March 2017 Flying Stars (March 5-April 3)

What to Expect

Each month Stars ‘fly’ from sector to sector within a property.  Knowledge is power so use these monthly forecasts to benefit from the highs and avoid some of the pitfalls.  Do always remember though that a month is at most 31 days so a bad month in an annual good sector is not the end of the world.

Yin Water Rabbit (Gui Mao) in Spring

March brings us to the height of the Spring season – yes, really!  Even though it might not look or feel like that where you are.  As the Rabbit takes centre stage Wood retains its strength with Fire taking second place – for now.  The Rabbit, a Wood element animal resides in E2 (67.5-82.5). Rabbit and Rooster are clash animals for this Year of the Rooster.  Remember West-specifically W2 (home of Rooster 262.5-277.5) has the Grand Duke Jupiter in place for the year and this means Rabbit is directly confronting the Grand Duke possibly making for a more challenging month in general.

The Yang Water Tiger (Ren Yin) of March makes way for the Yin Water Rabbit (Gui Mao).  This is one of the Peach Blossom animals of the Zodiac.  It is one of the four animals (together with Horse, Rooster and Rat) that hold Pure Qi, in this case Wood and is related to likeability.  The three animals having Rabbit as their Peach Blossom Star are Tiger, Horse and Dog.

If you do not know your Chinese animal sign please contact us and we will be happy to send you the information.

The Yin Water Rabbit month runs from March 5-April 3.  In the 24 Seasons of the Solar Calendar March 5-March 20 is Awakening of Insects.  March 21-April 3 is Spring Equinox.

So what can we expect to see in each of the nine sectors of the Luo Shu Grid during March?

A quick summary shows that the dominant and timely energies of Period 8 (8, 9 and 1 stars) are located in East (8), Southeast (9) and Centre (1) for the year.  The most auspicious sectors for March are North East (4 Annual/1 Monthly) and South East (9 Annual/6 Monthly).  The North West has 2 Annual/8 Monthly which creates the sum of ten.  This will help make the area particularly effective for career related matters.  For the head of the household or the head of a Company this could prove particularly beneficial.  The remaining sectors will see their share of challenges if activated.

NORTH-Annual 6/Monthly 3: Resident Qi 1:                       March sees the conflicting energies of Metal and Wood in the North.  At this time of the year Wood is the prosperous element which will be fed by the Water element of the North even though Water is now beginning to lose its power.  This could see unexpected and sudden disturbances brought by the 3 Jade Star coming into play when the North is activated.  3 Star is generally associated with disagreements and disputes so if you have an office or a main door in the North you would do well to consider this in your interactions with others.  Males will be more prone to this energy especially those in positions of power or the head of a house.

SOUTH-Annual 5/Monthly 2: Resident Qi 9:                        The South sees its share of challenges in 2017 with the annual 5 Yellow Star and it does not get any better in March.  This brings the 2 Black Star of Illness to the area.  2-5 together do not make for a positive combination with illness being one of the main outcomes.  These Earth element Stars will also be ‘fed’ by the inherent Fire energy of the South, and remember Fire is strong in Spring!  Lets stay positive here…We already know that leaving the South well alone in 2017 is the right way to go, so if you avoid the area, and certainly do not activate it, this inauspicious combination should be tied up and not able to unleash its malevolent side.  In effect ignore them and stay well away from the South.

WEST-Annual 3/Monthly 9: Resident Qi 7:                           The annual 3 Jade Star of Disagreements is joined in March by 9 Purple Magnifying Star.  Consider the combination…3 Star is Wood (prosperous), 9 Star is Fire (Strong) and they are in a Metal location (ineffective) – who will win out?  Let us first of also remember that W2 (262.6-277.5) should not be activated this year because of the presence of Grand Duke Jupiter in W2.  As 3 Star is Yang Wood there is little that can be done to weaken its influence so if you can avoid, or at least severely limit, your time here the angry side of the 3 Star will not have a chance to take control.

EAST-Annual 8/Monthly 5: Resident Qi 3:                            The East is auspicious in 2017 with the 8 White Star of Wealth in residence.  March will see this take a turn for the worst when the 5 Yellow arrives.  East (E2) is in direct conflict with Grand Duke and it also has 3 Killings for the year.  This makes it an interesting challenge for anyone looking to maximise on the 8 Star.   The area is best not activated however it would be a shame not to take advantage of the good.  By all means use the area but do not activate it by moving things around, renovating or banging nails in the wall.  8 and 5 Stars are both Earth – what controls Earth?  Wood!  As the East is a Wood area, and currently prosperous be aware and use the positive aspects to thrive.

NORTHWEST-Annual 2/Monthly 8: Resident Qi 6:            The Annual 2 Black Star of Illness has another Earth Star for company in March.  However it is the prosperous and auspicious 8 White Star.  This combination also brings the sum of ten.  The 8 Star is timely (meaning it is going through an auspicious phase) and its influence should bring out the better side of this combination making it possible for wealth enhancement and prosperity for those residing in the Northwest.  To err on the side of caution just be aware of the untimely 2 Star which could bring about minor health issues relating to the stomach.

NORTHEAST-Annual 4/Monthly 1: Resident Qi 8:             The Northeast welcomes the 4 Green Wood Star in 2017 and in March this is joined by the 1 White Water Star of Distant Prosperity.  This is an auspicious combination especially for students, or people working in literary or creative fields.  Having your work desk in the Northeast while facing one of your auspicious directions (based on your Gua number) will definitely set your creative juices flowing or enable you to absorb your studies positively.  It is also a favourable sector if you are looking for love and romance.  So if you are currently single and looking to make changes in your life you could do worse than have your main bedroom here.

SOUTHEAST-Annual 9/Monthly 6: Resident Qi 4:              The 9 Purple Star of Future Prosperity has a home in the Southeast during 2017.  In March the arrival of the 6 White Star makes this a positive sector for the month in terms of money luck.  It will be generally associated with windfall or unexpected gains rather than sustained wealth improvement so it could be the time to maximise on any investments if you are spending time in this area.  Because of the conflicting elements (Metal/Wood and Fire/Metal) there is the chance of disagreements between the generations.  However, knowledge is power so if your main living area is located here just remember to have fun when you are together as a family.

SOUTHWEST-Annual 7/Monthly 4: Resident Qi 2:            The annual 7 Red Star of Violence welcomes the less volatile 4 Green Star in March.  Metal and Wood do not sit well together but think of it like this…7 Metal is fine jewellery, scissors, small knives; 4 Wood is flowers, ivy, grasses and while Metal is said to control Wood it would take a very long time for anything significant to result.  Having said that this is not the best month for the Southwest so take care when scrutinizing paperwork to avoid legal issues later on.

CENTRE-Annual 1/Monthly 7: Resident Qi 5:                       In 2017 the centre of a property sees the 1 White Star.  March brings the 7 Red Star with it.  Remember what 7 Metal signifies (see Southwest above) and whilst this could indicate slight injury from scissors or knives it should not be serious.  The 1 Water Star is more than able to exert a weakening effect on the 7 Star in March.  Nonetheless be aware and take care of your personal safety.

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