March 2020 Flying Stars (March 5-April 4)

We can cover this one quickly for March. Its either double trouble, joy all the way or a level playing field for the nine palaces this month with the same annual and monthly stars appearing in each sector. Great for the Northwest with double 8, disastrous for the East with double 5.

Additionally, for all of us living in Period 7 homes (me included) this chart is tripled, as the base star will also have the same number.

Maybe we should look into this a little more after all!

Yin Earth Rabbit (Ji Mao) in Spring

In March, month of Yin Earth (Ji Mao) Rabbit and height of the spring season, there is an interesting chart, as you can see here.

Our Rabbit, one of the cardinal animals, is located in the East and its element is wood. It also has double 5 Yellow.

It is Peach Blossom animal for Tiger (Yin), Ox (Chou) and Dog (Xu) born. However with double 5 Yellow March may not be the best time for these three to look for love or seek to improve their interpersonal relationships.

Rooster (You), another Peach Blossom animal, is in clash with Rabbit. This time it is the Dragon (Chen), Rat (Zi) and Monkey (Shen) born who should err on the side of caution. All might look good on the surface but there could be hidden agendas.

The prosperous element of wood and strong element of fire remain firm. Water is further weakening, metal has no strength and earth is ineffective. Yah, does that mean 5 Yellow, our troublesome earth star, has no strength? Well this is not a star to play around, or take chances, with. It tends to act first and won’t bother to ask questions later. My suggestion would be leave well alone and not take risks with this volatile and unpredictable star.

March 5 is a Yin Fire Goat (Ding Wei) inauspicious day not suitable for conducting anything of importance.

March 5-March 20 is Awakening of Worms. March 21-April 4 is Spring Equinox.

So which sectors can we enjoy and which should we be avoiding during March? Let’s get the bad out of the way first.

First and foremost the East with its pair of 5 Yellow stars. Double 5 does add up to ten which generally produces a positive outcome. Not in this case. It simply means double trouble and in the case of 5 Yellow this could be serious. Please avoid the East if at all possible and ensure you have your salt water cure in place.

East is the home of the Rabbit and Gua 3 so both should be aware, and wary, during this difficult month.

South has two 2 Red Earth stars. If the forms are positive this is not too bad, however you will have to take care of health, particularly your eyes. With the Year Breaker and 3 Killings here for the year it is better to keep this area quiet and as undisturbed as possible. Be especially careful if your main door is in the South. Use another entrance if possible.

North has two 3 Jade Wood stars. Tempers could flare easily in this area as these two stars relating to disagreements and disputes join forces. Just remember to bite your tongue if you are working with others in the North. This is another area that should be left quiet where possible (N2 especially) to avoid upsetting and activating the Grand Duke. Certainly anyone using this sector could see changes occurring. These may, however, not be negative!

The final cardinal sector of the West has 9/9 in residence. This is where things start to improve. The fire element of 9 Magnifying star can bring its share of challenges to the West however with focus success can be forthcoming. This combination can highlight a failing in the individual so be sure to keep things close to your chest until you are certain they are ready for the world to see.

Moving on to the four remaining sectors…

In the Northwest double 8 resides in March. Whilst this wealth star is always good to see, it does mean things might move slower than anticipated. Double 8 is like two mountains, they don’t move. Success and wealth will however be there waiting on the sidelines. Additionally, being in the location of the 6 White Home star things will have to be done exactly by the book. There are no shortcuts where 6 is concerned.

Northeast has 1 White star, times two. All the things associated with 1 star are effectively doubled this month and long term prospects for anyone residing in this area are good. In keeping with the flow of water and any underlying currents, there is the possibility of uncertainty creeping in for short term endeavours. Stay focused, cover all your bases then take action and all should be well.

Southeast residents see the double 6 together this month. White stars so good, yes? Yes, with a rider. Two 6s are like two leaders, two heads of state or two bosses. They both know (think) they are right so can clash over which direction to take. However as an individual stay focused, avoid being sidetracked and don’t try to dictate the way things should turn out. Listen to others before making your decisions.

Finally the Southwest has 2 x 4 Green Wood stars together. This is good in that it indicates a person spending time in the area is accumulating a mass of knowledge. However knowledge without putting it to good use is basically useless. State your case, take action with confidence to make all that knowledge gained work in your favour.

Do you know your Chinese animal sign? If not contact us and we will send you the information including the influence the Rabbit will have if it appears in your chart. You have four pillars in your Chart (year, month, day, hour) and each one represents a different aspect of your life.

Remember this is a generic assessment. Many things will determine your success or failure. For example not everyone can use all the elements equally. What is good for one may not be for another.

What else should you know to take full advantage of these monthly updates?

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