August 2020 Flying Stars (August 7-September 6)

I know you won’t believe me when I tell you the Autumn season arrives on August 7. Our worldwide weather is doing its best to prove this wrong. However it is true, weather or not you choose to accept it! Sorry, couldn’t resist that one!!

Autumn will see the emergence of metal as the dominant element. August 2020 is a Yang Wood month so perhaps metal will use some of its strength to deal with this wood. These two elements have a controlling relationship, they are dominant and opposing energies locking horns. Generally metal will come out on top, especially at this time of the year, as wood is now locked up for the remainder of 2020.

Yang Wood (Jia) Monkey in Autumn

The animal of the month is our Monkey friend. He cannot sit still. He loves action and travel, movement and excitement.

As one of the growth animals of the Chinese Calendar, he represents a new beginning, in this case the beginning of a new season.

The four growth animals of the zodiac, Monkey, Pig, Tiger and Snake, collectively signify change. Will this change be positive or negative? In our current situation any change could be seen as good. Movement may indicate a downward trend in the number of coronavirus cases, which has got to be positive. Action could indicate the first vaccines coming to us. No way of knowing for sure but we want to look at the upside of our growth animal.

Two of these animals have a positive relationship. Monkey and Snake can combine to create water when the circumstances are right. Having these two in your birth chart could see changes for you this month. The changes will be compatible with where they appear together in your chart.

Tiger and Monkey share a clash relationship.

Tiger born will find themselves in direct conflict with the animal of the month.

The final animal, the Pig, could also have its share of challenges if things go against them. If you have Pig in your birth chart you could find difficulties arising.

Pig and Tiger share a relationship (both good and not so good depending on the circumstances in an individual chart), which means anything that clashes one will affect the other to some degree.

The Yang Wood of August is represented by strong trees however as we are now in the second half of the year wood becomes unusable. Fire is losing its power and earth is weak. Metal is the dominating element and water now strong.

August 7, first day of the autumn season, is a Yang Water Horse day. While this is generally an auspicious day it represents a clash with the animal of the year, the Rat. Sadly this makes a good day unusable by this clash. We want to err on the side of caution and not take any unnecessary risks.

All four of the He Tu (Early Heaven) pairings are present in August. The Central Palace has 7/2, West sees 9/4, Northwest has 8/3 and Southeast welcomes 6/1.

There is a Sum of Ten combination in the North with 3/7 pairing.

Two sectors to be wary of in August…

  • Northeast has a water/earth combination. This is a controlling relationship with earth taking the fight to water. However it is not the worst situation in Autumn because earth is now weak and water strong. It will be up to the individual working or spending time in the Northeast to control their thoughts and maintain a positive outlook. If not there is a chance of negative thoughts and feelings appearing.

  • East is still a location to avoid. 5 Yellow is joined by the magnifying 9 Fire Star this month. This is a combination that could lead you into excesses. In what way? Fire represents happiness, being seen and partying. You may find yourself indulging a little too heartily if you spend time in the East. You may become obsessive in your attitude and behaviour. There is also a chance of ill-health striking. This could be related to your actions throughout the month. By all means enjoy yourself but don’t go over the top. To be safe, it is better to avoid the East where possible.

Sectors with better outcomes in August…

  • South sees a Heaven/Earth (6 Monthly/2 Annual) combination arrive in August. Illness will still be lurking in the background so if you are working or spending time here make sure you take care of your health. On the positive side 6 White Star brings opportunities. Be on the lookout and ready to take action if something of interest appears. You may find your wealth increasing however this will come at a cost. You will have to move out of your comfort zone to achieve it. Be ready to take a walk on the wild side.

  • Southwest has 4 Annual and 8 Monthly combining in August. 4 = study luck, relationship luck, 8 = wealth. So what are you waiting for? If you can work in this area there will be opportunities arriving. Don’t expect things to fall from the sky for you, you will have to work for success, and be patient. However work now, reward later. There is a Sum of Ten combination in this location with the resident 2 star and visiting 8 star. This equates to financial success. So keep your eyes open and grasp the chances when they show up.

  • There is a Sum of Ten combination in the North this month. Annual 3 and Monthly 7 combine. While a Sum of Ten is usually a good thing these two stars individually can present something of a challenge. You also have to remember North is the location of Grand Duke Jupiter in 2020 so you don’t want to take any undue risks here. You can work in the North with your back to the Grand Duke to receive his support.

Sectors with He Tu combinations in August…

  • West has a 9/4 He Tu combination this month. 4-9 creates metal. The west is a metal location so things can work in your favour, especially with regard to finance and business connections. You will have to seek help from others as this pair enjoys interacting with people. Work with people you trust. To succeed you are going to need their assistance if you want to benefit from this combination.

  • Northwest has a wood He Tu combination of 8/3 in August. This is good for those working in any wood-related industry or are involved in the sporting arena. There is wealth for the taking if you work in this location. You may need to rely more than usual on family and friends. Seek their advice to take advantage of the positive energies in Northwest this month.

  • Southeast has 6/1 combination producing water. This is a pairing that can bring you the means to make things happen. It is particularly good for those in the athletic field or academia. All areas of your life can improve greatly if you spend time working or even exercising in the Southeast this month

  • The final He Tu combination is in the centre. 7 Annual and 2 Monthly separately are not a match made in heaven however together they can bring positive benefits. They are able to inspire you with enthusiasm and positivity. If you have an open plan office or living space, keep it clear and bright to benefit from the best this pair has to offer.

Remember this is a generic assessment. Many things will determine your success or failure. For example not everyone can use all the elements equally. What is good for one may not be for another.

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