So how are you approaching the coming Year of Earth Pig?  Are you eagerly anticipating a positive change of fortune or dreading what is to come? 

As the Annual Flying Stars change location on February 4 what can we expect?  We are looking here at the combination of Base (home) Star together with the Annual Flying Star in each location.  Remember as the months pass we also add the Monthly Flying Stars which can temporarily make a sector better or worse depending on the Stars concerned and their interaction. 

As we are still in Period 8 Positive Stars are generally considered to be 1 White Star, 6 White Star, 8 White Star and 9 Purple Star.  Neutral Star is 4 Green Star which works very well when combined with 1 White Star.

Negative Stars are 2 Black , 3 Jade, 5 Yellow and 7 Red. 

Things will change once Period 9 comes around in 2024.  Anyway, enough of the future let’s concentrate on the now.

Something to note is the positive and auspicious 8 White Wealth Star of Current Prosperity is setting up home in the centre for 2019.  This is great if you have an open plan layout in your living or working environment – not so good if you happen to have a store cupboard or filing cabinets there. 

The remaining positive Stars are 9 Purple Magnifying Star of Future Prosperity which moves to the Northwest and 1 White Star of Distant Prosperity taking up residence in the West.

Just like last year we will look at the…


Feng Shui Positive Flying Stars 2019 – GOOD…

8 White Earth Star of Current Prosperity – Centre: This sector has no Gua or animal associated with it.  It does however have an element.  Like 8 Star it represents Earth.  The only real way to benefit from this favourite is by having an open plan layout in your property.  It is worth noting however that the combination of 8 together with the home number 5 indicates lack of movement and bad decision making.  Remember 8 is Earth of the mountain.  It never moves.  In certain circumstances it could be said to be stubborn.  Combined with 5 Star the outcome may not be pretty.  This shows you cannot automatically assume positive Stars will always have positive outcomes.

9 Purple Magnifying Star of Future Prosperity – Northwest – Qian (Gua 6):  While this is a positive and auspicious Star it can cause health issues in Northwest, especially for those in positions of power or anyone with Gua 6.  This is because 9 is a Fire Star entering a Metal area and Fire melts Metal, (sometimes quickly), in the controlling cycle of the Five Elements.  That being said Gua 6 can benefit from its influence and become successful by growing their network and expanding their social circle. 

1 Water Star of Distant Prosperity – West – Dui (Gua 7):  In the West this Water Star brings opportunities for Gua 7 people.  Metal and Water have an harmonious relationship (Metal produces Water) so anyone who works in sales, or speakers in the public eye can benefit.  Whatever you want to achieve is within your grasp when you work for it.  You will even attract mentors to your side, people prepared to help you achieve your goals.    

4 Green Wood Star of Literary Pursuits – North – Kan (Gua 1):  After the drama of 2018 the North, and specifically Gua 1 can breathe a sigh of relief in 2019.  The 5 Yellow will move on and be replaced by the neutral 4 Green Wood Star.  The combination of 1-4 is great for academic pursuits and research.  Relationships, both new and existing, can also benefit from this pairing.  This could be especially relevant if your Peach Blossom animal is the Rat.

6 White Metal Star – East – Zhen (Gua 3):  The East and Gua 3 can look forward to great things in 2019.  Good luck is forecast for those willing to work for it.  There will be opportunities to achieve all you have been wishing for.  That is not to say you should jump in feet first.  You should consider your options and make rational decisions to avoid unnecessary difficulties.  There are conflicting elements at play with Metal (6) visiting a Wood (3) location.  This indicates the possibility leg or feet related issues.  It makes sense therefore to be careful what you choose to undertake. 

Feng Shui Positive Auxiliary Stars 2019 – GOOD…

There are four positive Auxiliary Stars we look for each year.  They move and reside with one of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals of the 24 Mountains.  They each have their own area of expertise so if they can be of benefit to you utilise their positive effects by activating them….How?  Open and close doors in the sector/move furniture – its that simple.

