May 2021 Flying Stars (May 5-June 4)

Summer arrives with the Snake in May. Could we see change? Snake is one of the Growth Animals of the Chinese Zodiac together with Pig, Monkey and Tiger. They signify travel, movement, excitement and change.

There is no doubting most of us want to travel, we want to move from the restrictions we have become accustomed to over the past year or more. We want to see positive change, and there are signs that this is indeed the case, however as we have seen in India, we are not safe or out of the woods yet.

Our Snake is a fire animal and it is bringing water with it. Visualise clouds and rain, fire is the light we need to see through the haze.

The first day of Snake month is May 5, a Success Day. Sounds great, right? Not in this case. Do not conduct anything of importance, the chances are it will not go well.

Fire is now the dominant element. Wood is fading and weak, Earth is strengthening (remember that although Earth has an influence in all four seasons, Fire creates Earth making it more influential at this time of the year). Metal will suffer in the summer season and water is trapped with little influence.

May – Welcome Summer 2021

Yin Water Snake slithers into view this month.

Our Snake brings us the season of summer. I don’t know about you but it seems to me the weather we are generally experiencing is not following along – at the moment.
Snake is located in SE3, a wood location.

It has both an affinity and a punishment relationship with Monkey (SW3). It clashes with Pig located in NW3, This is a clash of fire and water.

Snake hour is 09.00-10.59.

Luo Shu Grid May 2021

There is an Sum of Ten combination in the northwest this month. It indicates prosperity and networking success.

Four He Tu combinations appear in North (2 / 7 = Fire), East (4 / 9 = Metal), South (1 / 6 = Water), Southwest (3 / 8 = Wood). They are out of place however their positive influence will bring some benefit to the areas in which they appear.

So what else can we see in this May Chart?

With fire now the dominant element South is a great place to be. The He Tu combination of 1 and 6 creating water gives you the opportunity, through intelligent thinking,, to make things happen. It may not always run smoothly but with focus and persistence you can build a firm foundation and see your desires grow. This is also a positive combination for anyone in the academic field.
A He Tu combination of 3 and 8 creates wood. This is a positive pair and will benefit all of you in wood related industries such as academia, sport or performance related work. Working in the Southwest will help you find your focus and way forward. Staying positive will help you succeed so avoid negative emotions. This way you are more likely to receive assistance from others who can help you achieve your goals. Just a reminder, there is a clash between 3 wood star and 2 earth star of the southwest. Be grateful for the He Tu combination to help alleviate some of this clash.
Annual 8 and monthly 4 will require you to focus and target your most important goals. Do not attempt to do too many things at once. Choose the most important ones and stick to them. This is the best way to progress this month. As always 8 white star is positive when it comes to money matters so focus on your path, and your goals, carefully.
Our sum of ten appears in the Northwest in May. 7 metal star and 3 wood star together is good for prosperity and networking. The important thing to remember is choose with care who you network with. The wrong people can send you in the wrong direction whereas the right people will help you achieve everything you set your mind to.
There is a He Tu combination in the north. This 2 / 7 pair create fire. This in turn indicates the passion of fire, positivity and a sense of optimism. A good area to work for those involved in Information Technology or the beauty industry. Any fire related business can benefit from the North in May. There is little chance of making your millions however nothing can stop you reaching small targets. In other words, one step at a time. Avoid involving yourself in gossip or arguments.
Annual 9 creates monthly 5 in the northeast. Strong fire of the 9 strengthens the earth of both the northeast sector and the 5 Yellow. It will be better to avoid this sector as much as possible to avoid excess in May. Excess and addiction can result from this pair. If you have to work, or spend time here you will need to know what is good for you and what is not. Stay relaxed, avoid stress and you will make forward progress. 5 Yellow is generally not good however being in an earth area will go some way to placating its malevolence.
Annual 4 and monthly 9 create a He Tu combination. This is good for finance and money management. It benefits those looking to connect with others through joint ventures. As an individual working in this area it is a great time to go out and meet people. With support from those around you there is every chance your plans can come to fruition. Just remember the 3 Killings in the East sector so although you can work there, no noise, no banging, no activation that might create a situation to diffuse the positives.
This is an inauspicious area despite the presence of the 1 white star. Earth and water have a controlling relationship. As it is the 5 Yellow controlling the 1 star it indicates your thoughts and feelings could turn negative rather than positive. You may even find yourself depressed without knowing the reason why. You are going to have to take care of your health this month if you cannot avoid working, or worse, sleeping in this location. You have enough resources at your disposal to help overcome these issues, however you will need to remain upbeat and positive.

Remember to check the external environment for each of these sectors.

Remember your birth animal and check its clash location in any given month. This can bring change if you use the clash. Change can be good as well as bad so look carefully and make your call.

The home stars of each sector, as well as your individual Gua number and Birth Chart will influence these combinations. The above is a generic view of each sector however the results will vary with each person There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to any of this. If you have any questions relating to specific sectors please contact us and we will give you more information.

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