As we move from the Metal Rat to Metal Ox year can we expect to see any improvement in our lives? There is no doubt 2020 was a unique year and we all want to see our circumstances getting better in 2021.

Four Pillars Chart

2021 year pillar has metal sitting on earth. This is harmonious as earth creates metal in the productive cycle of the Five Elements. The metal of the year is yin metal which at its best represents fine jewellery, at its worst, knives, scissors and other small sharp implements.

It could also represent needles, necessary to make a syringe useful. These we need in abundance if everyone is to receive the vaccines now being produced around the world. It’s certainly not an instant solution however we can at least consider seeing an improvement, given time.

The Four Pillars chart as a whole is cold with water and metal as well as earth, dominating. However this year we have two hidden fire elements (one Yin, one Yang) in the tiger month and goat day. A small positive as we have to go looking for it. A positive nonetheless and we welcome all we can get.

The Ox is known as Winter Earth Ox which is cold. It stores metal, water and earth within. All these elements will play their part during the year.

Ox and the outgoing Rat have a positive relationship and when combined they create earth. This further reinforces the strength of metal, water and earth this year. It will be especially true in February and December during the Ox and Rat months. August to January 2022 will further support first metal, then water.

Year of the Ox begins on February 4 which is a Yin Water Goat Initiate day. The energies are not auspicious to undertake anything of importance.

Our Ox (NE1) plays host to the Grand Duke Jupiter for the year. The Grand Duke will support those born in the Year of the Ox. He won’t be so kind to those of you born in the Year of the Goat (SW1). You are said to be confronting the Grand Duke, something he will not take kindly to.

Who is the Grand Duke Jupiter for 2021?

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) for 2021 is General Yang Xin.
He lived in the Han Dynasty during the rule of Emperor Wu.
General Yang Xin was not of noble descent. However he became known as a strong supporter of his ruler and a person who would never tarnish the name of the Han Dynasty.
His position as Tai Sui of the Year indicates there will be attempts for our world leaders to reach agreements on many issues of dispute. However, this could all come to nothing as each have their own agenda making reconciliation impossible in some cases.
On a macro level there is the risk of fighting between nations. On a micro level there is a risk of in-fighting at a corporate and business level.
Therefore Tai Sui for 2021 is better left alone and not inadvertently activated.

Luo Shu Grid

Best sectors for 2021 are…

• West
An harmonious combination of 8 Earth Star and 7 Metal Star will reside here for the year. Earth creates metal in the productive cycle of the Five Elements. This pair can produce wealth, love and communication. The auspicious 8 White Star can help bring wealth when activated. 7 Black Star relates to the mouth, so if your career depends on communication this is the area to use. This is a great location for sales people to use when making their calls. Combine communication and wealth. If you work for a company and are looking to progress, this could be the year to do the asking. If you are working for yourself, use the West to persuade your customers you have what they want. If you are looking for love practice your sweet talking!
• Northeast
The incoming 9 Fire Star joins with the 8 Home Earth Star (fire produces earth in the productive cycle of the Five Elements). 9 Star, among other things, is related to being seen, having fun and celebrations. It is also the star that will very soon become the primary star of wealth. Take advantage of this sector and you could find increased wealth coming your way. With the possibility of short term improvement in wealth and long term progress this is a great area to use. Know what it is you want to achieve and work towards it, step by step.
• South
The conflicting elements of water and fire combine in the South this year. However whenever we see a Sum of Ten the outcome is generally always positive. To take advantage of this combination you should be interacting with potential partners and getting yourself seen in your chosen field. Despite the physical limitations we are experiencing at the moment there are plenty of online platforms to use. They could even be a way of expanding your market beyond your current reach. In our technologically advanced world it has never been easier to see, and be seen. Use this to your advantage.

The rest….

• Southwest
The combination of 3 Wood and 2 Earth is a conflicting one. It is also a Yin/Yang conflict. 2 is Yin and passive, 3 is Yang and active (or aggressive). Arguments and disagreements could ensue, most probably between male and female. However if you are strong enough to cope with this pair they do have the potential to bring wealth. You have to be able to use these two stars and you will have to work with care so take a call and make your choice. Just be aware of the possible side effects and remember to avoid SW1 which is the Year Breaker location.
• Northwest
Another Yin and Yang combination, this time of the same element. 7 Star (Yin) and 6 Star (Yang) lock horns in this potentially violent pairing. Traditionally known as Sword Fighting Sha you can guess the likely outcome of activating this area. It combines a battle for supremacy with scheming and even the chance of injury or violence. This pair are only good for military personnel for obvious reasons. Unless you are prepared to accept the consequences it would be better to avoid activating this area in 2021.
• North
What can we expect from the North in 2021? It will be host to the 2 Black Star of Illness. Earth controls the water of the North, which equates to a negative star controlling a positive star (1 White Star is timely and auspicious). When combined (depending a lot on the time of year) mud is the result and this creates a hotbed for illness, particularly of the stomach area. Suffice to say it has been known to cause cancer or miscarriage, at best stomach upsets can result. 2 Star is also known as a property star which is good if you are looking to purchase property, however it does depend on its location in a particular year and how each person responds to it. You do need help if you want to use this star effectively in 2021. Get in touch if you would like to use this 2 Star.
• East
So how many of you were looking forward to making use of the East sector again after having the 5 Yellow in place for 2020? Not wishing to give you more bad news but in 2021 the East is subject to 3 Killings. The combination of two wood stars together is positive, signifying as it does both physical and academic accomplishment. You can use the location however it is important not to break ground or activate the area in any way. The 3 Killings always occupies the entire sector it visits and only ever appears in one of the four cardinal locations around the compass. Why 3 Killings? It refers to three different types of misfortune.
• Southeast
Finally saving the ‘best’ until last. Southeast will have the 5 Yellow in residence for the year. This is without doubt the most feared of all the 9 stars. It does have its uses however we generally recommend avoiding its location for the entire year. Place a salt water remedy here to help offset the worst it has to offer, especially if you inadvertently activate the area. Do not work rest or play here and certainly do not break ground or activate the Southeast in any way.

Stay healthy and safe in 2021 so avoid activating the 2 Black and 5 Yellow Earth Stars. We all have to do whatever we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Our recommendation is to be particularly careful in the North, Southeast and Southwest.

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