If you have inadvertently triggered the negative effects of the 3 Killings or the 5 Yellow for example it is possible to activate all four Auxiliary Stars at the same time to help offset negative results.  This does however require a good date and time to carry out.

Often the four Auxiliary Stars are activated all at the same time on a suitable date to ensure the best outcome in all your endeavours.

Sun Star – North 2 (352.5-7.4) – Rat-Zi:  The Sun Star will reside in N2, the home of the Rat in 2019.  This Yang Star tends to be more effective for males and can reduce the effects of issues caused by inadvertently activating one of the Annual Afflictions.  If you have accidentally triggered one of the Annual Afflictions such as 3 Killings or 5 Yellow using this auspicious Annual Star will help mitigate the situation. 

Moon Star – Northeast 3 (52.5-67.4) – Tiger-Yin:  This Yin Star benefits females more than males and can be used when you have difficulty communicating your message.  The Moon is associated with emotions, especially feminine emotions so when you cannot seem to say the right thing and you are emotionally affected as a result, use this Star to resolve your issues.  It is not an aggressive Star and prefers to stay in the background rather than being the centre of attention. 

Dragon Virtue Star – South 2 (172.5-187.4) – Horse-Wu:  When you have obstacles in your path – you have people or circumstances blocking your road – Dragon Virtue Star benefits those looking for a smooth sailing life. It can help clear or ease an obstruction caused by difficult people and give a boost to your wealth or career. If you are seeking funding for a project activating this Star can help clear the path to acquiring that funding. 

Fortune Virtue Star – Southwest 3 (232.5-247.4) – Monkey-Shen:  Health, wealth and happiness can all be enriched by activating the Fortune Virtue Star.  Fortune Virtue Star is about helping bring about an improvement in your quality of life.  Not everything is about money.  Sometimes all we want is happiness and contentment and this Star can help achieve this when activated.

Feng Shui Negative Flying Stars 2019 – BAD…

We tend to automatically see these Stars as bad.  However just like everything else it depends on individual circumstances, mainly where the Star appears and with which other Star/s it is interacting.  All of these Stars are not at their best during Period 8 so more of their negative attributes are likely to manifest.  However with a little bit of knowledge they can also be used for positive outcomes.

2 Black Earth Star of Illness – Northeast – Gen (Gua 8):  The 2 Earth Star will reside in an Earth sector in 2019.  This in itself brings a neutral feel to it.  It feels at home so is less likely to wreak havoc.  Additionallly, the resident Star in Northeast is 8.  Together these two create what is called ‘Sum of Ten’ combination.  This is always a good thing to see. In this instance it indicates improved wealth, increase in assets and cash flow.  So what’s not to like?  Well as long as you take care of your health when spending time in this area (illness is always lurking in the background) you can have a great year so make the most of it.   

3 Jade Star of Disagreements – South – Li (Gua 9):  This Wood Star is in a Fire area this year.  Bad you might say as Fire burns Wood.  However remember this is one pairing that has a mutually beneficial relationship.  Wood needs Fire (the Sun) to grow and Wood has a productive relationship with Fire.  The 3-9 combination brings success to those prepared to work for it.  However as you achieve this remember the people who supported you on your journey.  To err on the side of caution it will be better to think before you speak this year.  You don’t want to spoil your success by having disputes with those around you and the 3 Star could bring this about if you are not careful.

5 Yellow Earth Star – Southwest – Kun (Gua 2):  So can we find anything positive to say about this dreaded Star?  Well, yes, with conditions.  Appearing as it does in an Earth sector tends to take away a lot of the negativity associated with a 5-2 combination.  If you are unable to avoid using this area in 2019 it would be better to keep a fairly low profile.  Instead of going out and making your presence felt, use the year to develop a new skill or seek know-how in something that will benefit you in the long run.  Other than that check out the information below as prevention is definitely better than cure where the 5 Yellow is concerned.   

