April 2020 Flying Stars (April 4-May 4)

It’s impossible to look forward to April Flying Stars without mentioning the devastation that is affecting all our lives at the moment. First and foremost I hope you are all taking care of yourselves and seriously following the advice given by our relevant medical professionals. We will get through this however in the short term we must all buckle down and do whatever we can to stay safe. In Feng Shui Eight Mansions there is a sector in each property known as Tian Yi or Heavenly Doctor. Additionally each person has a Tian Yi direction. If you are able to use the area and/or direction in your home this will go some way to help alleviate some of the negativity. However, there are three locations unusable in this way in 2020. That is the South (Annual Sickness Star and Year Breaker), North (Grand Duke) and East (5 Yellow).

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Please stay safe.

April Flying Stars

As we move into the final month of the spring season can our Wood Earth Dragon help see us through the worst this challenge is presenting us with? This storage animal signifies stability and support and stores earth, wood and water. Having more than one element indicates the dragon is a multi-level personality with many hidden depths. While they can be loners who may have difficulty communicating with others, on the positive side they tend to have abilities not immediately obvious on the surface.

Yang Metal Dragon (Geng Chen) in Late Spring

With strong metal dominating in the final month of the wood season what can we expect? Metal controls wood in the Five Elements. However Yang Metal is not as destructive to Yin Wood. It may steamroller its way over the surface only to see Yin Wood ultimately bounce back.

Will we see metal taking centre stage in April or will wood prevail? Metal relates to the lungs. Will numbers continue to rise in this pandemic?

As strong as metal is, it is trapped in limbo at this time of the year. Fire is the strong element of the month and next month will take over as the prosperous (and strongest) element. Fire melts metal so once April is past it may be able to weaken the grasp metal currently has over us all.

Why not in April?

Wood represents growth. Water, a weak element in spring, is still able to feed this wood. Dragon stores earth,wood and water and while earth is locked up wood and water are still in the picture bringing out their worst side for all to see.

There is no way anyone can accurately assess how long this will last. In the Cosmic Trinity (Heaven, Earth and Man), Heaven relates to the virus, Earth relates to our environment and the unknown factor is that of Man. Our actions, or inactions, will determine how long this situation will continue.

In April wood is in its last month of prosperity for this year, fire begins to strengthen and earth will move up the rankings. Water and metal are losing their grip on proceedings.

April 4 is a Yin Fire Ox (Ding Chou) day and inauspicious for conducting renovations, getting married, or moving into a new property.

There are four sectors we should be wary of in April.

  • North, with the Grand Duke in residence both 3 Wood Star of Disagreements and 2 Black Earth Star of Illness join forces this month. Be careful especially in N2.

  • South, is the location of the Year Breaker. It has the annual 2 Black Earth Star and despite the auspicious 1 White Water Star visiting, earth and water have a controlling relationship with earth likely to come out on top.

  • East, has annual 5 Yellow Earth Star. With the visiting 4 Wood Star an earth/wood controlling relationship will exist, leading to ill health. As this is already a location to avoid in 2020 stay away from the area it if at all possible.

  • Southeast has the annual auspicious 6 White Metal Star in residence. However in April it is visited by the 5 Yellow Earth Star. While earth creates metal in the productive cycle of the five elements this combination can bring with it illness related to the head or backbone.

Of the remaining four sectors Southwest is an interesting one. It has 4 Wood Star and 3 Wood star together. This combination signifies an aggressive attitude towards, among other things, negative situations, providing individuals with the ability to quickly, intelligently and logically resolve difficulties. Could someone in the Southwest of the world, or the Southwest of an individual country, find a viable solution that may help our current issues?

The three sectors of West, Northwest and Northeast are all usable for those diligently continuing to work from home. They each have positive benefits .

  • West. The 9 Annual and 8 Monthly can indicate an increase in income. However it is important to be careful when dealing with paperwork. Leave nothing to chance.

  • Northwest. The Annual 8 and 7 Monthly will present a challenge, however by staying focused and refusing to be led astray by the comments of others, success can be forthcoming.

  • Northeast. Has 1 Annual and 9 Monthly creating sum of ten combination. While fire and water have a conflicting relationship with the right balance they can bring success through collaboration. Trust your instincts and stay focused.

As you can see we have changed the format somewhat for this month. Our situation is unprecedented and this monthly update is giving you the important picture without the extras.

Remember this is a generic assessment. Many things will determine your success or failure. For example not everyone can use all the elements equally. What is good for one may not be for another.

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