Reading about the coming Year of Metal Rat you might be quivering in your boots. Is it really all doom and gloom? Perhaps its how you intend to approach it that will decide! You have to remember there are many different facets to consider and 2020 is not only just about the Rat.

Four Pillars Chart

There is no doubt the Rat will make an impact. He may be the smallest but remember he got to be ‘leader of the pack’ through ingenuity and guile. Strengthened by Yang Metal in the Year Pillar of the annual Four Pillars Chart our Rat, located in the North, begins a new 12-year cycle.

The official changeover is February 4 however there have been clues of things to come since the Month of the Rat in December.

Here is a great image of Yang Metal on top of Yang Water. Metal is missing stability as it relies on Earth for support and this year it sees nothing but water below.

Yang Metal represents large machinery and weapons. It is cold and unyielding refusing to follow anything but its own rules. Yang Metal people are generally those in positions of authority or part of a rigid system of discipline and justice.

Yang Water represents the ocean and large lakes. On a personal level it represents thoughts and feelings. It has hidden depths which hold the secrets you don’t want to be discovered.

This is likely to be the year the ocean makes it presence felt, maybe with Water/Metal related incidents. Also those hidden secrets may well burst up to the surface for all to see.

Yang Metal creates Water however it is aggressive and represents a strong unbending element which is nothing like its Yin counterpart.

In 2020 it lacks the much-needed support of Earth so it is up to Water to keep it afloat. Water, as we know, is not known for its stability.

This is where issues may arise. Our image above may look serene but it is not always so. Remember those hidden depths?

There is a cold feel to the Four Pillars Chart this year despite the Day Master. This is Yin Fire fuelled by Yang Wood of the month. Yang Wood has its hands full controlling Yang Earth above it in the Month Pillar and can only give negligible support to the Day Master.

Feng Shui and Luo Shu Grid

As the Annual Flying Stars change location on February 4 what can we expect?

Looking at the Chart we can immediately see the sectors afflicted.

White Stars 8 White, 9 Purple and 1 White are still timely stars. 2 Black is fast moving up the ranks as we edge ever closer to Period 9 (this influence is already being felt so perhaps its time to cut 2 Black some slack).

So where are the positive and negative sectors in 2020?

Let’s start with the positive, we like positive and want to take full advantage of it to see us through the year.

Positive Sectors and Positive Stars:

  • Northwest

With a combination of 6 Metal Home Star and 8 White Earth Star visiting this is an auspicious location in 2020. Earth creates Metal so is supporting the sector. Together they produce a positive combination likely to be most advantageous to those working in positions of power. There is good fortune to be found for those individuals ready to lead from the front.

It would be too easy to become tied up in business. To create work/life balance you should not forget those nearest and dearest to you. They are your support to help you through the tough times.

  • Southeast

Southeast is a 4 Wood Star location. In 2020 it is joined by 6 White Metal Star. On the face of it this doesn’t seem like a match made in Heaven. However these two create a Sum of Ten combination. In this instance it produces knowledge combined with charisma. As there is Geng Metal involved this pair is good for leaders, those holding high positions within a company or organisation.

The downside is these people might not carry out their projects in a systematic way which can lead to failure. Prepare and stay focused to be successful.

  • Northeast

8 White Earth Star is still the ‘go to’ prosperous Star. This year the 1 White Water Star moves into the Northeast to join its illustrious neighbour. This should be an almost perfect scenario, right? Well, not quite. Earth and Water share a countering relationship which can dampen the positive side. They are still good at making money together however the way the money arrives may not be ideal. You could well become dissallusioned and dissatisfied with your lot.

To avoid this scenario manifesting it would be advantageous to seek advice from others who have more experience in the money-making game.

  • West

The 9 Magnifying Fire Star moves into the West to join 7 Red Metal Star in 2020. On the face of it this is not a good combination as Fire controls Metal. In this instance however Fire is enhancing the beauty of Xin Metal (jewellery) and the ability of say, Gua 7, to persuade others with their rhetoric.

This pairing is good for business people as it combines the best of Fire, beauty, happiness and celebration with the best of Metal, being able to talk the talk. You could find your relationships, both business and personal, on a high.

Not everything will go smoothly and there will be obstacles to overcome however with focus and determination you can succeed.

Average Stars and Average Sectors:

  • Southwest

The positive side to the combination of 2 Earth Star and 4 Wood Star is in the receipt of passive income resulting from intellectual properties such as share dividends, royalties or rental income.

The negative side is the chance of women in a family having disagreements and disputes (maybe mother-in-law and daughter-in-law).

The solution to the negative side is to be aware of your words and your actions. In other words think before you speak.

Sectors To Be Wary Of:

  • East

We had to address the dreaded 5 Yellow at some stage, so here goes. In the East for 2020 the 5 Yellow Earth Star together with 3 Wood Star makes it an area to avoid (if at all possible). If you have a door here can you use an alternative for the year? Install a salt water cure to help mop up some of the mess this pair can make. Do not activate by decorating, digging or excessive noise.

Technically Yang Wood (East sector) controls Earth (5 Yellow) however 5 Yellow is volatile and unpredictable so most people should err on the side of caution.

Probably the most feared of all the Stars, 5 Yellow is not to be activated lightly. Yes, you can use this unpredictable Star to create massive wealth however it does come with baggage. No free rides here. Definitely not to be activated by the uninitiated. Just respect and avoid it.

Be particularly careful in March (monthly 5 Yellow), June (monthly 2 Black) and December (monthly 5 Yellow) as these will serve to strengthen the 5 Yellow further.

There are positives, however without an experienced hand to guide you, it is better to leave well alone.

  • North

The main thing to remember in the North is the presence of Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Su) in N2. N1/N3 are not influenced by his energies.

3 Jade Wood Star is related to disputes and aggressive behaviour. Star 1 represents wisdom and intelligence however these two combined can result in disputes caused as a result of an aggressive attitude or action, thanks to 3 Star.

In February and November the 4 Green Wood Star will also reside in the North. In March and December the monthly 3 Jade Star will double the strong Wood element. These are months to be aware of potentially negative results.

Sports people can benefit from this combination as they need that aggressive edge to succeed in their chosen path.

  • South

S2 is the location of Sui Po or Year Breaker sitting, as it does, directly opposite the Grand Duke.

In addition the entire South, plus part SE3 and SW1, is visited by 3 Killings. These negative stars are known to bring three different types of misfortune, if aggravated.

To make things worse the 2 Black Star of Illness is moving in also. Being an Earth element star in a Fire location will make it stronger than usual. As you can imagine, South is not an area to frequent in 2020.

The most difficult months will be March (monthly 2 Black), September (monthly 5 Yellow) and December (monthly 2 Black). Combined with the 2 Black these Stars will strengthen the Earth element even more.

If you have negative structures outside the South of your property be alert and aware as there is the chance of eye problems throughout the year.

We have only touched on two aspects of Year of the Rat, however if you take note of this and remain alert to changes in your circumstances, you can travel through the year, if not smoothly all the time, at least with awareness.

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