November 2021 Flying Stars (November 7-December 6)

November is the first month of the winter season. The Flying Stars return to their home sector so this kind of gives us a taster of what 2022 may bring.

The Water Pig says goodbye to Autumn and welcome to Winter.

As an animal signifying the first month of a season our Pig is one of the growth animals, together with Tiger, Snake and Monkey. They are the action-packed animals of the zodiac. Travel, movement and change can all be seen, and possibly achieved, when any of these animals appear in your birth chart.

Pig resides in Northwest 3. The northwest in November will again be strong metal. Yang metal of 6 home/6 month and yin metal of the annual 7.

Even if you need metal, this could be excessive. As the Pig is a water animal at heart this can weaken some of the excess metal. Water in the northwest may help alleviate some of the metal strength this month.

The Water Pig has a clash relationship with a Yin Fire animal, the Snake, which resides in Southeast 3.

Do remember that clash is not necessarily a bad thing. It could help kick start positive change so don’t always assume the worst because of its name.

If you are Snake born and have Pig anywhere in your birth chart be aware of this throughout the month, Where the Pig is in your chart (year, month, day or hour) will determine its influence.

Pig days in November – 11th, 23rd and December 5.
Snake days in November – 17th, 29th.

Yin earth is the monthly element however now that winter has arrived it has no power. Water is the prosperous element with metal now weak and wood gaining strength. Fire is dominated by its opposite number, water. Its strength is at the lowest point during this winter season.

November – First Month of the Winter Season

Yin Earth Pig Month

Pig and Snake have a clash relationship.

Pig, Rabbit and Goat create a wood frame. They have to appear in your chart or as annual/monthly visitors. Positive if your Day Master is supported by wood.

Pig shares a positive relationship with Tiger and together they produce wood.

They also share a destruction relationship.

Pig has a destructive relationship with Tiger (NE3) and Tigers should be aware of this. This relationship is only relevant if Pig and Tiger appear side by side in your birth chart. However it can also appear as an external day threat. Be aware and if you feel you are being pressured by others, stand your ground and refuse to be drawn into a situation you will later regret.

If you have two Pigs in your chart side by side this is known as self-punishment. Basically you will be your own worst enemy and perhaps indulge in too much of something you know is not good for you, such as alcohol or food, anything you know you shouldn’t indulge in but find it hard to restrain yourself. Awareness is the key. Be strong and realise it is not in your best interest.

Finally there is a harm relationship between the Pig and Monkey. As they are both growth animals and both signify movement, action and travel, this will be a month to take care if travel or movement is on your agenda when these two are present in your birth chart.

Pig hour is 21.00-22.59.

Luo Shu Grid November 2021

Remember when each of the stars return ‘home’ they relax and are less likely to show the worst of their negative side, in the case of 2, 3, 5 and 7. With the positive stars of 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9 they will still be positive however to what degree will depend on the annual number they are paired with for the month.

There is a Sum of Ten combination in the south this month. This is an auspicious indication so take advantage of the positive energies here to reap the rewards. You can benefit from partnerships and networking. Interact with people you would like to work with, share ideas with and look towards a long term beneficial relationship.

The west has annual 8 wealth star and 7 red star combination. This is a positive pair bringing the opportunity for wealth and the ability to communicate well (persuade others to your way of thinking). You are going to have to work hard to achieve your dreams but they are within reach. If you are young and looking for love this could be the sector to take advantage of.

Another positive sector in November is north east. This has the annual 9 and monthly 8/home 8. 9 indicates positive relationships and celebrations, 8 remains the current star of wealth. So achieve the wealth and celebrate your success. Don’t expect things to move too quickly however and be cautious when undertaking important work. Take care with paperwork and make sure you read it carefully before submitting it, to avoid the risk of mistakes.

Moving across to the east wood is the dominant element. The pairing of 4 annual and 3 monthly/home indicates a combination of physical ability together with academic capability. It means you have the strength and intelligence to respond to changing situations quickly and effectively. Having someone in your corner will help you clarify your position and help you progress.

That’s the positive sectors.

Now for the areas to be careful of.

Southeast has annual 5 with monthly/home 4. This is a negative combination and could result in illness related to the nervous system or bones. There will be situations to overcome in your working environment, however you will have the strength to beat the challenge and ultimately achieve success. Hard work and commitment should be your focus leading you on the path to success.

Southwest has the aggressive annual 3 star combining with 2 monthly passive star. This can cause arguments and conflict in your working environment. If you work for others or for yourself you could find success by standing your ground, staying positive and exuding confidence. When opportunities arise these are the benefits that will help you succeed

The northwest has conflict as a result of two metal stars coming together. These two combine to indicate power struggles and behind the scenes scheming. It can even result in physical harm. Things could get very difficult as a result yet in the end everything should work out for the best. Stay calm and be diplomatic in your dealing with others and you will overcome negative situations.

Even though earth is ineffective now that winter is here the negative 2 star in a positive 1 star location can still lead to issues, mainly connected with health. Stomach pain and illness can be a consequence of this pair. The north therefore is an area to avoid especially for pregnant women. In the workplace planning is all important. Care will be your path to success. Help from those around you can aid you in times of difficulty.

The central palace has 6 annual and 5 monthly. This is a combination that could result in head or backbone related injuries or illness. There will be challenges to face however face them squarely, do not hold back and you will find success.

• to check the external environment for each of these sectors
• your birth animal and check its clash location in any given month. This can bring change if you use the clash. Change can be good as well as bad so look carefully and make your call

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations. The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this.

If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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