March 2019 Flying Stars (March 6-April 4)

What You Should Know

Each month Stars ‘fly’ from palace to palace in the Luo Shu Grid.  These monthly forecasts allow you to benefit from the highs and avoid some of the pitfalls when these Stars combine. You do this by avoiding negative and maximising positive sectors.  A bad location never used cannot affect you.  A good sector never used is a waste – so now might be a good time to start taking advantage of the positives!  A month is at most 31 days so a bad month in an annual good sector is not the end of the world.  Just be aware of what you can expect.  Your animal sign, although more to do with BaZi, will be influenced by Flying Stars.

Yin Fire Rabbit (Ding Mao) in Spring

Yin Fire Rabbit (Ding Mao) in Spring

As we move into the middle of Spring the weather is still presenting us with many issues.  Heavy snow and ice in many parts of the United States, strong winds and rain in UK and the hottest weather on record in Australia.  This is certainly one spring season destined to stay in the memory for a long time. Ok, that’s the weather forecast done so let’s get down to work…what do March Flying Stars have in store for us? 

We still have prosperous Wood and strong Fire as the dominant elements.  The first day of the new month begins on March 6 which is a Yang Water Tiger (Ren Yin) day.  Water is now weak but still able to feed Wood and help the spring blooms to grow. 

We have two of the 24 seasons of the Chinese Solar Calendar in March.  First is Awakening of Worms, the second from March 21-April 4 is Spring Equinox.  March 21 is historically the first day of spring in the western hemisphere and the first day of autumn in the southern hemisphere. 

In 2019 the actual date of Spring Equinox is Wednesday, 20 March at 21.58 GMT (16.58 EST). 

Rabbit is one of the pure bred cardinal animals of the zodiac as well as a Peach Blossom animal.  Any of you Tigers, Horses or Dogs looking for love this springtime? Rabbit is your Peach Blossom animal – perhaps he can help!  If you are looking to be accepted within your social circle, if you want to become likeable and popular, Rabbit can also help with this.

There is a sum of ten combination in the North during March (4 Annual/6 Monthly).  See how it will affect the Rat born and Gua 1 further on? 

Annual Star is large number / Monthly Star is small number

Rabbit born and Gua 3 are definitely in for a positive month if you take advantage of the 6 Annual/8 Monthly combination in the East.  Success and good fortune could be heading your way so if you run your own business, or are a leader in your organisation, make the most of this pairing.  First and foremost remember to check the East side of your property on the external to ensure all is well.  You don’t want to see any negative structures such as sharp objects pointing towards this sector. 

Just one word of caution Rabbits…don’t neglect your family at the behest of your business.  They are your support.

Dragons and Snakes as well as Gua 4 can benefit from 7 Annual/9 Monthly in the Southeast.  Not a perfect pairing you might think with 9 (Fire) controlling 7 (Metal).  However as long as you are adaptable and focused on the end result you can benefit, as this twosome brings wealth.  It will not be an a) to b) straightline trip, there are going to be deviations along the way, however stay firm and success can be yours. 

Something for you Dragons and Snakes to be wary of…this combination will bring people into your life, some with ulterior motives of the personal kind.  Great if you are single, not so good if you are already in a relationship.

If you are born in the Year of the Horse or are Gua 9 March will see its share of challenges, mainly of the monetary kind.  3 Annual/5 Monthly is not a match made in Heaven.  This negative combination can lead to financial losses for example.  However the important thing is for you to stay focused.  You can create your own success this month so do not look for help from outside.  Go inside and create your own positive outcome.

Horses remember…financial issues can mean gambling tendencies.  If you like ‘a flutter’* try to restrain yourself this month to avoid one small bet becoming a major loss.

*’a flutter’ in this case means placing a small bet on a sporting event such as football or horse racing.

Goat and Monkey born as well as Gua 2 have an 5 Annual/7 Monthly combination in the Southwest.  Your mantra for this month should be ‘think before you speak’.  If you go into a situation with all guns blazing you are heading for failure on a huge scale.  If you stay calm and speak with forethought and preparation rather than lack of planning you can attain your goals.

You Goats and Monkeys should focus this month on…eating a healthy diet.  If you binge eat/drink or are careless with food preparation you could find yourself with a bout of food poisoning, or worse.

Roosters and Gua 7 have a 1 Annual/3 Monthly combination in the West for March.  1 (Water) feeds 3 (Wood) in the productive cycle of the five elements however this Yang Wood grows slowly.  What does this mean for you?  To achieve success you will have to remain focused on your end result and not give up.  Persevere and success can come your way.

A piece of advice Roosters…Star 3 is excess energy.  However too much of a good thing can translate into over-aggression.  Be careful not to become overly antagonistic as you may find yourself in trouble as a result.

The Dog and Boar (Pig) born as well as Gua 6 have Annual 9/Monthly 2 in their sector this month.  Even though this is a productive relationship nothing is going to happen overnight.  You will need to have a plan of action in place, including timescales, and stick to it.  Work hard and you will succeed.  You might find there will be some cause for celebration this month so enjoy it when it comes.

Dogs and Boars should take care…this is a combination that could lead to problems with your eyes/eyesight. 

Rats and Gua 1 have the sum of ten combination in their Palace this month.  If you work in a North location you might find yourself suffering from a lack of organisation and structure.  You could have difficulty focusing and completing projects.  Ensure the external of your property or workplace has positive features to bring out the positive side of this particular sum of ten.  What is the positive?  Knowledge combined with a charismatic nature.

Did you Rats know that there is a negative side to this combination…caused by negative external forms, which could lead to health issues related to your neck.

Finally we come to the Ox and Tiger born as well as Gua 8.  What can you expect this month?  This negative combination of Annual 2/4 Monthly (Wood controls Earth) is not all bad.  It can bring you passive income maybe from share dividend payments or unexpected windfalls (placed any bets recently or bought a lottery ticket you have forgotten about?)  You could find yourself in some awkward situations, however as long as you think things through carefully before taking action you can achieve positive outcomes.

Just a pointer for you Oxen and Tigers…if you have more than one generation of females living together you may find disputes erupting as a result of this combination.  Mother (2) and eldest daughter (4) for example.

Do you know your Chinese animal sign?  If not contact us and we will send you the information including the influence the Rat will have if it appears in your chart.  Remember you have four pillars in your Chart (year, month, day, hour) and each one represents a different aspect of your life.

Do you know how to superimpose a Luo Shu Grid over the floor plans of your property?  Can you identify where your important sectors are located?  If not contact us and we will be happy to assist.  The important areas of any living space are the main door, kitchen (stove), bedroom and office/study room.   You can include the balcony in this if you live in a flat or condo.  These are the sectors to focus on when looking at the Monthly Flying Stars.

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