June 2019 Flying Stars (June 6-July 6)

What You Should Know

Each month stars fly from palace to palace around the Luo Shu Grid.  Our monthly forecasts allow you to benefit from highs while avoiding some of the pitfalls when stars combine. You do this by maximising positive sectors and leave the negative ones alone.  A bad location never used cannot affect you.  A good sector never used is a waste – so now might be a good time to start taking advantage of the positives!  A month is at most 31 days so a bad month in an annual good sector is not the end of the world.  Just be aware of what you can expect.  Your animal sign, although more to do with BaZi, will be influenced by Flying Stars.

Yang Metal Horse (Geng Wu) in Summer

So how is your summer going?  As we gallop into midsummer we will arrive at Summer Solstice* on June 22.

*Discover more of the history behind the summer solstice https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summer_solstice

Known as one of the cardinals of the 12 astrological animals, our animal of the month, the horse, is a pure bred who is bringing fire very firmly into prominence. 

Horse is also one of the peach blossom animals signifying likeability and attractiveness.  Is horse your peach blossom animal?  Are you are looking to improve your relationships both personal or within your workplace?  Maybe you are seeking that special someone?  Horse is the peach blossom animal for Snake (Si), Rooster (You) and Ox (Chou) born.  Perhaps June is the right time to take a step up with your search, or make the first move to smooth troubled waters with people important to you. 

The first day of June, June 6, is a Yang Wood Dog (Jia Xu) day.    

Fire is now at its peak with the sun at its highest point in the sky by June 22, and the element of earth continues to strengthen.  Water is at its lowest ebb this month, wood is weak and metal is holding station and waiting in the wings for its time to shine.  But hey, that would mean summer is over so best not go there at this point in time.

June 6-June 21 signifies the Planting of Thorny Crops and June 22-July 6 is Summer Solstice in the 24 seasons of the Chinese Solar Calendar. 

Annual Star is large number / Monthly Star is small number

There is a sum of ten combination in the west this month.  The annual 1/monthly 9 bring positive vibes to this sector.  Can you take advantage of them?  Are you born in the year of Rooster? 

Let’s begin in the west with this positive 1/9 combination.  If you are rooster born, or gua 7 you can take advantage of these stars.  What are your goals?  This is the month to bring them to fruition and enjoy the resulting benefits.  If you are looking to take on a partner in your business this could be a great month to make your move.  You might think that water (1) and fire (9) are not a match made in heaven, however sum of ten is a combination that signfies harmony between these two opposing forces. 

  • Rooster born can benefit frum this combination of ten which signifies completion.  Time to finish one project and move on to the next.

Moving on to northwest where another great combination awaits.  Are you gua 6?  Maybe dog or pig born?  Do you have your office or work desk in the northwest?  Take note.  Annual 9/monthly 8 can attract an increase in wealth this month.  You do, as always, have to work for it, however if you take positive steps towards your end result you can succeed.  Keep your goal based in reality.  At this stage do not try to reach for the stars otherwise you will likely fall short.

  • Having two auspicious and timely stars like 8 and 9 are not an automatic indicator of success.  Keep your feet on the ground and target an achievable goal.  Once you have achieved this you will be motivated to take the next step.

North sees wood dominating.  4 annual and 3 monthly is set for potential conflict and difficulties for those of you born in year of the rat, or gua 1.  However as long as you are alert to danger you should go through the month smoothly.  This pairing generally is good for academic as well as physical prowess however in the short time of a month better keep your feet on the ground and do not stretch your capabilities too far.  Learn from your experiences which can only benefit you in the future. 

  • Wood in a water location should mean good things, right?  After all water feeds wood.  Yes, however water is ineffective in summer so wood is dry making it prime for being ‘used’ by fire for its own ends. Creating fiery tempers perhaps!

If you spend time in northeast, if your office is here or you are ox or tiger born you will have to take care of your health this month.  2 star represents the stomach so watch what you eat and avoid excess.  As earth is becoming strong this combination of earth and water mixed, means mud.  Not necessarily a good pairing with regard to health at this time of the year.  On the positive side 1 star could bring noble people to you, those who can help you achieve your goals and bring a sense of order into your life. 

  • Gua 8 the resident star of the Northeast combines with 2 Annual Star to create a sum of ten.  As two earth stars they already have an affinity and a sum of ten generally creates a positive outcome.

Rabbit born and gua 3 in the east have a metal (6)/earth (5) combination to contend with in June.  This is likely to bring its share of challenges to the individual.  Do not sit back and wait for something to happen.  Take action, move forward and you will still be successful.  Remember it is always better to respect 5 yellow.  You might not like it but if you respect it, avoid activating it and if you have a positive external environment in the east you can see the month through safely. 

  • 6 Star is strong metal and with the 5 Yellow in play this combination could potentially lead to health issues related to the brain or backbone.

Southeast sees metal dominating in June.  6 annual/7 monthly in a wood area is not an ideal match.  You could find difficulties as a result of the pairing so take note if you are dragon or snake born.  Gua 4 may also feel the effects.  Despite any obstacles you may come across you should find things working out for the best in the long run.  Be aware, be careful in your dealings and be diplomatic in your relationships.  If you have negative features in the southeast external it might be better to move out of the area during this month.

  • Did you know that 6/7 together is the equivalent of two metal items, knives or swords for example, battling together?  This is why conflict can appear with this pairing.

Our animal of the month, the horse and gua 9 have opportunities for success this month despite 3 annual/2 monthly combination.  Usually regarded as a match made in hell, these conflicting elements of wood and earth are generally seen to represent arguments and sickness.  However if you have positive external features in the south and you work in the south, stay alert for opportunities arising.  With thorough planning you could welcome good fortune.

  • Opportunities will be there for the taking however you should not ignore the negative consequences of this combination.  Be aware of your inter-personal relationships and avoid indulging in unhealthy eating habits.

Southwest has the 5 yellow (annual) and 4 green (monthly) stars in June.  Goat and monkey born should use this month to take time out for some much needed R&R (rest and relaxation).  Spend time with your nearest and dearest rather than focusing all your attention on the outside world.  This will give your body and mind time to heal so you will be ready to return to action with a clearer strategy for your next move.

  • A conflicting relationship between wood and earth.  This one involves the 5 Yellow Star so be alert to warnings and take action to avoid incurring the wrath of this negative star.

Do you know your Chinese animal sign?  If not contact us and we will send you the information including the influence the Rat will have if it appears in your chart.  Remember you have four pillars in your Chart (year, month, day, hour) and each one represents a different aspect of your life.

Do you know how to superimpose a Luo Shu Grid over the floor plans of your property?  Can you identify where your important sectors are located?  If not contact us and we will be happy to assist.  The important areas of any living space are the main door, kitchen (stove), bedroom and office/study room.   You can include the balcony in this if you live in a flat or condo.  These are the sectors to focus on when looking at the Monthly Flying Stars.

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  1. Hi,

    Even though west is good for Rooster, should i activate it with water despite it being 3K?



    1. Hi and thank you for your question,

      No. It is not good to activate the West even on a good month in 2019 when 3K is present. Better wait until this year is over.



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