August 2019 Flying Stars (August 8-September 7)

August beckons.  And with it….dare I say it…autumn. 

So yes, August is officially the first month of autumn.  You may be enjoying your summer holidays however time moves on.  Don’t shoot the messenger!

Yang Water Monkey (Ren Shen) in Autumn

The mischevious Monkey who loves to travel and cause change brings metal to the fore this month.  It becomes the most prosperous element in this new season.  Earth and fire are fading, are weak, and water is coming to life; it is now strong.  Wood in a metal season is controlled and ineffective.

Monkey is known as one of the four growth animals of the Chinese astrological chart.  When it combines with its ‘friend’, the Snake, the resulting element is water.  If you have these two animals in your BaZi chart you might see some changes occurring this month. 

This could mean anything from a change in your career to a change of location.  You might even find yourself travelling more.

The first day of August is August 8 which is a Yin Fire Ox (Ding Chou) day.      

August 8-August 23 is known as the Coming of Autumn season in the 24 seasons of the Chinese Solar Calendar (told you!).  August 24-September 7 is called Heat Ends.  Time will tell if this is true in reality.  The weather so far this year has bucked more than a few trends.

Tiger born will find themselves in direct conflict with the animal of the month despite the fact they are both growth animals.  The final growth animal, the Pig, could also have their share of challenges if things go against them.

Annual Star is large number / Monthly Star is small number

There is a sum of ten in the northeast this month created as a result of two earth element numbers 2/8.  In an earth location this is a great combination particularly for asset accumulation and/or cash flow.  Southwest and the centre, the other two earth locations also have earth stars this month.  Southwest has 5 annual/2 monthly combination which may not be quite as unfriendly as usual because it will feel ‘at home’.  The central palace has 8 annual/5 monthly combination which could result in setbacks and obstacles although again possibly not as extreme as usual.

Northeast with the sum of ten combination is a great place to start our trip around the Luo Shu Grid this month.  With 2 annual/8 monthly together it can bring the possibility of asset accumulation and/or an increase in your wealth.  In the final stages of a project?  This month will be a great time to complete it.  As always check the external of your property to see whether there are any negative features that could block any good fortune.  The northeast will benefit from the presence of higher ground.

  • With the right external forms the northeast is definitely a place to spend time in August both at home and at work. 

With conflicting elements at play in the east 6 metal annual/3 wood monthly in a wood location there is the potential for disagreement and dispute as well as injury to your limbs or backbone.  In general if you have to spend time in the east make sure you keep a low profile.  It will not benefit you to be confrontational in August.

  • The eldest son of the family could feel the bulk of the negativity in the east this month.  He would do well to avoid the area as much as possible to avoid falling foul of any leg or feet issues.

Southeast has another controlling combination with 7 metal annual/4 wood monthly.  While not as extreme as the 6/3 combo it can lead to feelings of depression, dissatisfaction or frustration with your lot in life.  You may feel you cannot be bothered to do anything and think everything is a waste of time.   There may be people around you ready to do their best to show you in a bad light by devious means.  This is definitely a case of ‘be prepared’ and do not let them bring you down.

  • Avoid the southeast if possible, especially if you are the eldest daughter of the family, and remember any negative feelings will disappear once the month is over.  Female siblings could find themselves at odds if they spend time together in this sector.

3 annual/9 monthly in the south is a great combination for those of you trying to conceive.  If your bedroom is in the south of your home, or if you can position your bed facing south, you could benefit from this pairing. It is important to remember some of the basics for the bedroom such as not placing your bed under a window or directly facing the bedroom door as this will negate the positive stars.  In addition good fortune is there for you this month as long as you are prepared to work for it.  There isn’t such a thing as a free ride.   

  • Remember to appreciate your nearest and dearest who love and support you on your journey, when working towards your good fortune.

Ok!  5 annual/2 monthly earth element stars.  Always one of the dreaded combinations.  However in August they appear together in the earth area of the southwest.  So what, you say!  Earth of the southwest is that of caring and nurturing so it can help placate the worst this twosome usually brings.  Unless you have the destiny to use this pairing it is better to reign in your lofty aspirations this month otherwise you could be in for a big fall.

  • By all means set targets for yourself but for now make them realistic and achieveable.  In other words take baby steps towards your goals in the short term rather than trying to reach for the sky. 

There is a 1 annual/7 monthly combination in the west in August.  Did you know one of the things associated with 7 star is the mouth.  1 is water (or liquid).  Can you see where we are going here?  There may be a tendency to drink more than is good for you.  If you are in sales you have to meet clients.  If you meet them in a social setting stay alert.  Don’t get the sale (or worse, lose it) and a hangover.  Not a good combination. 

  • Opportunities can present themselves this month but it will be important for you not to jump in with both feet before thinking things through.  It is better to hold off rather than grasping something that may not turn out to be in your best interest. 

Northwest has a 9 annual/6 monthly in August.  9 is fire element. Northwest is known, among other things, as Heaven and there is a saying in Feng Shui ‘you should not have fire at Heaven’s gate’.  It can cause disruption.  Not always a bad thing!  It depends on what and who you are disrupting.  The fire can help you to a brighter outlook in your life.  This doesn’t mean you can go in all guns blazing.  Your plans can come to fruition but you need to conduct due diligence and avoid a careless attitude.  Remain alert.

  • With the right attitude this combination can help the head of the house achieve their dreams.

We like 4 annual/1 monthly, especially in the north.  Why?  This combination gives those of you in study mode or working in the literary arena the joint benefit of wisdom and intelligence.  Study, work, write, draw, paint, whatever your platform is, do it in the north in August. 

  • Not studying or working in a literary field?  Take advantage of this combination to bring some love and romance into your life.  The north would be a great location for your bedroom this month especially if you are Gua 1, have Rat as your Peach Blossom animal or you are an East group person with the north as your Yan Nian location.

Do you know your Chinese animal sign?  If not contact us and we will send you the information including the influence the Monkey will have if it appears in your chart.  Remember you have four pillars in your Chart (year, month, day, hour) and each one represents a different aspect of your life.

Do you know how to superimpose a Luo Shu Grid over the floor plans of your property?  Can you identify where your important sectors are located?  If not contact us and we will be happy to assist.  The important areas of any living space are the main door, kitchen (stove), bedroom and office/study room.   You can include the balcony in this if you live in a flat or condo.  These are the sectors to focus on when looking at the Monthly Flying Stars.

What else should you know to take full advantage of these monthly updates?

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