September 2020 Flying Stars (September 7-October 7)

As we enter the peak of the Autumn season what can we expect to see in September?

With metal being the dominant energy in Autumn it conflicts with the element of the month, wood. Wood has no power to call upon at this time of the year, so growth has ceased. This is after all the season of harvest when metal machinery and tools are used to clear the fields in preparation for their winter rest.

Yin Wood Rooster (Yi You) in Autumn

The animal for September is the pure bred Rooster. He is 100% metal and cannot tolerate any other element getting in his way. He signifies the middle of Autumn and can be a bit of a handful. So what will he present us with?

Rooster is one of the Peach Blossom animals relating to relationships in all their forms (the type of relationship depends where he appears in a chart).

Those of you born in the year of the Monkey, Rat or Dragon have Rooster as your Peach Blossom animal.

This is the time to take advantage of his energy if you are looking for love.

Just something to remember however is that Rooster (West) is in a clash relationship with Rabbit (East) and the East has 5 Yellow in residence this year. Consider carefully how important a relationship is to you right now as you may meet someone and things may not be as they seem on the surface.

September 7 is the first day of the new month. It is a Yin Water Ox (Gui Chou) day. Not bad yet not exceptionally good either.

This month has several combinations, some of which may not be obvious at first glance.

There is one obvious Sum of Ten combination in the Northwest with 8 Annual/2 Monthly.

Sum of Ten combinations not so obvious are 6 Annual/4 Resident in Southeast and 3 Monthly/7 Resident in West.

He Tu Early Heaven combinations are present as 6 Monthly/1 Resident in North, 8 Monthly/3 Resident in East, 9 Monthly/4 Resident in Southeast and 7 Monthly/2 Resident in Southwest.

So how can we use these?

Two sectors to be wary of in September…

  • South is the obvious one with one of the most inauspicious combinations coming together. 2 Earth Annual and 5 Earth Monthly are not to be ignored. Factor in fire producing (enhancing) earth you would do well to avoid this area as much as possible. Ill-health could certainly be a major issue and with the pandemic still hugely relevant it is worth avoiding the South as much as possible. Certainly avoid sleeping in a South room.

  • East sees a slight improvement this month. With He Tu 8/3 here creating the element of wood in a wood location the 5 will lose a little of its power. There is a conflicting relationship with these two elements however so the same recommendation applies, avoid the East as much as possible.

Sectors with better outcomes in September…

  • West has a sum of ten combination in September. If you work in this sector this is the month to use the energies to chase your business or career goals. Don’t go in with the attitude of walking over everyone in your path, rather be decisive and positive but respectful of others. It will benefit you to seek out people to work with who can help make things happen.

  • Northwest has 8 Annual and 2 Monthly combining in August creating a sum of ten combination. Cash flow and assets could both be the positive results of this pairing. Best not assume that everything will be smooth running however, you may experience a few setbacks. Do not let this hold you back. Stay focused and positive. With 2 Illness Star just be aware of its negative side. Look after your health.

  • Northeast sees 1 Annual/4 Monthly in September. This is generally a good combination. Spend time here to enhance your study luck and improve your concentration. Especially useful if your work involves research. Remember that 1 Star is a water star so indicates movement. If travel is part of your work and your office is in this area you may find yourself on the move in September.

Sectors with He Tu combinations in September…

We have already mentioned a He Tu combination in the East. This is a positive combination with ‘conditions’. The He Tu eases the negativity; the location is still best avoided.

  • Southeast has a 9/4 He Tu combination this month. 4-9 creates metal. This is in conflict with the wood of the area. There is also a a sum of ten combination between the 4 Resident Star and 6 Annual Star. Work in this area if you are looking to find partners. This is the month to network and find like minded individuals ready and willing to share your goals. Don’t be tempted to rush things through or take shortcuts as this will waste what is a great location in September.

  • Southwest has 2 Resident//7 Monthly He Tu pair. This creates fire which creates passion, a positive outlook and a boost to energy levels. Anyone working in the beauty industry or Information Technology can benefit from working in the Southwest in September. Individually these stars are generally not too good so a) look after your health and b) watch what you say. Other than that take advantage of the positive benefits of this He Tu combination this month.

  • North has 6/1 He Tu creating water. This is combining a flow of ideas together with focus and a positive plan or strategy to make things happen. Know what it is you want to achieve then go for it. There will be people ready and willing to help you, so even when things seem to be getting off track, stay focused and don’t lose your direction. Success will come.

Remember this is a generic assessment. Many things will determine your success or failure. For example not everyone can use all the elements equally. What is good for one may not be for another.

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