February 2021 Flying Stars (February 4-March 5)

How did January go for you? Remember the monthly flying stars were giving us a pre-cursor of what to expect in 2021.

As we now move into 2021 and the Year of Yin Metal Ox, the month of February brings us the Yang Metal Tiger. Yin and Yang Metal do not go well together. Known as Sword Fighting Sha they tend to lock horns and cause difficulties. Just a hint, both are present in the Northwest in February.

Looking at the bigger picture metal is in a trapped stage in spring. It has no power at this time of the year. That’s not to say you should ignore it entirely. Just be aware that wood is the dominant element in spring, fire is strong (fire melts metal) and water is weak.

February – First Month of Spring 2021

Our Tiger brings a new season, the season of spring, in this first month of a new year. It is one of the growth animals of the Chinese zodiac. Together with its partner, Pig, they can combine to create wood which represents growth and productivity. These two, as well as Monkey and Snake signify movement, action and change. As the first animals of each season they bring anticipation and excitement for what is to come.

Spring is a time to look forward to warmer days and lighter nights creating a more positive feel. This is something we all want to experience in abundance, especially right now.

Tiger (NE3) and Monkey (SW3) share a clash relationship so if you have Monkey in your chart be ready to experience change. The nature of the change will depend on where Monkey appears in your personal birth chart. And always remember, not all change is bad.

Tiger hour is between 03.00-04.59 a.m.

Luo Shu Grid February 2021

The monthly Flying Stars for February return to their natural home. So as we usually say, if it’s good it can be doubly good, if it’s bad, be careful.

Annual 5 Yellow with 4 Home/Monthly. Do not work or sleep in this location as prevention is definitely better than cure where the 5 Yellow is concerned. Ensure you have your salt water cure in place and make certain you do not activate this area. Additionally you could place heavy metal objects here to help suppress the earth element of this challenging star.

Avoid, If Possible…
Annual 3 with 2 Home/Monthly. Not a good match. Aggression from the 3 Wood Star (strong in springtime) and illness from 2 Earth Star. This is an area to avoid especially for older females or pregnant ladies. Another thing to remember is the Year Breaker in SW1. Do not sit in this location facing NE1. Goat and Monkey born should be careful. Goats especially should be wary as they are in the Year Breaker sector for 2021.
Annual 7 in 6 White Home/Monthly location. This combination is traditionally known as Sword Fighting Sha. Those in positions of power, the head of a household, a business owner could all feel the negative consequences of these two if the area is activated. Injuries can also be sustained, so be wary if you must use this sector. Dog and Pig born should take particular care.
Annual 2 joins 1 White Home/Monthly. Star 1 is definitely one of the good guys, and timely. However when it is visited by 2 Earth Star you have a negative yin star controlling a positive yang star. Illness is the obvious outcome and with the current pandemic those of you who are vulnerable should stay away from this area. Especially do not sleep here.
For those of you looking to purchase property, 2 star is also a property star. This means you can activate it if you are house hunting. However the illness aspect cannot be discounted. It makes this a trade off so as long as you are aware you can take more care day to day.

Where You Can Go – With Care…
Annual 4 (taking over from 5 Yellow) with 3 Home/Monthly are a positive match. Yang Wood (3 star) combined with Yin Wood (4 star) create determination and physical strength together with academic ability and intelligence. Basically you can stay strong and work towards achieving your goals. You will have to play smart and be alert though as the 3 Killings take over the entire east sector for the year. Individually they can create different types of misfortune, so if you are working in this area, stay focused.

Where You Can Go…
Annual 9 and 8 Home/Monthly join forces. Two timely stars (one the current prosperity star and one the future prosperity star) make for a great sector. True, there will not be any overnight success, it will take time. However know what you want, create a plan of action then using this sector work steadily towards your goals. Ox and Tiger born can benefit from the positive energy here. Ox will also have the support of the Grand Duke as long as they are not facing NE1.
Annual 1 with 9 Home/Monthly. Another two timely stars appear together in the South. Yes, you are right, fire and water are conflicting elements. However they also create a Sum of Ten combination. This is generally always positive (you have to remember the external environment will influence the impact any star has on a sector) creating in this case success and completion luck. Good if you are working on projects or new strategies. You are most likely to succeed through collaboration with others so partner up and move forward. No excuses, physical or virtual partnerships are the way to go.
Annual 8 joins with 7 Home/Monthly to produce an interesting combination. 7 star is generally known as negative and related to violence with sharp objects (knives, scissors and so on) and it is true that 8 Earth Star will strengthen that. However 7 star is also related to the mouth, so you could find yourself able to talk your way out of a difficult situation. 8 star is still the dominant prosperity star so wealth is there for the taking. This is relevant particularly when your work depends on how well you communicate your product to your target audience,

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations. The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this. If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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