April 2021 Flying Stars (April 4-May 4)

As we welcome April, the final month of the spring season, Yang Water Dragon is the animal we look to. What we can expect?

Dragon is a Yang Earth animal and while water and earth do not see eye to eye, the best way to describe this relationship is earth keeping water at bay, giving it structure.

The first day of the month is April 4 a Yang Water Horse day. Good if you want to have plenty of something positive, not good if you want to have plenty of problems. Also best to avoid carrying out anything important if you are Rat born.

Earth months are always transitional months. One season coming to a close and the next ready to take up the mantle. In this case springtime and the element of wood is fading. Summer with the element of fire is livening up ready to bring brightness and sunshine into our lives.

April – Final Month of Spring 2021

The Dragon, along with Dog, Ox and Goat are known as storage, or graveyard animals. Nothing sinister here, it just means they store various elements within.

Dragon has an affinity with Rooster and a clash relationship with Dog. Two Yang Earth animals they may be, that doesn’t mean to say they agree all the time.

Dragon hour is 07.00-08.59.

Luo Shu Grid April 2021

There is an Sum of Ten combination in the north this month. It indicates completion and signifies wealth and cash flow.

Northwest has a Sum of Ten combination (base star with monthly star). This indicates knowledge and personal charisma. As the base star is star 6 this can indicate a popular leader.

So what else can we see in this April Chart?

Where You Can Go…

North is the home of water. Water and earth, annual 2 and monthly 8, are not generally an ideal match. The sum of ten however is positive so most people can take advantage of this location. It is probably better for Gua 1 people or Rat born to err on the side of caution and avoid working, or spending time here during April. Earth here is represented by both mountain and soil, one controlling water, the other absorbing it. If you do use the north bear in mind that yin earth (2 star) and water can merge to create illness. Be aware while enjoying the benefits of the sum of ten.
Annual 9 controls monthly 6 in the northeast in April however as this is an earth area an harmonious cycle is created. Fire creates earth (northeast) which in turn creates metal (6 star). Work on your projects in this location and look forward to positive conclusions. However it will be necessary for you to stay alert and maintain focus otherwise all your hard work could come to nothing as a result of your careless attitude.
The 4 / 1 pair in this wood location makes for a great combination. The 1 water star feeds the 4 wood star. Water represents flow of wealth and wisdom, the 4 wood star represents academic aptitude and achievement. This makes the east a great area to undertake your important projects. Gua 1, Gua 4, Rat, Dragon and Snake born can take advantage of this positive pair. There is only one caveat. 3 Killings are present in the east during 2021 so be aware of this and avoid activating the area to prevent the likelihood of issues caused by this negative aspect.

Where You Can Go – With Care…

Annual 1 and monthly 7 appear together in the south for April. This is a great pairing for anyone who communicates with others through their work or career. Sales people, speakers, performers can all benefit from the energy in the south. There will be plenty of opportunities for you however it is not a case of grab them all and see what happens. Better hold back and choose carefully. Look for the one thing that will bring you the greatest reward and the greatest sense of achievement. One thing well done is better than many half chances missing the mark.
The annual 3 wood star is joined by 9 fire star this month. Both strong elements in April. There is a productive cycle from wood to fire, fire to earth so the energies are generally positive. You can work in this area with success forthcoming as long as you work hard. At the same time remember to show gratitude to those who are there for you, supporting your endeavours. 3 star is also known as the star of disagreements. Bear this in mind and remember to think before you speak to avoid unnecessary conflict. Goat and Monkey born could find themselves in trouble so be aware of what you are communicating to others this month.


You might think any sector with 8 white star would be good, right? Well in this case, the answer has to be NO! 8 is an earth star and it is joined in the west by 5 yellow earth star in April. Two earth stars feeding the metal of the west. We won’t go into ‘using this sector’ because it’s not straightforward, so avoid it and stay safe. Anybody who is working in this area will find obstacles and delays at every corner making prevention better than ‘cure’ – there isn’t one.
There is too much metal in this location in 2021 The annual 7 star in the metal 6 area causes conflict. In April 4 wood star, generally a positive for academics or students doesn’t stand a chance against the excess of metal. This 7 / 4 combination creates a feeling of disillusionment for anyone spending time here. You may also find you are lacking in motivation if you have many problems to resolve. Avoid the northwest if possible.
And we save the ‘best’ until last. There isn’t a lot to say here. One of the most inauspicious combinations, 5 yellow and 2 star of illness are best avoided. Two earth stars they may be, wood of the southeast is the controlling element for earth however it has little chance against this pairing. Fortunately we recommend avoiding the southeast in 2021 because of the ongoing presence of 5 yellow. This month that recommendation is doubled. Stay away from the southeast if at all possible. Certainly ensure you do not activate the area to stay safe.

Remember to check the external environment for each of these sectors.

Remember your birth animal and check its clash location in any given month. This can bring change if you use the clash. Change can be good as well as bad so look carefully and make your call.

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations. The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this. If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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