November 2020 Flying Stars (November 7-December 6)

Welcome to winter. Welcome to water and its most prosperous season. Okay, this is maybe not what many of you want to hear but nature follows a pattern and it’s better to go with the flow rather than try to resist the inevitable.

Is there anything positive we can see ahead? No promises there. This year has presented us with a challenge, a different way of living and a different way of looking at our lives. Rather than fighting against what is happening we should be taking the right steps to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe

Yin Fire Pig (Boar) (Ding Hai) in Winter

Our animal of the month is the Pig and his element is water. On the positive side water represents wealth and wisdom. On the negative side it can signify hidden depths, fear and depression. This is dependent on many things and should not be taken as ‘all things to all people’. Water indicates flow and as our Pig is one of the travelling stars, this could mean travel and movement for some. Also, hopefully, positive movement in the search for a vaccine.

Did you know the Chinese hour of the Pig is between 21.00-22.59. What time of day were you born?

If you are born in the year of the Tiger, or if you have Tiger anywhere in your Birth Chart you have a combination/destruction relationship with the Pig. Its effects are dependent on the structure of your personal chart.

Pig clashes with Snake and clash tends to indicate change. However not all change is bad, and if these two animals do not appear in your Birth Chart this will not affect you. Even if one of them does appear, where it is will determine the outcome and its effect on you.

November 7 is a Yang Wood Tiger (Jia Yin) day. This is a positive day however not the best time to undertake anything of major importance.

November has a 9 Annual/1 Monthly Sum of Ten in the West and 8 Resident/2 Monthly in Northeast. And remember the 4 Resident/6 Monthly in the Southeast for all of 2020.

There is only one new sector to be particularly wary of in November and that is…
• Southwest. While the annual 4 star is good for academic and literary pursuits, the arrival of 5 Yellow Earth Star into an Earth location makes the 5 Yellow more powerful. If you have no option other than use the Southwest at least place some heavy metal objects there (exercise weights are always a good option) to help weaken the negative earth of the area. Remember illness will be the main protagonist here so in these difficult times prevention is definitely the way to go. Avoid this area if you can.

We will mention the East as a sector to avoid where possible. Remember it has the 5 Yellow Star present all year. Even with the arrival of the 6 White Metal Star conflict abounds (metal chops the wood of the east and wood controls earth (5 Yellow). Even with the productive combination of earth producing metal, the effects will be long and drawn out, way longer than a month, so avoid the East if you can.

Be aware…
• Southeast sees the 7 Red Star arriving in November. 7 Star represents among other things, speaking, throat and voice. For anyone spending time in Southeast better be careful of what you say when communicating with others to avoid misunderstandings. This star can also cause throat illness. Basically there is nothing majorly serious here but if you are prone to throat infections best avoid the area.

• South has what is generally regarded as a negative pairing this month. 2 Earth Star is a harbinger for illness and 3 Wood Star represents disagreements. However, if you are focused on your goal you can achieve success with these two. Again, illness is not something to ignore. If you are vulnerable avoid the South, even though the elements are harmonious in the productive cycle of the five elements…wood feeds the fire of the location and fire creates earth.

• Southwest has the 4 Annual literary star present however it also has 5 Yellow in November. Any earth star arriving in an earth location will be strengthened and a 2 Resident/5 Monthly combination could present you with possible health issues if the area is activated. If you have to spend time here then better to use the 4 Wood Star to study more and expand your knowledge. Learn something new. Use the area productively rather than fear it.

• Northeast has the 2 Black Star arriving this month. 2 Earth enjoys being with its 8 Earth counterpart and while it creates a Sum of Ten positive combination, illness is always in the background. Stay away from this area if you feel unwell. This is not a time to take risks with your health. If you are fit and healthy use the positive energies of Sum of Ten to move towards your goals.

Best sectors in November…

• West has a Sum of Ten combination this month. This fire and water combination can make things happen for you so take full advantage of the positive energies. Get yourself both seen and heard to progress. Know what it is you want to achieve and go for it. This is definitely a great sector to make use of in November whether you work for yourself or are seeking promotion at work.

• Northwest has a positive pairing in November. The 8 Annual/9 Monthly combination (earth and fire) is auspicious, especially if you are in a position of power and influence…or aspiring to reach the next level in your career. Wealth increase is also a happy side effect of this duo so take full advantage and work here throughout the month if at all possible.

Remember this is a generic assessment. Many things will determine your success or failure. For example not everyone can use all the elements equally. What is good for one may not be suitable for another.

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