August 2021 Flying Stars (August 7-September 6)

Ready or not, autumn is about to arrive. In August we are transitioning from hot summer sun to the cooler days of autumn.

Change is in the air and as one of the growth animals, Monkey, takes the lead into what we can, at least, anticipate is a different direction, a different focus.

Monkey has a clash relationship with Tiger and a combination-destruction relationship with Snake.

Clash indicates change. Tiger born may have a hard time as the strong metal will have no trouble controlling yang wood during August. The combination-destruction scenario indicates things can move from bad to good or vice versa. Remember however to be a true combination-destruction the animals should appear side by side in your birth chart. Anything else and the effects are lessened, or neutralised.

For anyone without these animals in their birth chart Tiger and Snake days will be the time to take care.

Tiger days in August – 10th, 22nd, 3rd September
Snake days in August – 13th, 25th, 6 September

As one of the growth animals of the calendar, our yang metal Monkey will have yang fire to contend with for the month. Fire is much less effective in autumn when metal dominates however as it indicates the fire of the sun it will have its say on occasions.

The first day of the month is August 7, a Yang Fire Pig and Balance Day. Not conducive to undertaking anything of importance. Pig clashes Snake so maybe you Snakes could hide away today.

Earth is now weak, Fire has lost its power, Wood is totally ineffective and Water is slowly flowing up the leader board, becoming strong as we head towards the later part of the year.

August – First Month of Autumn Season 2021

Monkey is located in SW3 and shares a clash relationship with Tiger (NE3). Tiger is unlikely to come out on top this month.

As previously mentioned Monkey and Snake share a difficult relationship, being potentially both good and bad for each other.

Monkey (SW3), Rat (N1) and Dragon (SE1) create a 3-harmony combination. This is known as water frame. As water is already becoming strong these three together in a chart will make water even stronger. This is good if you can use water, but not so good if it one of your unfavourable elements.

Monkey hour is 15.00-16.59.

Luo Shu Grid August 2021

There is a Sum of Ten combination in the east this month. It indicates both knowledge and charisma, creating someone who can be a great leader. It is important to ensure there are no negative elements in the external environment which could neutralise this positive combination.

What can we see in our August chart?

West has 8 Annual / 1 Monthly combination
This is good, and not so good. 8 is our Prosperous Star and 1 is the Star of Distant Prosperity. However 8 is also earth element and 1 water element, creating conflicting energies. Wealth prospects are still there and available for the taking however they may come about slowly or in a way that leaves you feeling dissatisfied. It will be important to stay focused and reach out to others when you need help. Work in the west to bring opportunities for wealth, however do remember the possible outcomes.
East has 4 Annual and 6 Monthly combination
This sum of ten, combines wood and metal and indicates the best of both of these elements. 4 wood element can have a significant influence over the strong 6 metal. Yin wood can wind itself around 6 metal. It can manipulate it. 4 is good for academics and students, 6 is the star for the head of a household or the boss of an organisation or company. It will be important for anyone working or studying in the East to stay focused. This will ensure projects and plans progress smoothly and can be successfully completed.
Central Palace
Annual 6 / Monthly 8 combination
If you have an open plan living area you can benefit from the centre this month. This has the positive 6 Annual and 8 Monthly stars. Great for business leaders and for anyone seeking to improve their financial situation. It will be too easy however to focus on work and neglect those closest to you this month. To maintain a healthy work/life balance take some time out to enjoy your personal time.

Annual 2 / Monthly 4 combination
This is a conflicting relationship with 2 Earth being countered by 4 Wood. Not too much of an issue with earth now weak and wood totally ineffective. This location can be used for work, rest and play although there is the possibility of females locking horns on occasions. Ladies, be aware of how you speak and act this month to avoid conflict.
Annual 1 / Monthly 3 combination
1 White Star is auspicious and timely making it positive for wisdom and intelligence. 3 Wood Star can be argumentative and difficult. Fear not, as wood will be unable to produce an outpouring of aggression at this time of the year. Overall good outcomes can prevail for anyone prepared to focus their attention in the right direction. Keep moving forward and success can be yours.

Annual 3 / Monthly 5 combination
5 monthly, need we say more? This is not an area to rely on for smooth sailing this month. The 3 / 5 presents a conflicting relationship which will not augur well in general terms. However as an individual you have your own set of positive and negative stars, so depending on how, and where, they appear in your birth chart you can come out on top. Just remember not to rely on other people, or things, too much. This is the time when you need to make your own rules and set your own standards.
Annual 7 / Monthly 9 combination
This is a good combination for those of you in business. Use this area to attract new relationships into your life. Whether it be for partnerships, joint ventures or new contracts you will have the means to talk a good talk and tell others what they want to hear. There will be some challenges along the way but knowing the direction you want to take, and staying focused on that, can lead you to success.
9 Annual / 2 Monthly combination
This combination can bring with it eye issues, so take care. Fire is trapped and earth is now weak making this scenario less likely although it is always better to be careful where health is concerned. Prevention is better than cure. However it can also invite celebrations and parties. These can introduce you to people who are able to bring indirect wealth, via property or assets, into your life. You will need to work hard so keep moving forward and you will reap rewards in the long run.
Annual 5 / Monthly 7 combination
Illness relating to an unhealthy lifestyle can be the result of this combination. Basically anything you consume can cause issues. You may also attract mouth or throat related problems. In a work environment it is important to think before you speak otherwise you could find yourself on the wrong side in discussions. This month is yet another time when avoiding the southeast is recommended.


• check the external environment for each of these sectors
• your birth animal and check its clash location in any given month. This can bring change if you use the clash. Change can be good as well as bad so look carefully and make your call

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations. The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this.

If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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