June 2021 Flying Stars (June 5-July 6)

Midsummer is now upon us and the majestic horse will gallop forward to reign supreme. Jia Wu in June represents Jia, Yang Wood, tall and unbending trees of the forest. Wu, our horse, is one of the Cardinal animals of the Zodiac, full of fire and nothing else. Because of its pure bred nature it has a tendency to be stubborn. So this month we have strong wood feeding prosperous fire which could lead to volatility in many areas.

The first day of our horse month is June 5, a Full Day. Whilst generally positive it is not recommended to break ground on this day. Other ventures such as moving house or travelling should however bring positive outcomes.

Wood might be having an impact on the month of the horse however it is now weak. Fire is at its brilliant best (which may not always be a good thing) and earth is becoming hard and stubborn. Metal will suffer badly this month due to the strength of fire. Water can do nothing to help anyone.

June – Midsummer 2021

Summer Solstice brings the height of summer on June 21 at 03.32 UTC.

Horse is one of the Peach Blossom animals of the Zodiac so those of you born in Snake, Rooster or Ox years and looking for that special someone may find this is the time when love could enter your life.

Horse is located in S2. It has a clash relationship with Rat (N2), a clash of fire and water. The horse and goat share an affinity and Tiger (NE3), Horse (S2) and Dog (NW1 create a 3-harmony combination, also known as the fire frame.

Horse hour is 11.00-12.59. Midday, the hottest time of the day.

Luo Shu Grid June 2021

There is an Sum of Ten combination in the southwest this month. It indicates completion luck.

Four He Tu combinations are present. Northwest (2 / 7 = Fire), northeast (4 / 9 = Metal), centre (1 / 6 = Water), west (3 / 8 = Wood). They are out of place however their positive influence will bring some benefit to the areas in which they appear.

What can we expect from our June chart?

There is a water/earth clash in the south this month. Never a good one to see however with earth being hard and water without influence it may have less of a negative effect than usual. It is probably better to avoid the south as much as possible but if you have to spend time here just remember to stay positive. The south represents happiness and happy events so enjoy time with your loved ones, without going to extremes, rather than becoming overwhelmed and stressed.
The sum of ten combination represents completion luck, it is good for networking and money making activities. If you are working in this area you will have to ensure you do not stand your ground too much, be flexible and prepared to listen to someone else’s point of view. Respect others and discuss your plans and ideas with them. Be open and you can look forward to receiving help from the people around you.
The 8 – 3 He Tu appears in the west this month. 8 is the prosperous star and this combination is generally positive and helpful. It is good for money making activities and academic pursuits so use this area to benefit from the auspicious energies available. It is also beneficial to anyone in the performing arena as well as athletics. So rehearse, practice, or train in the west and take full advantage of this pair.
Another He Tu combination brings 7 – 2 together. This creates fire so despite the fact it is in a metal area it is possible to use it to your advantage. There is just the chance that those in leadership roles may find things challenging this month however bide your time and stay positive. Don’t let negativity take hold. 7 represents among other things, speech. Talk to others, get their help and guidance. This will benefit you in the long run.
The annual 6 and monthly 2 meet in the north this month. It is a meeting of heaven (6) and earth (2). Working in this area you may find your progress slowed, or stalled in June so rather than feel down about the situation keep working steadily with your eye on the future. For sure things will improve later on. This month it is better to make preparations rather than try and push forward with your plans and projects.
The 9 – 4 He Tu combination creating metal is a positive combination for financial endeavours. It is also good for interacting with others with a view to connecting through collaboration or JVs. This is not the time to go it alone. To succeed you will need people around you. Remember, be grateful to others and tell them you are grateful for them. This will motivate them to assist you with your goals.
Having 4 in the wood area of the east can ensure progress in your endeavours. As the 8 star of prosperity is also present this could bring benefits to the financial aspects of your life. You will need to be aware and look out for opportunities that come your way. Don’t expect money to fall from the skies. Any progress will be slow and to succeed in your business you will need patience.
Finally the southeast has an interesting combination. 5 Yellow with 9 Magnifying star. Especially in a wood location (wood feeds fire) this can lead to excesses. The end result could be ill health caused by too much of the good life. As always we represent the 5 Yellow as the bad guy so if you can avoid this location in June it would be better to do so. This is a productive relationship with wood feeding fire which in turn creates earth. However in this ultimate fire month any more fire would not be welcome.

If you live, or work, in an open plan environment note that the final He Tu pairing 6 – 1 appears here. It can only be truly appreciated if the centre of your property is not restricted in any way. If you are fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of it, this positive pair can certainly help you manifest success both personally and professionally.

• Remember to check the external environment for each of these sectors.
• Remember your birth animal and check its clash location in any given month. This can bring change if you use the clash. Change can be good as well as bad so look carefully and make your call.

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations. The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this.

If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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