May 2020 Flying Stars (May 5-June 4)

As this pandemic continues with just the slightest hint of easing in some countries around the world, I hope you are all staying safe and seriously following the advice of our medical professionals. It is getting more difficult for all of us as we yearn to venture further afield, visit our families and enjoy the start of the summer season, however it is imperative that we keep ourselves, and our loved ones safe.

In Feng Shui Eight Mansions there is a sector in each property known as Tian Yi or Heavenly Doctor. Additionally each person has a Tian Yi direction. If you are able to use the area and/or direction in your home this will go some way to help alleviate some of the negativity. However, there are three locations unusable in this way in 2020. That is the South (Annual Sickness Star and Year Breaker), North (Grand Duke) and East (5 Yellow).

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Please continue to stay safe and follow the guidelines.

May Flying Stars

The summer season arrives in May. Will the warmer weather challenge us even further or more optimistically, move some way towards weakening the virus so prevalent around the world? Our Fire Snake brings with it the start of this new season. Its position around the 24 Mountains is SW3, a wood location. Snake is one of four animals associated with travel and movement. Travel, as we know, is not something we are seeing at the moment. Movement however can perhaps mean forward progress as well as physical movement. Will May be the month when we finally see some light at the end of the tunnel? Will specialists around the world finally give us hope?

Yin Metal (Xin) Snake in Early Summer

The soft Xin Metal of the month is associated with beauty, the beauty of fine jewellery. It also represents small sharp metal implements like knives and scissors.

As we are now in the summer season fire is the most powerful element, the element to control metal. It also makes jewellery glitter and shine. It brings metal to life in a sense.

Can we equate this to fire bringing the metal in a syringe to life? Will at least one of the vaccines currently being developed show positive signs? Let us stay optimistic and look at the best possible outcome.

Fire, being the strongest element during the summer season, is the element that represents beauty, happiness and positivity. Earth becomes strong, perhaps welcoming some stability and wood is now weak (growth starts to slow).

There is no way anyone can accurately assess how long our current situationwill last. In the Cosmic Trinity (Heaven, Earth and Man), Heaven relates to the virus, Earth relates to our environment and the unknown factor is that of Man. Our actions, or inactions, will determine how long this situation will continue.

May 5 is a Yang Earth Monkey (Wu Shen) day which is inauspicious for beginning renovations, getting married, or moving into a new property, all unlikely scenarios in our current situation.

Each of the nine numbers return to their ‘roots’, their home palace, this month beginning with 5 Yellow in the central palace.

There are sectors we should be wary of in May…

East, hosts the annual 5 Yellow Earth Star. Having two 3 Wood Stars (one in the natal and one in the month) means conflict can erupt with this conflicting relationship. Anyone spending time in this area (not recommended at all during 2020) could find their financial situation taking a turn for the worst. Tempting though it may be to spend to make yourself feel better, this will only result in loss and a financial downturn.

Centre has 7 annual/5 monthly stars together. This combination can result in ill health and lethargy (entirely understandable in our current situation). Therefore it it is important to avoid using this area, especially if you have an open plan property. If the centre of your property houses a cupboard or store room it would be better to close the door and leave well alone for the month.

Sectors with good and not so good outcomes in May…

South, is the location of the Year Breaker and 3 Killings in 2020. With the annual 2 Black Earth Star and the auspicious and timely 9 Purple Star returning home for the month this sector has both good and not so good attributes. Health issues associated with the eyes, minor, or in certain circumstances, major problems are a possibility. This will mainly be dependent on the external environment (negative structures in the south for example). The positives are celebrations and the chance of improving wealth as a result of assets owned by someone spending time in the area.

Southwest has the annual 4 Wood Star joined by 2 Black Earth Star. With families having to spend more time together this could result in arguments between females in the household. Bite your tongue, move to different areas and take deep breaths. The positives here are the chance of receiving income from dividends or other indirect sources.

North with Grand Duke has both annual 3 Wood Star and 1 White Water Star. This pairing has the likelihood of causing disputes between individuals, especially business partners. Working in the North (only N3) it would be better for each person to work alone on personal goals, stay focused and visualise their positive end result.

Northeast has two White Stars (1 Annual/8 Monthly) together. The negative side of this combination is they have a conflicting relationship. The flip side is money is there for the making. It will be better to focus on learning and planning rather than going in all holds barred this month to avoid difficulties occurring.

Sectors with good star combinations in May…

Southeast has the annual auspicious 6 White Metal Star which is joined in May by 4 Wood Star. This creates a sum of ten combination which leads to positive leadership and personal charisma. If you are working in this area it will be necessary to stay alert and one step ahead to avoid difficulties or obstacles cropping up.

Northwest has annual 8 White Star and 6 White Star together. This is the best combination of the month and great for leaders and people in positions of power. Anyone aspiring to lofty goals should work in this area in May however avoid trying to run before you can walk. Keep your goals within the realms of possibility. One step at a time.

Remember this is a generic assessment. Many things will determine your success or failure. For example not everyone can use all the elements equally. What is good for one may not be for another.

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