July 2022 Flying Stars (Jul 7-Aug 6 2022)

JULY – Final Month of Summer

Yin Fire Goat Month

Jul 7 (Yin Metal Rooster day) sees the beginning of the end of summer.

All storage animals (Goat (summer to autumn) , Dog (autumn to winter), Ox (winter to spring) and Dragon (spring to summer) are the links between one season and the next.

The goat, rabbit and pig form a wood frame however wood is now weak so will not have an influence on the month.

Goat clashes with its opposite number, the ox.

Its auspicious hours are 13.00-14.59.

Luo Shu Grid July 2022

The most auspicious sectors in July are northeast and south.

Northeast with annual 8 and monthly 9 makes this is a great sector to benefit from this auspicious pairing. Focus on your goals and success will be forthcoming in time.

South has annual 9 and monthly 1 bringing an auspicious sum of ten combination. Use this location when you are looking to collaborate with others. If you have ideas then make them known. Go with your feelings and you can succeed.

Other sectors you can use.

East has 3 / 4 wood combination. While these two are harmonious elementally wood is now weak so you may not be able to take full advantage of opportunities arising.

West with its 7 annual and 8 monthly combination is an area you can use to work on your goals. You will benefit from communicating with others. Be sociable.

Sectors to avoid if possible.

Southeast with its 4 / 5 pair this month is not a location to spend time. Health issues could manifest. If you sleep in this area it would benefit you to move to another room where possible.

While southwest has 2 annual and 3 monthly combination, a pair that creates yin/yang conflict as well as conflicting energies there can be benefits for anyone working in this location. If you are prepared to give it your all, work hard and with care you can achieve your goals. Just remember there could be disagreements arising so be careful what you say, and to whom you say it.

Northwest is the ultimate yang location. In July this metal area is overloaded with metal. This could result in excessive conflict between those seeking power. There is even the possibility of physical injury caused by metal. The only positive is that metal is still to come into its own in terms of power so tread carefully and things should work out for the best.

North has 1 annual / 2 monthly combination. As well as creating conflict between earth and water, earth is strong so health issues are possible. The positive is that this pair could see helpful people coming to your aid so if you are working here be aware and take advantage of their assistance when the opportunity arises.

The central palace has a 5 / 6 combination. This is a combination to be wary of. It can cause head related injuries or illness if activated. It can also make you feel uncertain about your place in the great scheme of things bringing feelings of sadness and worry. Relax and stay positive.

• If you have installed an annual salt water remedy here this will help control any negative energies that may arise on certain days

• north is home to 3 Killings this year so face north if you have to use this area
• southwest (SW3) is the year breaker sector so do not face NE3

• check the external environment for each of these sectors. Negative structures outside any of the areas will bring negative outcomes
• your birth animal and its clash location in any given month. This can bring change if you use the clash. Change can be good as well as bad so look carefully and make your call

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations. The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this.

If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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