Our Tiger has the right idea. Action, action, action. This is what we can expect in 2022 with the Yang Water Tiger. No time to relax this year.

Each one of the pillars in the annual Four Pillars Chart are yang.

Two of them – year and month are Yang Water Tigers and the hour is Yang Wood Tiger.. They are in harmony, with water feeding wood, so positive. The remaining day pillar is Yang Earth Rat. This is the only controlling element with earth controlling water.

Despite the imbalance of yin and yang there is more harmony this year.

The amount of water will likely bring impulsive and sometimes irrational behaviour throughout the year. This may be more apparent during the autumn and winter seasons.

With the re-emergence of fire in the chart common sense will ultimately prevail, as will a sense of positivity and optimism. The return of fire is very welcome. It is hidden and not obvious but it is there in the year, month and hour pillars.

Wood is representative of growth and wood is abundant.

Metal is missing from 2022 Chart.

Earth is weak however being present in the day pillar it will still have an influence. Its weakness may result in earth related issues, such as landslides which could occur more during the summer months. Having an influence throughout each of the four seasons however incidents relating to the earth could potentially happen anytime throughout the year.

Certainly there is an unbalanced chart with the only yin hidden in the day pillar. Too much yang can lead to impulsive behaviour. Be aware of this if it is your intention to move in a new direction in 2022.

Tiger is a growth animal and the last thing he wants to do is relax. He wants to be on the move; travel, action and excitement are high on his list of priorities. Pretty sure we can all align with that.


As you can see in the Luo Shu Grid each of the nine stars are returning to their home sector in 2022.

This can help calm the historically negative stars (2, 3, 5 and 7). It can boost the positive stars (1, 4, 6, 8 and 9) with caveats.

Year of the Tiger begins on February 4 a Yang Earth Rat Open day. Anyone having water or earth as their self element will benefit from the positive stars present on this day.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) will reside in the Tiger location of NE3 (52.6-67.5) in 2022. He will support those born in the Year of the Tiger and be less accommodating for those born in the Year of the Monkey in SW3 (232.6-247.5). Monkey location this year is known as Sui Po. Monkey born will be confronting the Grand Duke; not something he appreciates.


Who Is the Tai Sui in 2022?

Our Grand Duke for 2022 is General He E. He was born in the Hunan Province during the Yuan Dynasty.

General He E was acknowledged as a quick-thinker and wise commander. During his military career he was a calm and strategic leader.

After his military career he was appointed administrator for large cities. These cities thrived under his charge and he ensured the citizens under his care were looked after.

He became a senior figure in the court of the Emperor and was given charge of a secret army controlling sensitive areas of the capital city..


What Are 3 Killings (San Sha)?

3 Killings are one of the negative energies present in an annual chart. They only ever appear in the cardinal locations (north, south, west, east) and cover a 90 degree area. In 2022 they are present in the north.

3 Killings location includes North 1, 2 and 3 (337.6-22.5) as well as NW3 (322.6-337.5) and NE1 (22.6-37.5).

The 3 Killings are…

• Robbery Sha – associated with financial loss of some kind
• Disaster Sha – associated primarily with illness and health issues
• Year Sha – associated with setbacks and obstacles blocking progress


What Do the Elements Have For Us?

Remember they are all doubled up and these are likely outcomes.

• Water

1-1 in the north means you can benefit from an increase in wealth prospects as well as intelligence, opportunities and good health.

Just remember not to sit with your back to the north as 3 Killings will be ready to take advantage of this and the end result will not be positive for you.

• Wood

3-3 strong wood is in the east this year. Historically this is the star of disagreements. Doubled up it can make you easily agitated and unable to control your temper. At its worst it has the potential to create serious aggression between people.

Better news in the southeast with double 4 present. If you are a student or undertaking a new learning course this sector can benefit you. Just remember to make use of the knowledge gained.

• Fire

The 9 fire star is beneficial in turning ideas into reality. This makes south perfect for creativity and innovation.

It is also beneficial for anyone looking to meditate or take a more spiritual approach to life.

• Earth

Southwest, centre and northeast are all earth sectors.

Southeast has 2-2 which is good for indirect wealth. You have to bear in mind that negative external forms could result in illness and potential loss of wealth.

Centre has 5-5. Even as sum of ten this is not a positive combination however in its ‘home’ the 5 Yellow (Wu Wang) is less aggressive than its usual persona.

This is the sector to place a salt water remedy.

Northeast has 8-8. As double prosperous wealth stars this should be good? Yes and no! Wealth is obviously there for the taking but this ultimate yang earth location is not known for speed. Progress will be slow.

• Metal

6 is a positive white star. However 6-6 in northwest this year can result in power struggles between those in positions of importance. Business owners, CE0s and similar will find themselves pitted against each other, each targetting the ultimate seat of power.

7-7 in west is known mainly for its negative side. However it is good for those who have to communicate their message in a positive way. Sales people, marketeers, public speakers, even actors and singers can all benefit from this area.



3 in the east, 6 in the northwest, 7 in the west can potentially see in-fighting, especially with negative external forms. Their aggressive sides are weakened somewhat by their location this year however stay alert. Be aware of what is happening around you.


As the current wealth star 8 in northeast is always welcome. Being yang earth, equivalent to a mountain, it is reliable. However in 2022 double 8 will slow things down. Wealth will be there for the taking but do not expect it to arrive quickly.


2 in southwest and 5 in the centre will be less volatile when settled in familiar territory. If you make use of these areas monitor the situation and if difficulties arise move to another sector.


1 in north, 4 in southeast and 9 in the south all have potential. Know what that potential is for you and make use of the relevant sector.

Remember the monthly flying stars will visit each location throughout the year making them better, or worse. Just as a heads up, in August each sector will see triple stars together!

Your birth chart will also influence which sectors are better for you.


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