July 2017 Flying Stars (July 6-August 6)

What to Expect

Each month Stars ‘fly’ from sector to sector within a property.  Knowledge is power so use these monthly forecasts to benefit from the highs and avoid some of the pitfalls.  Do always remember though that a month is at most 31 days so a bad month in an annual good sector is not the end of the world.

Yin Fire Goat (Ding Wei) in Summer

July signifies the beginning of the end for the strength of Fire and the summer season.  The Fire Earth Goat may help calm things down slightly as this Yin animal takes us forward towards the autumn.  Having said that Fire will stay strong without the intensity seen in the past month.  This Metal Rooster year is still under the influence of Fire so its potency will remain – at least for this month.  The home of Goat (Sheep) is SW1 (202.6-217.5).  It is a Yin Fire Earth animal signifying the final month of this powerful and eventful summer season.   Goat also represents the hours between 13.00-14.59 in the 12 x 2 hours of the Chinese Zodiac, a time when the midday sun is finally past its peak.

In the 24 mountains Goat has a clash relationship with another Earth animal, the Ox in NE1 (22.6-37.5) and combines with Horse in S2 (172.6-187.5).  It is part of the Wood frame along with Rabbit (Yin) in E2 and Boar (Hai) in NW3.   Known as one of the graveyard or storage animals it signifies the transition of a season – in this case summer to autumn.  As well as the influence of Fire and Earth the Goat also stores Wood making it an animal that hides much out of sight, including their personality, feelings and abilities.

Do you have Goat in your BaZi chart?   Depending on its location in your chart it will have a specific meaning for you.

If you do not know your Chinese animal year sign please contact us and we will be happy to send you the information.

Yin Fire Goat month begins on July 6 and ends on August 6.  In the 24 Seasons of the Solar Calendar July 7-July 22 is Lesser Heat.  July 23-August 6 is Greater Heat.

In July remembering the inherent energy of the 8 sectors some interesting combinations are present.  Early Heaven (He Tu) combinations appear in the North (1-6 Annual), East (3-8 Annual), Southeast (4-9 Annual), Southwest (2-7 Annual).  Sum of Ten combinations appear in the Northeast (4 Annual/6 Monthly), West (7-3 Annual), Northwest (4 Monthly-6).

The dominant and timely energies of Period 8 (8, 9 and 1 stars) are located in East (8), Southeast (9) and Centre (1) for the year.

What can we expect for each of the nine sectors of the Luo Shu Grid during July?

NORTH-Annual 6/Monthly 8: Resident Qi 1:                       A He-Tu combination of 1-6 together with the visiting 8 White Star of Current Prosperity makes the North one of the palaces to make full use of this month.  Having your main door or office here will give you the opportunity to maximise its positive energies.  Living or sleeping in this area will also benefit.  Wealth, mentor and career related opportunities are there for the taking in the North in July.  Even though Water (1) and Earth (8) have a conflicting relationship Earth is hard in summer so more likely to restrain rather than control Water.

SOUTH-Annual 5/Monthly 7: Resident Qi 9:                        Yet again the South in July is an area to avoid if at all possible.  Even though the elements have a productive relationship – Fire creates Earth and Earth produces Metal they do not make for happy bedfellows when together in the same palace.  Notice also South is the only palace not to have either He Tu or Sum of Ten combinations to help alleviate the negative energies at play.

WEST-Annual 3/Monthly 5: Resident Qi 7:                           On the positive side there is a Sum of Ten combination in the West for July.  That will not however change the general outlook for the area so like the South if you can avoid spending time here for the month, do so.  Business, health and legal issues could result from disturbing the energies of the West.

EAST-Annual 8/Monthly 1: Resident Qi 3:                            A good month for the East with the 1 White Star visiting.  Having your office, or being able to work in the East will benefit you bringing opportunities calling.  Take advantage of them and things will turn out well.  Two White Stars (1 and 8) together with a 3-8 He Tu combination make this a go to area in July and while it is not a palace than can be activated for the year you can take full advantage of the positive energies residing here, especially if you are in the business world.

NORTHWEST-Annual 2/Monthly 4: Resident Qi 6:            This is a good palace for students.  Your learning will progress well here in July.  There may be conflict between females (mother and daughter for example) and it could be up to the father to act as mediator and restore peace.  The 6-4 Sum of Ten combination helps to balance out conflicting energies present in the background yet unlikely to cause too much in the way of trouble.

NORTHEAST-Annual 4/Monthly 6: Resident Qi 8:             Another positive area in July, the Northeast could bring opportunities for unexpected money luck thanks to the presence of the 6 White Star.  Students may find their learning and creativity tested if they study here this month so better to use the Northwest if possible.  Spending time here as a family will bring harmony.  If your office is located in this palace you will find work benefits.

SOUTHEAST-Annual 9/Monthly 2: Resident Qi 4:              There is a 4-9 He Tu combination here in July with wealth opportunities indicated for residents of the area so be on the look out and grasp them with both hands.  The conflicting energies however make illness a possibility although this is more likely to strike Gua 4 people.

SOUTHWEST-Annual 7/Monthly 9: Resident Qi 2:            Whilst on the face of it this area is negative with 2-7 He Tu combination present in the Southwest this month, an harmonious pair, all is not lost.  However if your main door is here ensure that it is secure at all times.  As long as the Fire element is not activated by the external environment (presence of a Fire-shaped mountain for example) this will be a usable area.

CENTRE-Annual 1/Monthly 3: Resident Qi 5:                       When you have an open plan environment the 1-3 may bring arguments to the fore.  Hold your tongue and avoid confrontation.

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