October 2020 Flying Stars (October 8-November 6)

Moving into the transition month of October (metal to water, Rooster to Dog) water is about to become the dominant element. With metal and water controlling the year (and look what it has presented us with) are things about to take another turn?

Dog is an earth element animal symbolising the final month of the autumnal season. It carries within elements of earth, metal and fire. Fire is the Heavenly Stem of the month. It is also less effective at this time of the year. Fire (Bing) is the sun, Water (Gui) is the only element able to keep Yang Fire under control.

Yang Fire Dog (Bing Xu) in Late Autumn

The animal of October is Dog. He is rather like a mongrel, not pure bred. Can be adorable but also temperamental. Because of his multi-elemental persona he can sometimes be pulled in different directions, causing confusion. He is the sort to act first and not even bother to ask questions afterwards.

While the Rabbit has a combination relationship with our Dog, going the other way Rabbit still has 5 Yellow in tow. This could present a few issues for the Dog if the east is activated.

Dragon born will see a clash in October. Two Yang Earth animals clashing each other. Harder earth at this time of the year so certainly will be felt by the Dragon. A clash of like minds?

October 8 is the first day of the new month. It is a Yang Wood Monkey (Jia Shen) day. This is an auspicious day however ensure anything you start is done before the sun goes down. This is especially important at this time of the year when darkness falls earlier.

This month has several combinations, some of which are not obvious at first glance.

There is an obvious Sum of Ten combination in the Southwest with 4 Annual/6 Monthly.

Less obvious Sum of Ten combinations are 7 Monthly/3 Resident in East and 6 Annual/4 Resident in Southeast.

There are also He Tu Early Heaven combinations present. These appear as 1 Monthly/6 Resident in Northwest, 3 Monthly/8 Resident in Northeast, 4Monthly/9 Resident in South and 2 Monthly/7 Resident in West.

Are any of these sectors usable?

Two sectors to be wary of in October..
• North is a sector to be wary of this month. As well as housing the Grand Duke in 2020 a 3/5 annual/monthly combination come together. Inauspicious stars individually they also have a conflicting relationship. Add in the inherent water of the north, which is now very strong, it is better to avoid this area if at all possible. While wood has stopped growing and earth is hardening ready for the winter onslaught it is better not to take any chances.
• East reverts back to ‘approach with caution’ this month. While a sum of ten (3 Resident/7 Monthly) is present, and these combine to bring prosperity and successful networking, having the 5 Yellow here means you have to be aware, and stay alert. Yes, 5 Yellow will be weaker now at the end of Autumn, however unless you are prepared to suffer the negative consequences it can bring, better avoid East yet again.

Sectors with better outcomes in October…
• Southeast has a sum of ten combination with 4 Resident and 6 Annual for the remainder of 2020. In addition October brings the 8 White Star of Prosperity. Activate the area with water (8 October is a good day for this) and spend as much time as you can in this sector. This is one of the best locations of the month so better not waste its positive energies. If you are looking to expand your business or gain promotion at work, this is the area to use to help make it happen. Do remember you have to put in the work also, nothing comes without your contribution.
• Southwest has 4 Annual and 6 Monthly combining in October creating a sum of ten. If you are a leader in your business or industry, work in this sector to enhance your standing. Having 6 in the Southwest is like Heaven combining with Earth (2 Resident) and signifies the ultimate Yin (2) and Yang (6).
• Northwest is a great location with all three white stars meeting up. Although 8 and 1 are conflicting, the combination of all three is positive. 8 (Earth) creates 6 (Metal) which in turn creates 1 (Water). As water is now strong and it represents among other things, flow of wealth, using this sector can bring positive outcomes for you. Activate the area to take advantage of its auspicious energy brought about by our 1, 6 and 8 white stars.

Sectors with He Tu combinations in October…
The first He Tu combination (1/6) is in Northwest and as we have already mentioned, this is a great sector in October.

• Northeast has a 3/8 He Tu combination. This create wood. A relatively unusable element at this time of the year makes its positive effect on wood-related industries or activities, limited. Despite this it is still a good sector to use. Whenever positive stars combine it is generally a good sign so don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of them. The ambitious ones amongst you can benefit from working here.
• South has 4/9 He Tu creating metal. This metal combination is great for financial aspects and connecting with like-minded individuals. If you look around there are others ready and willing to help and support you in your endeavours. Just bear in mind the annual 2 Black Star. If you are subject to ill-health then it may be better to give this sector a miss.
• West sees the 2/7 He Tu combination of fire. Fire creates earth and earth creates metal so this sector is definitely usable, especially if you are in the property market arena. Remember however 2 is an illness star so be wary if you are unwell and avoid, or limit the time you spend here.

Remember this is a generic assessment. Many things will determine your success or failure. For example not everyone can use all the elements equally. What is good for one may not be suitable for another.

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