Annual Indications for 12 Chinese Astrological Animals

2019 Animal Chart

What does the Year Pillar of 2019 have in store for each of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The Year Pillar represents the outermost part of a Chart and has much to do with your social circle, your network and your industry.  These are the areas directly affected by annual elemental changes.

Pig (Boar) – HAI

With the Grand Duke Jupiter in the location of the Pig, 2019 will mean change, most likely within your industry.  This is not necessarily negative, in fact indications are that ultimately it will be positive, however there may be some upheaval and adjustment before things settle down.  It is up to you to go with the flow.  If you dig your heels in and refuse to accept change things could get difficult and stressful. 

Rat – ZI

You could well find people coming to you for help this year.  You can become a mentor to friends and colleagues.  You have the opportunity to make a name for yourself in your chosen field.  If you are looking to expand or open up new areas for your business this will be a great year to do it.  You may find your energy levels are not at their optimum as the year progresses so maintaining an active and healthy regime will be important.  Do this and all will be well for you.


2019 is destined to be the year when you seek more knowledge or learn a new skill.  You should look for a mentor or teacher who will support and help you increase your personal database to serve you in the years to come.  Knowledge gained is never wasted so this is not something to ignore or try to sidestep.  You may find a teacher through your social circle or even in your current business if that is where you see your long term future.

Tiger – YIN

Tiger combines with Pig so you could find yourself connecting with those in higher positions who can help you.  Look within your own circle first.  2019 is a year when you have the ideas and opportunities so it is up to you to go out and take the next step.  Get connected, study your market and take a leap forward.  This will be a great year to start your own business.  Your memory might fail you on occasions so record everything to ensure you miss nothing, especially the important things.

Rabbit – MAO

Rabbit born are in for a great year in 2019.  Preparation is the key to progress.  Be prepared…to work, plan and ask for assistance when you need it.  You will likely meet with many people in positions of power who can help take you where you want to go, but if you do not ask you may not get – not what you were expecting anyway.  Be prepared to reciprocate and offer something to these people in exchange for their aid.  Everything comes at a price remember.

Dragon – CHEN

Love is in the air for the single Dragon this year.  Perhaps you may find that special someone amongst your existing friends or within your workplace.  There may be occasions when your friends, perhaps on social media, give you a hard time.  This is not a serious issue in 2019 as you have the Stars to support you and help repair broken ties with others.  Health may prove a minor issue so take care of your wellbeing.  If you do fall ill rest and recuperate rather than trying to work through it.


Being in the position of the Year Breaker (opposite the Grand Duke Jupiter) means there will be changes in your life, and these could be financial.  You may have to spend out on something you would rather not.  Consider buying something of value, an asset, that will increase in value, to help offset the likelihood of wasting money elsewhere. 2019 brings the opportunity to travel and broaden your horizons.  If you work for yourself this may help you find new markets in which to expand.

Horse – WU

For those willing to work for it and accept increased responsibility 2019 will prove a significant and fruitful year for the Horse born.  You may also find yourself taking centre stage with a new concept or idea brought about by a gap in the marketplace.  Whether you work for yourself or others this could see you at the forefront of your industry and better still, reaping the rewards for your endeavours.  Giving something to others like your networking circle or the company you work for will bring recognition and financial compensation.

Goat (Sheep) – WEI

If you are working in the creative field as a writer, perhaps you are in sales, marketing or advertising then this is the year for you to shine.  Your creative juices will be flowing and your ideas will be well received.  Entertainment is also a creative profession so if this is something that appeals then this could be the year to make a move into this sector.  The other aspect for the Goat this year is health.  If you are healthy, great – make sure you keep it that way.  If you need treatment of some kind this will be a good year to find the right professional to deal with your situation. 

Monkey – SHEN

Happiness, wealth and helpful people are all within your grasp this year.  Look first within your social circle then your business.  People with money will be there for you and willing to listen to your ideas.  If you have a great idea and are seeking investors look around and the investors will be there for you.  At least spend time with those who have been there and done that – you might just find you can learn a thing or two.  You could find yourself getting involved in disagreements with others over money however with a careful approach you should be able to find a resolution.

Rooster – YOU

This is the year for you to take a step forward and begin a new study course.  Something you have been wanting to do for some time and never took the time to begin.  This year your focus will be much improved, you will be able to use this to your advantage.  This is the year to ask ‘how do I’ or ‘how can I’ and chances are you will get the answer.  If you are travelling this year be careful.  If you are going somewhere prone to natural disasters check the outlook for the time you will be there.  Safety first should be foremost in your mind.

Dog – XU

If you are the type of person who holds onto negative issues and keeps them carefully hidden inside 2019 is the year to let them go.  Forgive whatever and whoever was the cause of them – and that does include forgiving yourself – to allow yourself to move on and return to a state of happiness.  As Bob Marley sang ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.  This should be your mantra for the year.  If you are seeking a relationship look perhaps amongst your friends or even within the workplace. You might find the right someone to begin a long-term relationship with.   

This is a short description of the main points for each of the animals based on the Year Pillar.  It is generic and does not take into account the Month, Day or Hour Pillars. 

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