July 2021 Flying Stars (July 7-August 6)

As we pass the mid point of 2021 and move into the final month of this summer season, the adventurous goat climbs into focus.

Goat has a clash relationship with the animal of 2021, the Ox, so can we expect changes? As these are not always bad perhaps this month could be could be a catalyst for change. A time when positive overrides negative.

Yi Wei (Yin Goat) gives us Yin Wood, the climbing, winding wood that uses whatever is available to its advantage. Goat represents one of the storage animals of the Zodiac, it stores wood together with fire and earth. Also known as a graveyard animal it represents the final month of the summer season.

As an earth element individual it signifies stability and support. What you see is not always what you get with the goat. Goat born may come across as loners yet have abilities not immediately obvious to outsiders.

There is such a thing in Feng Shui as Earth Penalty. It is like a clash (Ox and Goat for example) but more intense. It can create illness, difficulty, worry or misfortune. As an earth penalty one of the likeliest outcomes could be illness. During July there are three days when this complete 3-Earth Penalty will be present. They are 13, 25 and August 6. Be aware of these days. If you have any of these three animals in your birth chart make a conscious effort to avoid conflict on these days.

The first day of our Goat month is July 7, a Yang Fire Dragon and Receive Day. Generally positive for most endeavours. This is however a clash day if you are born in the year of the Dog, or have Dog somewhere in your chart.

Wood continues to weaken as we move further away from the Spring season. Fire is still strong but it too has passed its peak. Earth energy is taking over and Metal will begin a resurgence as we move forward. Water is still ineffective.

July – Final Month of Summer 2021

Goat is located in SW1. It has a clash relationship with the Ox (NE1), our animal of the year. Both are earth animals so it is mainly clash of emotions, maybe not thinking straight.

Goat shares an affinity with the Horse (S2). Goat (SW1), Rabbit (E2) and Pig (NW3) create a 3-harmony combination which is known as wood frame. Wood is strong when these three combine.

Goat hour is 13.00-14.59.

Luo Shu Grid July 2021

There is an Sum of Ten combination in the west this month. It indicates an increase in assets and cash flow.

1-4 in south indicates relationship luck.

What can we see in our July chart?

1-4 is a productive relationship that can bring with it a combination of intelligence and academic success . This allows you to solve issues that may be standing in your way. The only counter is its location in the south. Fire is still strong and can weaken wood while knowing that water is unable to help wood. Nonetheless south is a good location in July especially for research or study purposes. While major progress is unlikely stay focused and work towards future targets.

Year Breaker and Month Breaker between Goat and Ox makes the Southwest a location to be wary of. It is usable however. The 3-6 combination is generally a positive one leading to good fortune and opportunities. Impulsive action is best avoided especially where this clash is involved.  Use the area as a location and choose which direction you face with care. Certainly do not face NE1 or SW1.

West is the only location with a Sum of Ten this month. This is a combination that can bring an increase in cash flow and assets. It will be necessary for you to stay positive to achieve your goals. Avoid negative thoughts. The 8–2 pair represents two earth elements combining in a metal area (earth produces metal) so the west has to be one of the best locations in July.

7-1 combination in Northwest will benefit the head of a company or corporation if they are looking to attract new business. Used by anyone who has to communicate with others this is a positive pair. Goals can be achieved, helpful people can appear. One thing to remember however. Because 7 relates to the mouth, a person could charm others (no bad thing depending on the circumstances) but also find themselves drinking more than they normally would.

With monthly 5 and annual 2 earth elements in a water location the only suggestion we can make here is…avoid the north in July.

The 9-3 pair in July makes fire strong in an earth location. Strength all round. However you can use this strength to be brave, determined and persistent in order to achieve success in your business or your life. As a total aside, this combination signifies raising Intelligent Children and is known to be great for conceiving. Just saying!

There is a conflicting relationship in the East this month. The 7 Metal Star will do its best to cut down the 4 Wood Star. Think shears cutting flowers or weeds. This can lead to underhand tactics being deployed by others, or even by you on others. Better be alert if you are spending your working day in the East during July. On a personal level if you can garner the help of others you can achieve good fortune. This is also a good combination for the romantically inclined among you.

As you are aware Southeast has the 5 Yellow for company during this Ox year. In July it is joined by 8 White Star of Prosperity. Two earth stars in a wood location so what can we expect? Wood is the controlling element for earth, however not at this time of the year. Things will stagnate. There will be lack of positive movement or worse, negative outcomes in any endeavour. If you have to work, or sleep here, and we don’t recommend it, maintain a positive mind and be aware of your current lifestyle.

The centre of your property has a 6-9 combination. This is a controlling combination with fire destroying metal. Individually these stars are positive, together not so much, depending on where they are. However it is possible to make use of them. If you have an open plan environment concentrate on expanding your social networks. Your relationship with other people will be key to using these two auspicious stars this month.

• Remember to check the external environment for each of these sectors.

• Remember your birth animal and check its clash location in any given month. This can bring change if you use the clash. Change can be good as well as bad so look carefully and make your call.

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations.

The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this.

If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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