JULY 2020 Flying Stars (July 6-August 6)

Okay! Its fair to say June has taken its toll on the current situation. Some countries are well on the way to easing lockdown, even eliminating the virus, while others are seeing a huge increase in Covid-19 cases, especially in parts of North and South America. There has also been a resurgence in China. What can we expect in July? Difficult to predict, however both East and West could face some further challenges.

July sees us enter the final month of the summer season as far as the Chinese Calendar is concerned. Hey don’t have a go at me, I don’t make the rules! Remember the Chinese Calendar is based on 24 Seasons rather than the 12 Months we identify with. We will be moving away from the North/South clash of June and into our transition month between summer and autumn.

Goat is an earth animal and with earth now strong can he help us in any way? Goat, together with its Yin counterpart (and clash animal of the month) Ox, as well as their Yang counterparts, Dog and Dragon, are known as storage animals. They store more than one of the five elements making them multi-faceted personalities. In the case of our Goat they store fire, earth and wood.

Being predominately earth element the Goat signifies stability and support. They sometimes prefer their own company to that of others. However on the positive side this complex animal is likely to have many hidden abilities.

Yin Water (Gui) Goat in Late Summer


Yin Water represents clouds, rain and mist. It is the only water element capable of hiding (controlling) the sun. Fire is now beginning to lose its power with earth taking centre stage. Continuing on, metal will begin to re-emerge from its period of rest to become the element of dominance in August.

July 6 is the first day of our new month and unsuitable for moving home or getting married. If used for these purposes it can create legal issues and/or injury/poor health.

We have an interesting chart this month. The central palace has a Sum of Ten combination. This signifies completion. If you have an open plan property you can take advantage of this positive energy. Keep the centre clear will allow energy to gather and flow to other sectors.

Using the base element of metal in the Northwest (6/4) and Wood (4/6) in the Southeast, these two sectors also have Sum of Ten combos.

The South, Southwest, North and Northeast have He Tu (Early Heaven) pairings.

Each of the He Tu pairs have different outcomes and positive benefits when used effectively.

There are two sectors to be wary of in July…

  • East is the no-go area of the year. Even though the 1 White Star will arrive in July the 5/1 combination can lead to confusion and negativity in your thoughts and feelings. If you are spending time in the East, or your main door is here, you could find difficulties and challenges manifesting. Your progress may stall temporarily. Avoid East if at all possible.

  • West has a fire/earth combination. This should be an harmonious pair however when one of these is 5 Yellow the situation changes. Spending time in the West in July could find you over-indulging. Your life may turn to the ‘dark side’ making excesses and addictive behaviour possible. It will be better to avoid West this month, however if you have no choice then focus on improving yourself rather than succumbing to negativity.

Sectors with better outcomes in July…

  • Northwest has an 8 White/4 Green duo in July. 8 = money, 4 = education/learning. To gain full advantage you will have to have razor sharp focus and clarity. If you try to do too much, or spread yourself too thinly you will probably end up achieving nothing. It is up to you how much success you accomplish when you work here in July.

  • Southeast has a Heaven/Earth combination. This is a positive location for anyone to meditate, or seek spiritual peace, for example. It could also assist with concentration and clear thinking, giving you the opportunity to progress towards your ultimate goals. 2 Earth Star may inject an element of sickness energy however the 6 Metal Star should be more than capable of preventing this. Just be aware and take care of your wellbeing if you work or sleep in this location.

Sectors with He Tu combinations in July…

  • South sees a 2/7 combination. This pair produces fire. If you have heart or eye relates issues then avoid using this location. An excess of fire could exacerbate the situation for you. Having said that fire brings many positive feelings to the fore. Passion, inspiration and a confident outlook are some. If you work in the beauty industry or an Information Technology field this is the location to inspire you. Remember the downside to South in 2020 (Year Breaker, 3 Killings) so avoid activating the area. You can however work here and reap the benefits.

  • Southwest has 4/9 combination. This produces metal. Anything related to wealth accumulation, especially connecting with like minded people, will help bring your plans to fruition. Remember that nothing comes calling without contribution on your part, so when you are working in the Southwest you will have to put in the work to benefit from its positive energy.

  • North welcomes an 8/3 pairing. This produces wood, which signifies growth. Anyone working in academia or the sporting field, for example, can benefit from working or training in the north this month. You will need clarity with regard to your way forward however there will be those around you to assist.

  • Northeast brings a 1/6 combination to the area. This produces water which will give you the wisdom and ability to manifest your dreams. Whether you are in the academic field or a regimented field such as police, military, or even possibly politics, you can make things happen. This sector has all three of the White Stars together this month. 1 Annual/6 Monthly/8 Base make this a location to take full advantage of in July.

Remember this is a generic assessment. Many things will determine your success or failure. For example not everyone can use all the elements equally. What is good for one may not be for another.

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