To follow on from the BaZi forecast let us now discover what Feng Shui has in store for 2016.

What is Good and What is Not?

Feng Shui Annual Afflictions 2016nfbfiou

The Annual Afflictions as always are the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui), the Year Breaker (Sui Po), the 3 Killings (Annual, Calamity and Robbery Sha) and the 5 Yellow.

Grand Duke follows the animal of the year.  In 2016 he will occupy the location of the Monkey which is the 15 degrees of SW3 (232.6-247.5).  He should never be confronted so whether at home or in a business situation be aware of his location and avoid facing this direction.  This will help you avoid his wrath which may result in harmful outcomes.

Directly opposite the Grand Duke is the Year Breaker.  In 2016 this is the home of the Tiger (Yin) and occupies the 15 degrees of NE3 (52.6-67.5).  This area should be avoided and certainly not disturbed.  No digging, banging or activation should be carried out in this location to avoid possible severe repercussions. Being directly opposite the Grand Duke can sometimes be more malevolent than the effects of the Grand Duke himself.

The South – Li (157.6-202.5) will be subject to the 3 Killings (San Sha).  The 3 Killings only ever occupy one of the cardinal directions (North, East, South, West) and they bring with them three different types of affliction; Robbery Sha, Calamity Sha and Annual Sha.  Robbery Sha is self-explanatory, Calamity Sha represents accidents and mishaps mainly caused by members of the opposite sex.  Annual Sha indicates loss of some kind.  All three result in loss and should be avoided.  The 3 Killings are best confronted; faced head on where necessary.  Sit North and face South.

Northeast – Gen (22.50-67.50)  sees the 5 Yellow take up residence.  This Earth element affliction represents five different types of misfortune and is generally regarded as the most inauspicious of them all.  It should not be activated at any cost.  It is present in the Earth element location of the Northeast in 2016 making it strong especially during the Summer months.

Feng Shui Positive Auxiliary Stars 2016

There are also positive Auxiliary Stars to consider each year.  They reside each year with one of the 12 Chinese Astrological Animals of the 24 Mountains.

Located in W2 (Rooster-You) is the Sun Star (Tai Yang).  As a Yang Star it tends to be more effective for males.  It is useful to activate if you have inadvertently triggered one of the Annual Afflictions.

The Boar (Hai) in NW3 will play host to the Moon Star.  This Yin Star benefits females more than males and can be used when you have difficulty communicating your message.  Be aware that being a Yin Star it will also affect moods and emotions, tending to bring out their more sombre side.

The Dragon Virtue Star benefits those looking for a more satisfying life in all areas.  During 2016 he will take up residence in E2, the location of the Rabbit (Mao).  It can help clear or ease an obstruction caused by difficult people and give a boost to your wealth or career.

The Fortune Virtue Star will be found in SE3 during 2015.  This is the location of the Snake (Si).  Health, wealth and happiness can all be improved by activating the Fortune Virtue Star.  Related more to Date Selection, time will play an important part when using this Star for positive outcomes.

Feng Shui Negative Flying Stars 2016

The 2 Black Earth Star of Illness will be located in the Central Palace in 2016.  This is an Earth element sector making the 2 Illness Star particularly strong.  In an open-plan layout there is the chance that this Star could spread its negative fingers to other parts of the property so it is better to keep the centre quiet and as undisturbed as possible.

The 3 Jade Star moves to the Northwest where it will affect the males of the house, particularly the male head of the household.  In the workplace those in positions of power such as the owner of a business or CEO may fall foul of this Star of Disagreements if the Northwest is inadvertently disturbed.    At its most negative the 3 Star can bring about lawsuits or legal issues so it is better to keep the area quite and as undisturbed as possible.  It is also the harbinger of stress-related illnesses.

