Earth (2) combination means that progress will not be as fast moving as the Rooster would like.  However it is only 31 days and the 6 White Star may just bring opportunities for monetary gain so go with the flow this month and see where it takes you.

Directly opposite the Rooster is another cardinal animal, Rabbit (E2).  In December the He Tu 2-7 combination resides here.  This will not create any major changes in fortune and may instigate disagreements.  Avoid talking behind the backs of others.  Remember this can work both ways with resulting conflict.  Those in the field of Information Technology may benefit from using this He Tu combination as the Fire it creates is indicative of passion and positivity.

Rat (N2) born still have the 5 Yellow Star to contend with, at least for another two months, so remember not to activate the North in any way.  In December this malevolent Star is joined by the 9 Magnifying Star making for a potentially explosive situation.  Stress, over-indulgence, general excesses can result from this combination however ill-health is one of the major downsides.  If you have a tendency for heart related issues take care to avoid spoiling what should be a great month of celebration.

The final cardinal animal sits directly opposite the animal of the month.  Horse (S2) has a positive pairing of 4 Annual and 8 Monthly.  This is a great combination for success however do not expect immediate results; they will come, but slowly.  The 8 White Star is always an indicator of financial success so if chances come calling make sure you grasp them with both hands.  Working in the South sector is good for anyone running their own business to bring positive opportunities.

Are you Dragon (SE1) or Snake (SE3) born?  You will see the 8 Annual and 3 Monthly He Tu combination of Wood.  This is great for anyone in Wood related industries and will bring opportunities to you.  The 3 Jade Star is known to be the harbinger of disagreements so by all means grasp your chances but keep emotions under control.  If you need help by all means ask for it but with respect and civility.

We like to see the 6-1 He Tu combination producing Water.  The 6 Annual is joined by 1 Monthly Star in the Southwest to bring the possibility of good fortune for the Goat (SW1) and Monkey (SW3) born.  This will be a good month for both animal signs.  Opportunities abound and your energy levels will be high ensuring you are ready and willing to take on anything that comes your way.  Both business and personal life will be on the up so enjoy all this month brings.

Dog (NW1) and Boar (NW3) born are challenged in December by the 1 Annual and 5 Monthly Stars.  You have the means to overcome obstacles heading your way however ill-health may be your major issue.  Take care of your health and avoid excess.  During the coming season it is easy to fall foul of your best intentions.   Why spoil all the fun of the season when you know in advance what can happen if you do?

Do you know your Chinese animal sign?  If not contact us and we will send you the information including the influence the Rat will have if it appears in your chart.  Remember you have four pillars in your Chart (year, month, day, hour) and each one represents a different aspect of your life.

Do you know how to superimpose a Luo Shu Grid over the floor plans of your property?  Can you identify where your important sectors are located?  If not contact us and we will be happy to assist.  The important areas of any living space are the main door, kitchen (stove), bedroom and office/study room.   You can include the balcony in this if you live in a flat or condo.  These are the sectors to focus on when looking at the Monthly Flying Stars.

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