NOVEMBER 2023 (November 7-December 6)

Welcome winter. November 8 is known as the Coming of Winter. November 22 is Lesser Snow. Are you all ready?

Water will dominate this month. Pig is a water animal and November is a Yin Water month. Did you know Yin Water (Gui) is the only element capable of keeping Yang Fire (Sun) under control? Do you know how?

Just for the record, water is now the dominant element, with metal weakening and wood strengthening. Fire and earth are at their lowest ebb during the winter months.

This month Pig, Rabbit (our animal of the year) and Goat can team up to create the element of wood. If wood is something you can use (see your birth chart) look out on November 9, November 21 and December 3. These are all Goat days and will bring this combination to completion. The hours of 13.00-14.59 are also Goat hours so these can also be used. While East is not the best area this month if you work in this location and face SW1 (202.5-217.5) you can benefit. Avoid facing NW1 (292.5-307.5) as you could aggravate the Pig.

Pig has a combination-destruction relationship with Tiger.

Snake is the clash animal of the month. Remember clashes do not have to be negative. They can also result in positive changes.

Luo Shu Chart

All He Tu combinations appear in November’s chart:

North 4-9 (Metal)

This is a great area to work to give you clarity this month. You may find others thinking along the same lines as you, which may, after discussions, result in the creation of Joint Ventures to benefit you all.

Northeast 2-7 (Fire)

Use this location if you work in a fire-related industry such as Information Technology, metaphysics, media, beauty and entertainment. You should be inspired and optimistic however don’t expect to reach the stars just yet. Keep your expectation realistic for the moment.

South 8-3 (Wood)

This is the time for strategic thinking. If you want to talk through your ideas discuss them with those closest to you. They will be there to advise and point you in the right direction.

West 6-1 (Water)

Combination 1-6 can help you see your dreams come to fruition. Whether these are based on your personal or professional life make the most of opportunities when they come your way..

Sum of Ten:

Southeast 3-7

To take full advantage of this combination you will need to act with integrity and honesty. This will ensure positive outcomes and earn the respect of others. Being respectful will ensure you receive help when it is needed.

For completion:

East 2-6

The combination is Earth (2) and Heaven (6). This is not your time for progression You will need to be patient and understand your time will come. However it is not this month. Keep things on an even keel and stay positive.

Southwest 1-5

Negativity and confrontations could be the result of this pairing. It will be up to you to stay positive, maintain the right attitude and maybe learn a new skill. Your family and friends will be especially important to you this month.

Northwest 5-9

5 Yellow is also known as the Emperor making star. However it has to be given respect. It will potentially bring great wealth however just like Yin and Yang there is another side. In this case illness is the likely outcome. It will be important for you to look after yourself. If you have concerns do something about it. This will act like prevention rather than cure.

Centre 4-8

If you have an open plan office environment or live in an open plan property you will be able to see opportunities to bring all your plans to fruition. Take advantage of every chance that comes your way. Results will come slowly, however they will come.

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