From an elemental point of view the 3 Star is Wood and it will enter a Metal area.  Metal controls Wood in the controlling (destructive) cycle of the five elements however in the early part of the year Wood is strong and Metal weak, then ineffective. Later in the year as Metal gains strength and Wood weakens this situation will reverse.  It is particularly important to be wary in the first half of the year to avoid falling foul of this generally negative Star.

5 Yellow will visit the Northeast (NE1/2/3) during 2016.  In addition to the information above this location must be kept quiet and no groundbreaking or decorating, banging or renovation should be carried out to avoid awakening its negative effects.  If you have your main door in the Northeast it is important to know whether you have any negative external features that might inadvertently activate the 5 Yellow.  Under these circumstances using an alternative entrance/exit would be beneficial, if possible.

The North (N1/2/3) has the 7 Red Metal Star of Robbery and Violence making an appearance in 2016.  Conflict is the main order of the day where the 7 Star is concerned.  If your main door is located in the North you will have to take extra care to ensure that you will not fall victim to robberies.  Disagreements at home are possible when this Star is activated and in the workplace conflict caused by back-biting and competition is likely.   The only positive is that the inherent Water element of the North will weaken the Metal energy of the 7 Star especially in the early part of the year.  However, it is better to err on the side of caution and avoid inadvertently activating this malevolent Star.

Feng Shui Positive Flying Stars 2016

The 1 Water Star of Distant Prosperity will visit the Southeast (SE1/2/3) in 2016.  It will serve to strengthen the Wood element of the area making this a much better location than 2015.  The White Water Star is useful for those in full-time education or working in the academic or literary arena.  As one of the three positive White Stars and being timely this Star will help anyone looking to boost their career chances.  Opportunities to improve wealth prospects are also likely.  As the Southeast is related to Wood and growth and Water feeds Wood in the productive cycle of the Five Elements this will be a positive location to spend time in 2016.  As with all Stars there is good and not so good aspects and in this instance the instability of Water can cause depression or mixed emotions.

The West (W1/2/3) can breathe a huge sigh of relief in 2016 when the 5 Earth Star moves on and is replaced by the 4 Wood Star of Literary Pursuits.  The 4 Green Star is beneficial for personal relationships.  If travelling is part of your working life you could benefit from this Star during the year.  Wood and Metal have a conflicting relationship.  During the early part of the year the Wood element will prevail and as the year moves on Metal will exert more control over the positive benefits afforded by the 4 Star.

In the South (S1/2/3) will welcome the 6 White Metal Star.  The innate Fire energy of the South will help enhance the reputation of anyone in positions of authority during 2016.  This is the year to be seen whether it be personally or in your social network.  This is the year when the results of your efforts will be rewarded either with promotion or financial benefits.  As Fire and Metal are the two prominent elements in 2016 they will exert stronger influence than usual.  Their conflicting relationship means that the first half of the year will benefit the Fire element and the later part of the year will benefit the Metal element.

The 8 White Earth Star of Current Prosperity will reside in the Southwest (SW1/2/3) in 2016.  This prosperous Star will be enhanced still further by the resident Earth energy of the Southwest making this the best location of the year.  While remembering the presence of the Grand Duke Jupiter in SW3 and avoiding this sector as much as possible the remaining two sectors (SW1/2) can be utilised as much as possible to take full advantage of the Qi residing here.  If you have a main door in the Southwest it can invite financial returns from investments.  Those in the corporate arena can see their reputation and available opportunities increase when they have a main door here.

The 9 Purple Fire Star, the Star of Future Prosperity will reside in the East (E1/2/3) in 2016.  This makes the East the secondary location of the year.  All career outcomes are likely to be positive with regular use of this area and the likelihood of advancement, salary increase and prospects are all on the cards.  While Fire has an exhausting effect on Wood it is only the Yang Fire of the sun that has the strength and brightness to help the Yang Wood of the East to grow.  This makes its presence here auspicious in 2016.   The early part of the year is the best time to take full advantage of the positive energy available in the East.

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