I recently read a comment under a Feng Shui article that said something to the effect “It’s all about a lot of silly rich people using it to make more money”.   Is this true?  Are monetary wealthy individuals the only ones who take advantage of the power of Feng Shui?  And…is more money all they are interested in?

In Feng Shui there is what is known as the Cosmic Trinity.  This is described as Heaven (the intangible and unseen), Earth (the tangible part of your existence) and Man (all living beings).  These three work in harmony to create your lifetime experience.   Each exert approximately one-third influence over your life on this rock we call home.

Heaven gives you your ‘birth chart’.  A blueprint if you like which outlines your potential for health, wealth, happiness, success and relationships.  This is based on your year, month, day and hour of birth.

Earth is our home and in Chinese Metaphysics this part of the Cosmic Trinity includes Feng Shui practice.  Analysis of the environment in which you have chosen to live, when conducted by a professional Feng Shui Consultant, can highlight whether you are in the best location to achieve your earthly desires.

In between Heaven and Earth is Man.  This ‘Man’ aspect is the influence you have over your own destiny.  It is the freedom of each living person to choose how, why, where and when.

Both Earth and Man allow you to make choices which can positively (or negatively) affect your lifetime experience.  In other words two-thirds of the Cosmic Trinity are within your control.

So do we all desire to have nothing more than wealth in abundance?  Maybe or maybe not.  However your birth chart might show a lack of wealth potential.  Is that the end of the story then?  Not if you exert the influence of Earth and Man.  Sure, you may lack the abundant wealth of some of the worlds billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Sir Richard Branson, or even the many multi-millionaires around the world, however that doesn’t mean you cannot be wealthy.  Making intelligent decisions and taking decisive action in your life will give you a head start. If you sit back in your armchair and wait for someone to come to you; invite you to ‘make your fortune’ with no effort on your part; you will wait a long time.  The other, and more likely option here is that you will create wealth – for them – and part with a lot of your hard-earned cash along the way.

Something to remember is that wealth is not just about the size of your bank balance.  You can have a wealth of positive relationships, you can experience abundant health.  In fact these are often more important aspects for these ‘rich people’ when working with Feng Shui.  Being a financially wealthy person does not entitle you to good health or great relationships.  You may be rich yet perpetually sick, or very lonely at the top.

In Chinese Metaphysics Earth, as well as being our home planet, includes Feng Shui practice which looks, among other things, at the quality of the environment each of us find ourselves in.  You choose this location by design not by chance.  Did you know that if you have the potential for ill-health in your birth chart you can make it a self-fulfilling prophecy by choosing a property that brings this potential into being?

It is easy to convince ourselves that external circumstances and ‘other people’ create the way we live yet ultimately we alone are the only ones who choose our path in life.

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