FOUR PILLARS CHART – February 4 2019  Year of  Yin Earth (Ji) Pig

IW = Indirect Wealth (such as profit from assets/investment) / DO = Direct Officer (stubborn and unmoving) /

DW = Direct Wealth (from regular pay check) / IR = Indirect Resource (dreamers not planners) /

7K = 7 Killings (delays to an inevitable outcome / F = Friend (close friends-inseparable) /

EG = Eating God (creativity needing to be directed)

Year of Yin Earth Pig will commence on February 4 2019.  Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 5 2019.  Some people see this as having no Lap Chun (Spring) in 2019 however as the year commences on New Year’s Eve this is not especially important.

History: 2019 in the Chinese lunarsolar calendar will be year 4717

History: The last Yin Earth Pig (Ji Hai) year was in 1959.  On March 31 Dalai Lama fled Chinese suppression of a national uprising in Tibet.  He crossed the border into India who granted him political asylum.  (This was month of Rabbit (Mao) one of the cardinal animals signifying Peach Blossom).  To date he has never returned even though he has expressed a wish to do so.

In the Day Pillar of Four Pillars of Destiny Chart for 2019 the Day Master of the Pig (Boar) is weak as he is born out of season (he is born in Spring when Water becomes weak).    

Pig (NW3) is a Yin animal so will likely display more Yin characteristics than Yang unlike its predecessor in 2018, the Dog.  What does this mean?  It can indicate dark and confused thinking, even depression, especially when Water and Earth mix.

Yin Water represents the clouds, mist, snow, rain.  Yin Earth represents soil and sand.  Combined they create mud.  Earth has a controlling influence over Water so in this Yin Year illness, especially stomach illness, may present itself, possibly even on a global scale.  For you Goats (SW1) and Monkeys (SW3) out there illness could present an issue so make sure you look after your health throughout the year.  Eat well, exercise and avoid excess of both food and alcohol.   

The Chart as a whole has more Yang than Yin elements with Year seeing the only Yin Pillar.  Will natural and manmade disasters continue?  Will there be more of the same this year in terms of worldwide and internal disputes?  Yes, it is likely.  As the Pig is less noisy and aggressive than the Dog has proven to be, it could be that on the face of it things look good.  This, however, is like the saying ‘beauty is only skin deep’.  Things look great on the outside but there is much hidden and waiting to surface when the time is right.

Together with Rabbit (E2) and Goat (SW1), Pig (NW3) is part of the Wood Frame.  The only time this formation will be complete this year is during the Rabbit month of March on Goat days or the Goat month of July on Rabbit Days. 

The Pig also shares a combination with Tiger (NE3).   In some systems of Feng Shui, particularly contemporary Feng Shui, this pair are also known as secret friends.

Together with Tiger, Monkey and Snake these four are the Growth Animals of the zodiac.  They signify the start of a new season and are associated with travel, movement and change.

As you will note from the Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi) chart Pig (Year), Tiger (Month) and Monkey (Day) appear in the 2019 Chart.  February 4 is also a Water Monkey day.

During the Snake month of May travel, movement and change could reach a peak.

For those of you who are seeking a change of direction in your life the Snake month may be the time an opportunity appears. 

Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi)

2019 Four Pillars of Destiny Chart has all five elements present.  Fire, Wood and Earth are the stronger with Water and Metal having less of an impact.  Fire is strong in the Month Pillar as the Heavenly Stem is fed by the Early Branch (Wood feeds Fire).  This pairing makes for a positive Month Pillar as Wood feeds Fire however without Fire Wood cannot grow.  A mutually beneficial relationship.  This is part of the external half of the Chart and represents career.  Fire reigns supreme in the Hour Pillar appearing as it does in the Heavenly Stem, Earthly Branch as well as the Main Qi of the Hidden Stems.  This is part of the internal (personal) half of the Chart.  For those in Fire related industries such as Chinese Metaphysics, IT, Technology, Beauty and anyone in the public eye, this is a year when you can be seen.  There will be no place to hide. 

In the Year Pillar Earth sits on Water with Water also appearing as the Main Qi in the Hidden Stems.  Water appears strong yet remember Earth controls Water.  This Pillar has conflict.  As it is the most external part of the Chart everyone is going to know about it.  Whatever goes on in the world will be relayed around the world. 

The Pillar of the Day Master has Water sitting on Metal with Metal as the Main Qi in the Hidden Stems.  Metal feeds Water but it is a slow process. 

There is plenty of the Wealth element (Fire) in this Chart.  However the Day Master (Yang Water) is not strong enough to control it, so wealth may be very hard to come by. 

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