7 Red Metal Star of Robbery and Violence – Southeast – Xun (Gua 4):  A Metal and Wood combination is not the best to see.  However we are talking about the Metal of fine jewellery and also small items such as knives and scissors.  In the short term anyone in the Southeast can see good fortune appear when they have positive support from other people.  Love and romance can also come knocking if you are looking.  In general this is not the best combination so use it if it is in line with your aspirations but remember to take care of your personal safety.  And if your main door is in Southeast ensure it is secure at all times. 

Feng Shui Annual Afflictions 2018 – THE UGLY-ISH!

What’s going on here?  First we talk about the downright ugly then move to ugly-ish.  Ok, here is the explanation…not all Grand Duke Jupiters are created equal.  Some are more magnanimous than others and this year is one such example. 

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) – Northwest 3 (322.5-337.4) – Pig-Hai:  As always the Grand Duke will reside in the home palace of the animal of the year – in this instance NW3 in the location of the Pig.  You do not want to confront or disturb him and you should keep this location (it is only 15 degrees) quiet and undisturbed.  Have him support you by sitting with your back to him.

Grand Duke Jupiter is said to be the deity who occupies the space in the heavens directly opposite the planet Jupiter.

History: Grand Duke Jupiter for 2019 is Great General Xie Tai.  He was born in Lin Jin during the Ming Dynasty.  It was his descendants who benefited from his honestly and humble attitude as he sought to stay in the shadows rather than rising through the government ranks during his lifetime.

Year Breaker (Sui Po) – Southeast 3 (142.5-157.4) – Snake-Si:  Always appears directly opposite Grand Duke.   In 2019 this is SW3, home of the Snake.  This area should not be disturbed with digging, banging or activation as it could have negative repercussions – remember the Snake is confronting the Grand Duke.  However unlike some years the effects are not likely to be as severe.

3 Killings (San Sha) – West:  3 Killings cover the largest area of any  of the negative Stars and they always span one of the Cardinal directions, in this case West, the location of Rooster (W2-262.5-277.4).  In 2019 they start with Monkey (SW3-232.5-247.4) and finish with Dog (NW1-292.5-307.4). 

Robbery Sha is one of the negative Stars of the Monkey in 2019.  This means Monkey born should be mindful of their belongings when travelling at home or abroad.   Monetary loss either through carelessness, overspending, theft or fraud are possible this year so be alert and check your Bank accounts carefully throughout the year.

Calamity Sha is potentially the most troublesome of the 3 Killings.  Basically the Rooster born could find themselves in the direct path of Mother Nature at her most angry.  Prior to travelling make sure you are not heading into danger of any kind caused by natural disasters otherwise you could be injured and have to spend time in hospital.

Annual (Year) Sha will reside with the Dog in 2019.  Its area of expertise is in that it puts you in the path of people who like to bad mouth others.  They will say negative things about you, possibly on social media, and do their best to paint you in a bad light.  It’s a shame they have nothing better to do with their time and they should remember that what goes around comes around!

Unlike Grand Duke Jupiter, the 3 Killings are best confronted; face them head on when appropriate. Sit East, face Southwest 3, West 2 or Northwest 1. 

5 Yellow Earth Star – Southwest – Kun (Gua 2):  This Earth element affliction represents five different types of misfortune, often serious, and is generally regarded as the most malevolent of them all.  For peace of mind it should not be activated at any cost.  As you read earlier in 2019 it is present in the Earth sector of Southwest and this will help temper its most negative tendencies.. 

One popular solution to 5 Yellow is to install a salt water feature in the area.  This is said to absorb negative energies throughout the year.  It should be installed before the change of the year (before February 4) and not moved for the entire year (February 4 2019-February 3 2020).  After this period the container plus contents should be disposed of in their entirety.  It should not be cleaned or moved to another area.

If this possible for you then placing heavy Metal objects such as exercise weights will help suppress this Earth Star.  Remember Metal weakens Earth in the Exhaustive Cycle of the Five Elements.


  1. If my peach blossom star is in the west which is also 3 killings, should I activate it with water if I want better relationship?



    1. Hi Ken,

      2019 is not a good year to activate the West. Do you know Eight Mansions? What is your Gua number? You may be able to activate another area for this year.



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