November 2019 Flying Stars (November 8-December 6)

The monthly Yin Wood Pig joins the annual Yin Earth Pig in November bringing with it the new winter season, brrr!  You may not like it however it does have its positive side. 

As the days shorten we have the chance to look forward to the festive seasons of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year (western) and Hannukah.  Yes, tons of work, shopping and stress yet also the chance to get together with family and friends to celebrate.  Bring tons of yang to this ultimate yin season with lights, laughter and love in abundance.

Yin Wood Pig (Yi Hai) in Winter

Annual Pig / Monthly Pig

November arrives with the new winter season  and an interesting Flying Star Chart.

As well as being a Pig year and Pig month, each sector of the Luo Shu Grid has what is known as Parent String formation.  Can you make use of them?  One of them is especially useful if you are marketing your property. 

Pig, Tiger, Snake and Monkey are known as travelling or growth animals.  They represent movement and travel. 

Do you have any of these appear in your BaZi chart?  Where they reside in a chart will influence the effect they can have on your fortunes. 

Yin wood is a controlling element to the earth of the year.  However being a time of the year when earth is becoming hard and unyielding yin wood, the climbing and spreading type of wood, will have trouble making much of an impact as its growth season slows.  That doesn’t mean to say it won’t try!

Water is now prosperous and wood becomes strong, with metal weak.  Fire and earth are at their annual low. 

Pig, as we know from the annual chart, is the clash animal to Snake.  One water and one fire,  who comes out on top?  With the strength of water in the winter season it seems likely that fire will be a poor second.  Hang on though,  even though our Snake is in direct conflict with the Grand Duke as long as he doesn’t activate SE3, his own sector, the southeast in general is not that bad in November.  Pig and Snake are both yin animals so less prone to sudden and flamboyant outbursts.  They can however creep up on you if you are not paying attention. 

Pig and Tiger enjoy an harmonious relationship, however when they appear side by side in a BaZi chart can destroy one another.  Or in the real world cause disputes between family members and/or colleagues.  It does depend where they appear in a chart as to the relationship it will affect. 

Pig and Tiger do generally enjoy a lively friendship however it could turn out that Tiger dominates and Pig sits in the background.  Tigers should remain vigilant and Pigs be given more of the responsibility to keep things running smoothly.

November 8 is the first day of the month which is a Yin Earth Rooster (Ji You) day.  This is not a day to undertake anything of importance.     

November 8-November 22 is Coming of Winter and Novemer 23-December 6 is Lesser Snow in the 24 seasons of the Chinese Solar Calendar.  Remember there are 24 seasons in the Chinese Solar Calendar each of which lasts around 15 days. 

Annual Star is large number / Monthly Star is small number

As well as the Parent String formations in each of the 9 grids of the Luo Shu this month, there is a sum of ten in the centre.  Only useful if you have an open plan layout.  If you do, make the most of the area, as this particular combination can invite wealth opportunities.  However read on to see the conditions.

Lets look at things a little differently this month.

North, Southeast and West each have a 1-4-7 parent string combination.  This can be used especially if you are about to market your property.  Placing water in the North or Southeast on a good day will help this process along.  Read Numbers, Numbers everywhere for more information. 

Information regarding the West remains the same as specified in the blog.

The 4 annual/7 monthly combination in the North can bring good fortune to you if you spend time here and gain the support of those around you. Gua 1 and Rat born take note.

7 annual/1 monthly in the Southeast gives you opportunities to achieve your goals.  You can also find people in the wings ready and willing to be your guide.

1 annual/4 monthly in the West is good for students.  For the rest of us it could be a time of stagnation or little movement.  Keep working hard and look to your future successes.  Gua 7 or Rooster born might feel this more than others.

The earth areas of Northeast, Centre and Southwest have 2-5-8 parent string combination.  As these are all earth numbers in earth areas theoretically speaking it should help neutralise the worst the 2 Black Illness Star and 5 Yellow Star has to offer.  As always however we recommend erring on the side of caution where these two are concerned.  If you can avoid these sectors as much as possible this month, then do so.

Northeast with 2 annual/5 monthly seems like a match made in hell.  Well yes, pretty much.  It is unlikely to bring you anything but obstacles.  However use your time wisely to learn new ways of working, and gain new information, to move forward in your life and in your career.  Learn and listen, you never know who might be calling!

The central Palace has 8 annual/2 monthly visiting.  More positive with the 8 White Star here however that is not to say things will be plain sailing.  You might fall into a negative spiral and suffer some setbacks.  However the addition of a sum of ten combination does indicate wealth so stay positive and look for opportunities to turn negative to positive.

Southwest has 5 annual/8 monthly together.  Sad to say this is likely to bring a period of stagnation, with bad decision making and negative outcomes the likely consequence.  Be careful and look after your wellbeing in both mind and body.

Remember earth stars in an earth sector SHOULD be less volatile than in other areas.  The time of year with earth now being ineffective could certainly help.                                                                                 

The final parent string formations 3-6-9 are present in the East, South and Northwest.  This combination is said to bring wealth, good fortune, health and harmony.  Sounds great right?

East with 6 annual/9 monthly is said to bring Fire at Heavens Gate.  This means 9 Fire Star is ‘burning’ or ‘melting’ 6 Metal Star which also represents Heaven.  Not so good then?  If you are Gua 3 or Rabbit born and for those spending time in the East it might be better for you to step back from a heavy work load and focus more on developing relationships.  Ultimately this will be your path to success.  As weak as fire is in winter it is still worth mentioning you should take care of your health, especially relating to your heart.

South has 3 annual/6 monthly.  This could bring good fortune and opportunities to reach your goals however you should ensure you do not make any hasty decisions.  Impulsive action could be your downfall so think things through before you make your move.  Relating to health be wary of feet or leg issues because of this combination.

Northwest with 9 annual/3 monthly pair signifies determination, courage and yes, perhaps even stubborness, in your pursuit of success.  Believe in yourself and be tireless in your quest for your goals.  You will face obstacles but your reaction to them will determine the ultimate outcome.

Do you know your Chinese animal sign?  If not contact us and we will send you the information including the influence the Pig will have if it appears in your chart.  Remember you have four pillars in your Chart (year, month, day, hour) and each one represents a different aspect of your life.

Do you know how to superimpose a Luo Shu Grid over the floor plans of your property?  Can you identify where your important sectors are located?  If not contact us and we will be happy to assist.  The important areas of any living space are the main door, kitchen (stove), bedroom and office/study room.   You can include the balcony in this if you live in a flat or condo.  These are the sectors to focus on when looking at the Monthly Flying Stars.

What else should you know to take full advantage of these monthly updates?

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