JUNE 2020 Flying Stars (June 5-July 5)

June Flying Stars

While we are still in the hands of coronovirus Covid-19 we are beginning to see an improvement, albeit slowly. There are however still increases in some areas of the world. Having positive indications that existing vaccines and new trials could, at worst, slow the spread, and aid the speed rate of recovery of this virus, we can only hope for news soon. The best case scenario is obviously a vaccine. In the meantime, as always, we do need to take care, especially as we slowly come out of total lockdown which has been our norm over the past couple of months.

June brings us into midsummer. At the height of this summer season we welcome Summer Solstice, our mid point of the year. It also brings a clash relationship between the animals of the year and month, Rat and Horse. The Horse being in S2 (172.5-187.5) on the compass is directly confronting Rat in N2 (352.5-07.5), as well as facing the Grand Duke. This is also a clash between fire and water. Clash always brings change. Change is never comfortable however it is not always negative. Horse and Rat are both pure bred animals, a trait that can indicate difficult and challenging behaviour. They are also both Peach Blossom animals, related to likeability and relationships, both personal as well as those with friends and colleagues.

A piece of trivia: Rat is located in the North (Gua 1) and Horse is located in South (Gua 9). Together they form sum of ten which in this instance indicates positive partnerships. Will we see any such partnerships emerge?

Yang Water (Ren) Horse in Mid Summer

The Yang Water of June is big water, the open sea, oceans and any large expanse of water. Fire in midsummer is fire of the sun. Fire continues as the dominant element as Earth becomes stronger. Wood, relating to growth is now weak, water and metal are at their lowest ebb.

June 5 is known as an Emptiness Day. Petty people can appear, legal issues and disputes can arise. Avoid commencing anything of importance on this day.

Summer solstice is June 20, a day of maximum day and minimum night.

There are three sectors we should be wary of in June…

  • East as you know hosts the annual 5 Yellow Earth Star. June brings with it 2 Earth Illness Star. Two negative earth stars together in a wood area is not a good match. Yes, Wood controls earth however wood is weakening and earth strengthening so the advice as always in 2020 is to avoid the East sector wherever possible. If you have an East facing main door can you use an alternative entrance?

  • Southeast has a metal/wood combination. Another controlling relationship. Neither are at their optimum strength however to err on the side of caution, it is better to use an alternative location in June. If you have no choice but to work in the Southeast keep your head down and do not draw undue attention to yourself.

  • Northwest has the annual 8 White Earth Star and the less than auspicious 5 Yellow Earth Star together this month. Earth produces metal so the relationship is not a bad one, however the influence of 5 Yellow could create a situation where you find one setback after another cropping up. Believe in yourself, trust your instincts and any difficulties will pass.

Sectors with better outcomes in June…

  • North, is the location of the Grand Duke in 2020. The annual 3 Wood Star and timely 9 Purple Fire Star join forces in June. Work in the North, especially if you are Gua 1, and take advantage of the positive energies. Being in a water sector associated with career and wealth there will be opportunities for you to take when you are prepared to work for them. Wood represents growth and fire represents being seen, so use both these stars to your advantage. They will help you succeed.

  • Northeast is generally a positive location in 2020 having the auspicious 1 White Star residing. June sees 7 Red Star arriving. Use the positive energies here to talk your way towards achieving your goals. While it is better not to jump in with all guns blazing, stay focused and know what it is you need in order to succeed, then take action. While 7 Star can have negative consequences it is weakened by the 1 Star and calmed by the inherent earth element of the Northeast.

  • South has the Year Breaker and 3 Killings in 2020 so it is a location to be wary of. However June sees a sum of ten combination with 2 Annual/8 Monthly. Take action if you are Gua 9, or working in this location. This sum of ten indicates an increase in assets or cash flow however without your contribution this will remain no more than an indication.

  • Southwest hosts an auspicious 4 Annual/1 Monthly pair this month. Generally associated with education, study and good relationships you can take advantage of the positive energies by using your existing knowledge and skills to improve your financial situation. The inherent energy for Southwest is 2 Earth which relates to property type deals particularly. This could be a good time to market your property if you are planning to sell anyway.

  • West, with its annual 9 Star and monthly 6 Star represents light at the end of a tunnel. Look forward and see the positives in your future. You will have to take care however, with paperwork for example, to ensure you do not become careless and make mistakes, as this could take away your advantage. 9 Star can help you shine so stay aware and take positive action.

Remember this is a generic assessment. Many things will determine your success or failure. For example not everyone can use all the elements equally. What is good for one may not be for another.

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